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How to Integrate Facebook with WordPress Sites?

How to Integrate Facebook with WordPress Sites?

Facebook, the most famous social network website with millions of active users, is definitely a great place to promote websites and drive huge traffic. So, it’s necessary and urgent to integrate Facebook with WordPress sites so that you can promote your website easily.

There are plenty of ways to integrate Facebook with WordPress hosting websites, such as installing easy plugins, using convenient themes, and embedding codes, etc. In below, we have introduced the most common methods to help market your websites with Facebook.

Integrating Facebook Comment in WordPress

Instead of using the WordPress default comment system, many webmasters like to utilize Facebook comment system so that readers can comment posts using their Facebook profiles and show this activity to their friends in the news feed. Basically, Facebook comments for WordPress is a robust and easy to use plugin to make this.

First, users need to install and activate Facebook Comments for WordPress. Then, they have the ability to choose the style as Light or Dark. The dark option is prepared for websites with black background while the light option is used for bright websites. Besides, this plugin also allows users to configure how many comments are displayed on each page, and counts comment numbers to be reflected on pages and posts. It even notifications users by sending email whenever a comment is posted.

Doesn’t need any code or technical knowledge, Facebook Comments for WordPress gives users easy access to add the comments box to pages, posts, or both. If you are full of technical knowledge and familiar with coding skill, you can turn off the auto insertion option and customize by inserting simple PHP hooks into the template.

Facebook comments for WordPress

Adding Facebook Like button in WordPress

Facebook Like button is an official plugin which lets users quickly share content with their friends. A simple click on the “like” button that indicates you like the content and share it back to Facebook, where it can be seen by your friends and reshared. It allows website owners to provide their users with an easy way to join their Facebook community and get updates right in their Facebook news feed.

There is no doubt that Facebook Like button has a significant impact for website promotion. Some time ago, we have come out of a tutorial about how to add a Facebook Like button to a WordPress site, in which you can learn about the advantages and specific steps of adding Facebook Like button.

Social Publishing

Facebook like buttonSocial publishing is one of the most important reasons to integrate Facebook with WordPress. With the huge user base and ease of use, Facebook is widely used to promote WordPress website content. Using one of the best social sharing plugins, you can simply share your content for your friends and greatly promote your website.

On the other hand, you can also utilize your website to promote your Facebook account. The Facebook Like Box Slider is a plugin to display a Facebook Like box on the side of a post/page and move out when mouse moves over it. With it, you can allow readers to follow your Facebook account directly on your website, without logging into Facebook and searching for your profile.

Other Activities

In addition to the above aspects, you can integrate WordPress with Facebook for other activities.

  • You can show readers about their friends’ activities such as like and comment by installing Activity Feed. By this way, readers are more likely to read your content.
  • You can recommend readers with some personalized posts and pages by using Recommendation. And readers can have the ability to add content to their timeline as they read.
  • You can display a Facebook Fan Box on your blog. If you have a page about your site in Facebook, then you can show the Facebook Fan Box with the recent updates and fans on your website.


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