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How to Insert a Booking Calendar Into WordPress Posts/Pages?

How to Insert a Booking Calendar Into WordPress Posts/Pages?

Booking calendar is beneficial for both visitors and store owners, for the former can book services easily while the latter can get more profits online. If you own a portfolio website, hotel website, or tourism website, then, it is necessary for you to add a booking system on your websites.

However, for newbies or beginners, it is difficult to finish anything without guidelines. Thus, our editors display how to insert a booking calendar into WordPress posts or pages with description and screenshots. Broadly speaking, there are two commonly used methods to create a booking system – writing codes and using plugins. Nevertheless, code writing is complicated for most people, beginners in particular. Therefore, we choose the easiest and fastest way to create a booking system on your website – using plugins.

Install a Booking Plugin

WordPress offers numerous booking plugins for webmasters to choose. We have listed some of the most popular ones in the following for you to choose. All of them are light-weighted, easy-to-use, and rich-featured.



Bookings offers search tool for users to check the reservation database and allows administrators to control all the reservation by modifying, browsing, as well as deleting any booking in the system. Besides, it is the users’ right to decide whether a reservation is approved or not and after the booking is finished, users can review them in a day, week, or month layout. The practice makes it extremely easy for users to manage the whole reservation system.


WP Seat Booking


WP Seat Booking allows users to add a seat booking system to their WordPress websites without any hassle. You can decide whether it is a free booking or paid booking. For free booking, customers can get a seat right away. Otherwise, the plugin presets a rule that maximally keeps site managers’ interests.

The rule explains that once customers successfully booked a seat, the seat is preserved for them temporarily. During this time, they need to pay for a seat by PayPal, however, if they fail to pay, the booking will be automatically canceled and be available for other people.

WP Seat Booking

Rezgo Online Booking


This is one of the best booking plugins I have ever seen. It is perfectly integrated with WordPress to simplify the content management process. This practice ensures you to link directly to your product page from WordPress. Besides, Rezgo Online Booking gives supporting for referral and discount codes to help users complete the booking system.

Rezgo Online Booking

Easy Reservation


The plugin is popular in different fields including appointment, meetings, hotels, car rentals, as well as events. There are more than five languages can be chosen and translated mutually, including Turkish, Russian, English, Italian, as well as Spanish. Users are gifted with full control of the whole reservation system by editing, adding, approving, deleting, and refusing bookings. Of course, as the plugin is for commercial, it also comes with changeable price filters, availability, and discount.

Easy Reservation

BookingWizz for WordPress


BookingWizz designs for WordPress, which provides two essential widgets – calendar widget and upcoming events widget. Site managers can present both multiple calendars as well as a single calendar in pages or posts. Besides, they can choose to display all the events for the current month from all the calendars, and show the information and booking button for chosen events. What’s amazing is that all the stunning functions are made in short codes that ensure users can get them easily and quickly.

BookingWizz for WordPress

Booking Calendar


Booking Calendar not only allows you to add excellent booking system to website, but also offers choices for you to check booked services. After installing the plugin, customers can finish the booking within three steps – choose a date, fill out the booking format, and then submit the booking. Note that all the three steps are customizable that offers you a chance to make the website unique and special.


Bookitme Time Slot


The plugin is extremely easy to use, which sets up all the short codes in the admin page allowing users to add them to posts and pages quickly. The highlight of this plugin lies in that it will automatically send emails to both administrators and customers when a new booking is arriving. Besides, in order to make the payment process easier for customers, Bookitme Time Slot supports multiple payment methods, such as PayPal, cash/bank/check transfer, credit card capture, and so on so forth.

Bookitme Time Slot

After deciding which booking plugin to choose, the next step is to install it on your WordPress website. If you have problems about the installation process, please refer to this page to get more information.

Configure the Plugin

Different plugin has different settings and configurations. Here, we take Booking System as an example. When you activate Booking System successfully, a new Booking System menu is automatically added in WordPress admin sidebar. Now, you need to click on the sidebar that will bring you to the configuration page. There is a pencil-shaped button on the top of the page and clicking on the button, you are able to edit the settings of the booking system.

booking system setting

You are allowed to choose date type, minimum stay, the first day, currency, and so on so forth. After finishing the setting, you need to provide a valid email address where the booking notifications will be sent to. Besides, the plugin offers an alternative for email – SMTP server details provided that you can’t send email from WordPress.

booking system configuration

Presenting the booking information is just one part of the booking system and the complete booking system needs to integrate with payment channels. As one of the best booking plugins in the field, Booking System permits webmasters to receive payment from credit cards or PayPal. PayPal Business Account and PayPal API are premises to ensure PayPal payments and you can get all of them by visiting PayPal.com.

Add Booking Calendar in WordPress Page or Post

After the plugin is perfectly configured, the next step is to add the booking form to your posts or pages. Create a new post or edit an existing one, and then change to WordPress visual post editor by clicking on Visual. You can see an Add Calendar button on the top right in TinyMCE editor. Now, pick out your calendar by clicking on the button and add it to your page or post.

Add Booking Calendar in WordPress Page

The practices above will embed a shortcode to your page or post that will be presented as a booking calendar with valid dates. After publishing the post with the shortcode, visitors can book your service from the front-end of your site and pay money online with credit card or PayPal.


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