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8 Best Ways to Increase Page Views of Your WordPress Site

8 Best Ways to Increase Page Views of Your WordPress Site

High bounce rate is an upsetting problem faced by many bloggers. They make you feel that all your effects made to produce quality content, beautify your site and promote it are in vain because readers only stay for a few seconds on your website and then leave without checking out more content. Besides, the low page views bring negative effects to the conversion rates and your blogging income.

Even if you have attained considerable traffic to your WordPress site, you still need to think about how to make your visitors stay for a longer time and read more pages before navigating away. This not only helps reduce the bounce rate and increase your website traffic, but also enables you to build up a group of loyal readers who trust you more.

To increase the page views of your WordPress site, you will have to impress your readers and arouse their interests to explore your site for more information. Thankfully, there are some possible solutions to this issue.

In below, we are going to introduce the top ways to increase page views. All of them are practical. But before trying them, you should first make sure your website has already met the essential requirements.

The Essentials to Good Page Views

To encourage your readers to view more pages on your website, you must be able to provide the information they need in an easy-to-navigate way. Therefore, your website has to include the following things, or the methods introduced in this post will be of very low value.

  • Quality website content – If your content is useless or provides the same information that can be found on numerous other websites, why would your readers stay any longer? So to ensure more page views, you must always write quality content that is original, fresh and valuable to the target audience.
  • Good website design with navigation menus – The visual appeal is now increasingly important as no one likes to read content on a chaotic page. Over 90% visitors would leave a website in a few seconds due to a bad impression on the design. So make sure your website design is clean, has the right use of colors, and includes navigation menus which make it easy for visitors to find the important or related content.

If your website has met the standards above, then you can try the following effective tips to get more page views out of per visit and keep the readers stay longer.

Essentials to Increasing Page Views

Tip 1: Your Website Must Be Fast Enough

In fact, fast speed is also an essential factor to page views because it plays a vital role in a good user experience. To ensure that your website is fast enough for readers to enjoy their experiences of reading your pages and navigating between them, you’d better keep the page loads below 3 seconds.

To get the information about your page loading speed, you can run tests with some tools like GTMetrix and Pingdom.

If the test results are unsatisfying, then it should be the time to speed up your WordPress site. The slowness could be caused by many possible reasons, while the most essential reason is a slow server. In the case that your website keeps slow all the time, you need to consider transferring the site to another server. There are many fast WordPress hosting providers available to choose.

Besides changing the server, you can also try the following methods to gain better speed.

  • Enable caching by using a cache plugin.
  • Compress your images to make them load faster.
  • Clean your database regularly.
  • Only use plugins and themes with clean code and remove the unused ones.
  • Use a CDN.

Test WordPress Website Speed

Tip 2: Link to the Relevant Posts from the Right Places

Providing relevant information that is probably needed makes your readers motivated to click more pages. This has been already applied by a majority of websites, so if you haven’t, you should think about a strategy now. Generally speaking, there are two ways to present the valuable relevant information.

  • Link to the related terms that you have written about. The contextual internal links add value by allowing your readers to learn about a related topic in full, and they could bring the magic of over 50% more page views.
  • Display related posts in the sidebar or after content. This can be done easily by installing a related posts plugin that picks the most relevant posts automatically.

Tip 3: Feature the Popular Posts

The popular posts are the most valuable content on your website with the best potential to attract traffic. By displaying these popular posts in your website’s footer, sidebar or homepage, you will certainly get an increase of the page views for per visit. Besides, as the posts are probably be liked by your readers, the content relevant to them also gets a chance to be clicked.

Increase Page Views by Displaying Popular Posts

Tip 4: Break up the Long Posts into Separate Posts

Not everyone likes infinite scrolling. When you write on a complicated topic covering multiple subtopics, you can break the topic into a series of posts instead of including all information in an unbelievably long post. This not only makes your content easier to be read and understand, but also increases the page views. However, when doing so, you have to properly remind the readers that there is more content highly relevant to the post they are viewing.

Besides, you need to note that this method is only applicable to complicated topics. Do not break up the simple posts just for page views. Some visitors don’t like to click through multiple pages in order to read the content that could have been included in one page.

Tip 5: Make Use of Excerpts

Excerpts are usually put on pages like your homepage and the category pages. They work as summaries of your posts, and besides a featured image, they include the basic information about the posts, telling readers who should click through. If you display your recent posts on the homepage, one of the most viewed pages on your website, excerpts will undoubtedly generate more page views.

When making use of this WordPress feature, we’d suggest you craft custom excerpts for your posts instead of using the first sentences. With the custom excerpts, you can concentrate on arousing the potential readers’ interests.

Increase Page Views by Using Excerpts

Tip 6: Reduce the Number of Ads on Your Website

Displaying visual ads is one of the most widely used ways for making money online. It is undeniable that ads are profitable, but you should never overuse them because some of your readers hate them. Considering the use of ads, we have several suggestions.

  • Don’t place ads in-between the content, or you will irritate many readers and drive them away.
  • No matter where ads are placed, they cannot distract your readers from the content.
  • Make all your ads clean in the design, and reduce the use of them to the minimum if possible.
  • Prevent floating ads.

When you make a change to the display of your ads, remember to run A/B split tests to see which solution is better.

Tip 7: Use Exit Popups and Prevent Other Popups

If you are showing full-screen popup ads or subscription form and gaining a high bounce rate, you may need to stop doing that. Popups are good in increasing your email signups and boosting your income, but they hurt the user experience at the same time. The result is even worse if your ads pop up immediately after a visitor lands on a page. In this case, over 95% of the visitors will leave without any hesitation and never come back.

However, there is an exception when it comes to popups. You can use exit popups to get visitors to stay longer and click more pages. This kind of popups doesn’t appear until a visitor closes the window and navigates away. If you can promise a discount or a special free offer in such a popup, many visitors will choose to stay.

Increase Page Views by Using Exit Popups

Tip 8: Gather More Ideas from the Bounce Rates of Your Pages

Sometimes you don’t need to learn from others because your website itself includes great ideas which you may have ignored. If you have installed Google Analytics on your WordPress site, you can view the bounce rate of every page on your site in Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. There you will be able to find the best pages with the most page views and the lowest bounce rates as well as the poorest pages.

Now you can pick up the pages with bounce rates lower than 55%, and then analyze them to see why they are excellent. Is the content rich? Does the content show some personality? Are there detailed statistics? Are the images optimized?

By comparing the “good” pages with the “bad” ones, you will probably get some inspirations about how to make optimizations.

Analyze Bounce Rates


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