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InMotion VS 000WebHost - Who Is The Better Web Hosting Provider?

InMotion VS 000WebHost – Who Is The Better Web Hosting Provider?

The arrival of a new promotional campaign is a great opportunity for our readers who want to better control their budget. InMotion and 000WebHost stand out in the competition with the release of cheap web hosting service. Here is an in-depth comparison of InMotion vs 000WebHost for your clearer idea on how to make a choice between the two web hosts.

A good web host will shoulder the responsibility to remove the setbacks which get in your way to run a website. To avoid unexpected damages from a bad choice, their true service quality should be learned before your purchase. With a quick view to this InMotion VS 000WebHost comparison, you can have the question answered who is the better web hosting provider.

Reason to Choose 000WebHost – Free Web Hosting

In fact, the only reason why 000WebHost can be an ideal choice is the need for free web hosting. With the consideration of much limited budget, free web hosting is a good start to acquire some technical skills. After all, it is impractical to expect rich features on the free web hosting. 000WebHost is still a hosting company who seeks profits with the paid hosting services.

InMotion VS 000WebHost – Paid Web Hosting

With the aim to guarantee online presence, however, you are advised to think twice before placing an order on the paid hosting service. Following the below details is one of the quickest ways to learn what advantages InMotion has over 000WebHost. Given the need for much room to grow, we select two plans for the much easier comparison: Launch (InMotion) and Premium Web Hosting (000WebHost).

Price – both are affordable

With InMotion, average users are required to pay more than $5.99/mo for the shared hosting. But the prices are now reduced down to $2.95/mo through the exclusive promo link. Also, the below pricing table is a reflection of the 000WebHost hosting affordability. Multiple billing options are available for both users to choose from.

Price Information InMotion 000WebHost
Plan in Comparison Launch Premium Web Hosting
Quarterly Payment $0.88/mo
Semi-Annual Payment $1.94/mo
Annual Payment $4.49/mo $3.80/mo
Biennial Payment $3.49/mo $3.54/mo
Triennial Payment $2.95/mo $3.09/mo
Quadrennial Payment $2.65
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Feature – InMotion provides more

Under normal circumstances, the excessive use of disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts will not be a problem. And a domain name is free of charge with the annual plan. cPanel is the common control panel which can be used to manage various hosting services. In fact, there are many other common feature offerings.

But InMotion is more impressive with the provision of free SSL certificates, daily backup service, $250 ad credits, etc. Also, the period for a full refund is as long as 90 days. Having taken a close look at the below table, you will better understand that 000WebHost comes with fewer feature offerings.

Price Information InMotion 000WebHost
Plan in Comparison Launch Premium Web Hosting
Free Domain 1 Year 1 Year
Websites 2 Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 2 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days 30 Days
PHP 7 7
Perl Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes No
SSD Yes Yes
Ad Credits Yes No
SSL Certificate Yes Paid
Daily Backups Yes Paid
Current Price $2.95/mo $0.88/mo
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Uptime – InMotion delivers higher

99.9% is the uptime both web hosts claim to the public. But it has been noticed from our monitoring that 000WebHost has plenty of downtimes. Obviously, what 000WebHost performs is not in accordance with the words. In fact, InMotion can offer the most reliable hosting environment possible with many efforts, for example, multiple layers of redundancy.

Speed – InMotion is faster

Also, the speed of 000WebHost is quite slow in comparison with that of InMotion. Sincerely, the slow shared hosting service should not be a wise choice for websites which value user experience. InMotion has two data centers to choose from: West Coast and East Coast. With the utilization of Max Speed Zone, each data center can ensure the quickest possible response to requests.

Support – InMotion offers better

With paid accounts, live chat is the only way to contact their support representatives. The absence of phone and email support brings much inconvenience to have issues addressed. However, the communication channels InMotion offers are much more than 000WebHost’s. Live chat, email, and Skype call are open to InMotion users 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

It cannot be denied that both web hosts have created an extensive knowledge base. But real-person technical support will count for much in your hosting journey. Seizing the seconds is a necessity for a serious business.

Wrap Up

Under certain conditions, both web hosts can be an ideal choice. Free web hosting remains a bright sport for those who want to start from scratch. But when it comes to the paid web hosting service, the winner goes to InMotion. This web host will smooth your hosting journey.


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