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How to Install and Setup WP Super Cache for Beginners

How to Install and Setup WP Super Cache for Beginners

Neither human beings nor search engines like a website that requires a long time for webpage loading, so you’d better try your best to optimize your site and increase the loading speed. In fact, there are a lot of methods that you can use to achieve this, among which the utilization of the powerful plugin called WP Super Cache is the easiest and the most effective way.

Have no ideas how to set up and configure it? Here, we have listed the detailed steps that help you use this tool easily and effortlessly.

Search and Install It with WordPress Admin Panel

To be honest, the search option of your WordPress admin panel can help you download and install this plugin within minutes.

At first, you can log into your admin panel and navigate to the sidebar link of Plugins, and click on the Add New button. Then, type the plugin name of WP Super Cache in the box to search it.

search WP Super Cache

Now, you can pick this plugin in the searching result, and click on the Install Now button for installing this tool. Remember to click “OK” on of pop-up banner of “Are you sure”.

install WP Super Cache

After completing the installation process, now you can activate it as the following screen shows.

activate WP Super Cache

Setting Up WP Super Cache

By default, WP Super Cache is caching off, so you have to enable it in the configuration page. To do this, go to Setting -> WP Super Cache, and click on the Easy tab. Turn the cache on and click on the Update Status button. Don’t forget to test whether this plugin is working or not with the Test Cache button.

cache on

Note that WP Super Cache fetches 2 pages of your site at one time. If the timestamps on both pages match, then it means this tool is totally functional.

Advanced Settings

In addition to this basic setting, there are also many advanced options that you can choose to further improve the performance of your site. According to our experience, we highly suggest the following configurations.

Check the boxes next to “Cache hits to this website for quick access” and “Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files” as they are the recommended options by the developers of this plugin. In terms of Miscellaneous part, you can configure it based on your real situation and needs, but we still suggest you staying the same as the following image.

advanced setting

After switching for mod_rewrite, you have to update your .htaccess file at once. To do this, simply scroll down on the Advanced page, find the Update Mod_Rewrite Rules button with a yellow background, and click it.

Update Mod_Rewrite Rules

In terms of Garbage Collection, the default setting is 3600 seconds, which is suitable for a site featuring 1,000 or less posts with a low update frequency. If your website contains more than 25,000 articles, a lower setting of 1800 may be better to prevent any stat/CPU issues. Therefore, simply go to the Expiry Time & Garbage Collection section under Advance settings page, enter 1800 in the box next to Cache Timeout, and then hit the Change Expiration button.

Garbage Collection

Lastly, don’t forget to set the CDN option, which serves the static files well, such as JavaScripts, images, and CSS, etc. If you are confused about this service, check this post for more information.

To set up it with WP Super Cache, select CDN tab and check the box aside with “Enable CDN Support”. Then, enter your local URL with a format like http://cdn.yourdomain.com. After checking the box which is next to “Skip https URLs to avoid mixed content errors”, click on the Save Change button immediately.



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