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Top 5 Ways To Improve User Experience on WordPress Websites

Top 5 Ways To Improve User Experience on WordPress Websites

When it comes to running a website, the good user experience is essential important to attract a large number of traffic. In the recent years, we have received many emails from friends and readers, asking about how to improve the user experience of their websites. Today, to help more readers on this topic, we just focus on the subject and come out the top 5 ways in the following.

Use Simple and Clean Design

simple designMany webmasters prefer dazzling themes rather than functional ones. To be honest, unique and intriguing themes may win many awards, but they come with a series of complex special effects and focus less on usability – which always makes them a nightmare for actual visitors.

Everyone likes clean and beautiful designs. When visitors access to your site, they expect to get some useful content for specific requirements, but not for the design. So, what you can do to help visitors is clearly showing your content so that they can get what they want as fast as possible.

So when design a WordPress site, you should go back to the basics – “Will my site confuse visitors?” In general, it’s nothing wrong to start with a standard blog layout. As well, you can also design a custom template for the website focus, beautiful but simple. Actually, we prefer the themes from Elegant Themes, which offers 88 themes for $39 only. Its works are always stylish as well as easy to understand. With reasonable background colors, typeface and contrast, they present great balance between form and functions.

Elegant Themes

Create Easy Navigation

In order to help visitors find the content they need, you can create an easy and obvious navigation, which should be displayed with one or more navigational elements and make users effortless to find something they want.

In common cases, a clear and intuitive navigation bar is practically essential. In addition, webmasters can create a categories list in the sidebar. As well, a search box in the sidebar, an Archives page and breadcrumbs are also helpful for visitors to go where they want.

Note that it’s right to take use of one or two combinations appropriately, but do not all utilize all of them – Too jumbled design also degrades the user experience.

Keep Fast Website Speed

Website speed plays a quite important role on user experience. As researched, the websites take more than 3 seconds to load hurt the user experience a lot. If your website takes too long to establish a connection and load the pages, visitors may just abandon it and move on to the next one in the search result list.

All visitors prefer fast websites but have no patience to wait for a slow website. To keep the website respond and load fast, you can choose a fast WordPress hosting in the following chart. After all, the server speed is essential for website loading.

Besides, you can also optimize your website themes, coding, framework, pictures for fast speed. If you are confused, learn about guidelines on how to speed up a WordPress website.

Write Quality and Original Post

quality contentTo make readers pleasure, you should first ensure the content quality. No one wants to read something copied, so you need to guarantee all your website contents are original, wrote by yourself or your editors. You can of course refer to other websites, books, newspapers, etc, but please come out through your own words and express unique opinions.

On the other hand, you should basically make sure them fluently and correctly to keep the posts quality. the authoritative and reliable content is always with no spelling and syntax errors. After complete a post, it’s necessary to check the spelling and grammar carefully. As well, when using Microsoft Word, you can take advantage of the spellchecker.

At last, it’s also need to keep the content valuable and meaningful. When someone read about a post, he/she should receive some useful information, get fresh ideas or understand a profound truth.

Focus on Text Layout

In addition to the content, you also pay attention to the text layout. A messy post gives visitors a bad impression at the first sight, naturally poor user experience behind.

Before publishing a post, you can adjust its layout for a better looking and clear presentation. As colors affect the users’ psychology and experience, it’s effective to set a contrast between the background color and font color. As well, you can insert some representative images in the proper place. Sometimes, a right image is worthy than 1000 words. Similarly proceeds, you can also utilize useful videos, surveys, forms, tables and so on.


Joyce is a professional writer & SEOer who loves trying new things and sharing the experience through blogging. She loves clean design, playing with different WordPress themes, SEO, etc. Very often, you could find her in various WordPress event as invited speakers.