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How to Increase Audience On-Page Time in WordPress Sites

How to Increase Audience On-Page Time in WordPress Sites

No matter you are looking to set up a blog site, an online store or a business portal, you do not want to repel your audiences as soon as they land on your site. After all, they need time to check and understand the information you are looking to convey. If the time they spend on your site is too short, you can hardly achieve the goal you put into your words. In this case, how to prolong the holding time? We have listed some easy tips of how to increase audience on-page time in WordPress sites.

In addition to the valuable tips, we also would like to tell you what you can get by doing so and how to calculate the average duration for your audiences.

How to Calculate the Audience Duration for Your Web Contents

Before doing something to increase the people on-page time, you firstly need to know the current statistics. Here, we recommend an easy method – make use of Google Analytics.

When monitoring your website running using Google Analytics, you can find a special metric of “average session duration”. It can be found from the dashboard directly.

Average Session Duration

Here, you can only know the average time people spend on your web contents. However, you can click it to drill down. This allows you to find more detailed information – the time people spend on each of your webpage and blog post.

Time on Page

This way, you can easily know which post retains your readers for a long time by comparing with the average duration. Generally, only when people feel interested in your content, they will keep the long reading time. Otherwise, they will go just in a mouse of click. For these less attractive articles, you should refine the content carefully.

What You Can Get by Achieving the Long On-Page Time

The most importantly, if people land on each of your blog post for a relatively long time, it means they are checking your content carefully. In this case, your chances to have your content ideas conveyed are high.

For instance, if your post is about a tutorial, you can easily deal with your readers’ questions or resolve their confusion and issues. If your post is about a promotion, you can effectively market your target to your prospects.

In addition, many SEO experts claim that the longer reading time on your web content gives you more chances to be ranked highly. Especially, for Google search engine, they will move your website down at the SEPRs if they find people leave your site right after the landing.

How to Increase Audience On-Page Time in WordPress Sites

Now, we have listed some useful tips that help you increase audience on-page time easily.

Pay Attention to the Web Content

First of all, you should focus on the quality of your web content. No matter you are looking to anything to your website, you have to confirm that your contents are well presented. Previously, we have already told you how to come out the high-quality blog posts. And you can write down the words accordingly when coming out the new blog posts.

In addition, we highly recommend you to update your old posts. Especially, if you find that some posts have a very short audience on-page time, you need to refine them surely.

Revamp the Navigation Section

This practice is useful for your article series. Sometimes, you may feel hard to cover a large topic in just a single blog post. In this case, you put the contents into different articles to achieve a topic series. If so, you need to give them the easy way to navigate throughout each post. Thus, you can increase the reading time on this series. Especially, if you find that people deviate from the reading path you have already determined for them, you should optimize your navigation for it is not straight-forward at all.

WordPress Navigation

Match the Topic with Your Content

Before truly reading your web contents, what people say at first is your post title. In this case, if they are interested in your titles, you can attract them into your detailed contents successfully. However, to retain them for a long time so as to fully understand what you write, you should make sure that the content matches the topic. After all, if people arrive on your post, expecting one thing but just get anything else, they will be disappointed and go away.

Ensure the Easy Reading Process

Some people are looking for the stylish or the unique design. In this case, they adopt the uncommon color schemes, strange fonts and the colorful background. Surely, this practice can catch people’s eyes in the first sight. However, if people want to learn deep into your content, this can be the disaster.

In this case, for the readability, you need to make sure that your posts are easy to read and to scan. Do not use too many white spaces. Do use the white background and the black text color. Also, you need to organize the web contents into the proper chunks, along with the suitable pagination and breakup.

Add the Video Components

Most people now can scan a long post easily. In this case, even if they love your content, they still may finish reading within a short time. If so, you’d better add some other contents. And here, we recommend you to add the videos.

This is especially useful for some tutorial. For instance, explaining the utilization of WordPress using the pure words might be plain. In this case, you can record the whole process of how you use this script. And then, you can display the video to give people a clear view, while keeping them on your post longer.

WordPress Video Components

Add the Live Chat Optionally

This is an optional practice you can do. Here, if your website is a business portal or is selling something, you can add a live chat box in the bottom right section of the whole screen. In this case, when people have the questions about your contents, they can talk to you quickly without the unnecessary jumping.

Display the Relevant Post Section

The above-mentioned tips mainly tell you how to increase the on-page time for the single blog post. However, if you are looking for the long retaining time on your whole site, you can consider the display of the relevant post area.

Generally, when people finish the reading of a single post, they are likely to find some other related contents if they are looking to learn more. Due to this, you can showcase the related post area below the main post content. This ensures the great convenience for people to jump to other related blog posts. And in the meanwhile, you can increase their on-page time on your whole site and decrease the bounce rate as well.

Interlink Your Blog Posts with Each Other

This can achieve the same goal as the previous tip. The difference is that you can enter links to the related posts within the post content. In this case, people can be taken to other pages easily.

To help you interlink your posts, WordPress provides an effective feature in the visual editor. You just need to click the Insert Link button, enter the URL, provide the link text, decide whether to open the link in a new window and click the Add Link.

Insert Link


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