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How to Install and Configure Disqus Comment System in WordPress

How to Install and Configure Disqus Comment System in WordPress

WordPress is used as the common blogging platform by millions of corporate organizations and communities. Although WordPress offers a commenting system, most of the blogs and websites use a third-party commenting system. Disqus Comment System is the most preferred commenting system used by thousands of WordPress sites including some big names such as CNN, CNBC, Next Web and The Atlantic.

Disqus, pronounced as Discuss, renders a better commenting platform to the website admin as well as visitors. In this article, we have discussed the features of Disqus Comment System followed by the method to install it in your WordPress site.

Features and Highlights of Disqus Comment System

disqus comment system featuresDisqus is the preferred comment system because of its versatile and powerful features. Listed here are some of the most attractive features of this third-party comment system.

Spam Comments

If you have used WordPress for more than a month, you probably have come across the problem of incoming spam at regular intervals. Although you can use an efficient plugin to mitigate spam, your site might be at risk if the plugin stops working for a couple of minutes. With Disqus, the risk of spam comments is negligible. This third-party system for WordPress filters all the comments that make it easier for you to manage your comments.


Your posts may receive tremendous numbers of comments, and occasions may arise when it receives comments from diverse sources at the same time. This increases the loading time of your website and also creates an impact on your server load. Using Disqus allows you to drive the server load towards an external server, assuring high performance of your website.

Better Subscription Options

disqus buscription optionsWordPress allows you to offer subscriptions only on new comments or replies. But when it comes to Disqus, the comment system allows the participants to subscribe and unsubscribe conveniently.

Moderation Interface/b>

Disqus comes with a unique feature that help you invite some active participants and offer them to moderate and foster the comments. Therefore, you can offer the interested participants to volunteer the comments on the posts in your website.

Steps to Install Disqus Comment System

As Disqus is a third-party commenting system, you have to go through a number of steps if you want to avail the benefits provided by this system. To begin with, you need to become a member of Disqus. You can do this by simply going to the Disqus website and signing up a new account. After completing the sign up formalities, you can log in and select the “For Websites” option.

You can be directed to a new screen where you can find the “Add Disqus to Your Site” option. You need to choose this option to proceed further. In the next screen, you have to fill up the sign up form with website information. You need to enter the title of your blog and choose a unique URL for your website. It should be noted that this URL is of utmost importance because all the comments on your WordPress site can be accessed here after you installing Disqus on your blog. Once you are done with the sign up procedure, click on “Finish Registration” button.

install disqus comment system

The next step in the installation is to choose your platform. You need to choose WordPress here that can bring a set of instructions. Now, as you have completed registration, it is time to link your WordPress site to Disqus. For this, you have to activate the official Disqus plugin like any basic plugin for WordPress. You should now sign in with your Disqus account information by digging into Settings section located in the Comments menu.

install disqus comment system

Upon log in, you only need to select the site that you have registered on Disqus and click on “Next” button to finish the set-up. This marks the completion of Disqus installation on your WordPress site. Now, you can find that the WordPress comments have been replaced by Disqus comments.

Configure Disqus Comment System

It is imperative to have a fair knowledge about configuring and operating Disqus. If you install Disqus on your site that already has comments received earlier, you have to export these comments to Disqus. If you avoid or forget this step, the WordPress comments may not be displayed anymore because Disqus takes over the pre-loaded comment system.

To export the comments from WordPress to Disqus, you need to visit the admin panel and navigate to Disqus in the Comments menu. Here, you should choose the “Plugin Settings” option available on the right side of the screen.

Now, you can find an “Import and Export” section. Choose the Export Comments tab to export all the WordPress comments to Disqus. This can ensure that all the comments on your WordPress site have become a part of Disqus. You can now avail all the features and benefits of Disqus on your WordPress blog conveniently.

install disqus comment system


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