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How to Install and Customize All in One SEO Pack?

How to Install and Customize All in One SEO Pack?

All in One SEO Pack is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins that automatically optimize the WordPress websites for search engines like Google. With great ease and helpful functionality, this plugin is widely used by numerous of webmasters to boost their titles, descriptions, meta, tags, and keywords.

In order to take use of full advantages of this plugin, you should properly install and customize the settings. Today, this tutorial introduces the recommended settings for All in One SEO Pack and tells you how you can utilize it efficiently to maximize the SEO benefits for WordPress websites.

About All in One SEO pack

all in one seo packAll in One SEO Pack is a free SEO plugin specialized for WordPress websites, allowing users to control the title, description, and keywords meta tags for better search engine optimization. It is commonly welcomed by a large number of WordPress bloggers, small business owners, developers, and designers. Still now, it has over 17 million downloads in the WordPress community and is rated high to 4 out of 5 stars.

Before learning about its installation and customization, let’s we view some of the reputable features.

  • XML Sitemap Support helps you submit your sitemap to search engines and improve your SEO.
  • Google Analytics helps understand your website activities.
  • Support for SEO on Custom Post Types.
  • Advanced Canonical URLs.
  • Complete SEO integration for WordPress eCommerce websites.
  • Automatically adjust the post titles to be friendly for Google and other search engines.

In the following, we just guide you to properly install the plugin and customize the settings.

How to Install All in One SEO Pack?

Just like any other WordPress plugins, you have to install and activate All in One SEO Pack into your WordPress site at first before utilizing it. Once activated the plugin, it will add an All in One SEO menu item in the WordPress menu bar, which enables you to experience its powerful functionality.

install and activate All in One SEO Pack

General Settings

Under general settings, you are able to allow canonical URLs for your WordPress installation, which can help to prevent duplicate content penalties by Google. You can use wp_title to set the title, or disable this option of you run into conflicts with the title being set by the theme or another plugin.

general settings

Home Page Settings

Under the Home Page Settings section, you can fully optimize your WordPress homepage for better SEO. You are required to set the Home Title, Home Description, and Home Keywords.

  • The Home title is the meta title of your homepage, which is displayed in the search results of search engines, as the link to your site. It is better to keep Home Title simple and less than 60 characters.
  • The Home Desctiption is the meta description for the homepage. It is always displayed beneath the title in search results. It’s recommended to keep the description short than 160 characters and relevant.
  • The Home Keywords is written as meta keywords on the homepage, which can one of the most important keywords for your site. Note don’t be keyword stuffing here.

all in one seo pack homepage settings

Keyword Settings

At this part, you are completely flexible to choose whether use keywords, use categories for meta keywords, use tags for meta keywords, or dynamically generate keywords or posts and pages.

keyword settings

Title Settings

Title settings gives users the ability to set the default title templates for every page, posts, achieve, tag or category page. First of all, you should enable All in One SEO Pack plugin to rewrite your title. And then, you can configure the title format, and we suggest you leave the settings as the default.

title settings

Custom Post Type Settings

Under Custom Post Type Settings, you are mainly needed to decide whether you should allow SEO for custom post types and advanced options.

custom post type settings

Display Settings

In this section, you can control the column labels for custom post types, display menu in admin bar which allows for easy access to the settings in All in One SEO Pack, or display menu at the top.

display settings

WebMaster Verification

Here you are able to add webmaster verification code provided by Google, Bing and Pinterest to verify the ownership of your WordPress sites. These webmaster verification tools help you to insight about your site and learn about the search engine rankings of your site. Generally, Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tool are highly recommended for WordPress websites.

webmaster verification

Google Settings

In addition to optimizing your website for general search engines, All in One SEO Pack also combines your site with Google specialized. As Google displays the Google+ profile for a website author in the search results, this plugin allows you enter your G+ account for Google authorship. Besides, you can also learn how to get Google Authorship verified for WordPress blogs.

google settings

Noindex Settings

In this section, you can choose to use noindex for categories, data archives, author archives, tag archives, and the search page.

noindex settings

Optimize WordPress Post With All in One SEO Pack

After configuring all the above settings, this plugin work for your posts and pages automatically. You can add a new post or go to a specific post and see the following snippet. You are able to set the title, description, keywords, and so on.

preview snippet


All in One SEO Pack is truly an awesome WordPress SEO plugin that helps people boost their websites rankings. You can also learn about some other SEO plugins for your unique needs. Besides,as the content is the essential part of SEO, you can learn to build up quality and original content in this article.


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