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Increase Self-hosted WordPress Site Security using Wordfence

Increase Self-hosted WordPress Site Security using Wordfence

With increasing WordPress websites attacked and hacked, the security is becoming more and more important. As many customers are hard to find an efficient way to increase the self-hosted WordPress site security, we truly recommend them using the full-fledged security plugin Wordfence.

What’s Wordfence?

Wordfence is the best WordPress plugin related the safe and security. By scanning the viruses, bad links, malware, it protects website against robots, attackers, and hackers Overall, it is the only WordPress plugin which can verify and repair the WordPress core, templates and tools, even customers don’t have backups.

Wordfence Features

Wordfence is a security plugin which helps webmasters with the following features:

  • Constantly scanning whether there are malware URLs in the files, comments, posts and plugins.
  • Checking the integrity of the core files, themes and plugins, alerting the changes which may be security threats, and repairing the infected cores, themes or plugins.
  • Including a firewall to prevent the common security threats, such as fake Google Bots, hackers, botnets scanning, and others.
  • Checking the password strength of all users and administrators to improve the login security.
  • Scanning for trojans, suspicious code, known backdoors such as Crystal Shell, Jackal, C99, RootShell, Cybershell, W4cking, Predator, and more.
  • Real-time traffic view to know where the security threats come.
  • Multi-site compatible.
  • 24×7 technical support via online forums.

In addition, Wordfence doesn’t take use of CPU, memory, disk or network of the local server, but fully leverages the cloud technology. This ensures the performance of the websites won’t be affected.

Where to Get Wordfence?

It’s easy to get a free Wordfence plugin at http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/. Just click the Download button and then you can get the security plugin. In addition, for customers who would like access to the advanced features as block countries and schedule scan, they can visit http://www.wordfence.com/ and click Then Get a Wordfence API Key button to go.



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