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How to Improve Alexa Ranking of WordPress Blogs

How to Improve Alexa Ranking of WordPress Blogs

When running and growing your WordPress site, you should have a close look at its online popularity. For instance, you can calculate the daily visits, the traffic increasing pace for each month and how audiences interact with your site. After knowing and analyzing these reports and statistics, you can better adjust the online promotion and marketing strategies of your website. Here, we highly recommend you to consider the Alexa ranking of your site. If you feel confused, you can check the following content to learn what it is and how to improve Alexa ranking of WordPress blogs.

The Definition and Importance of the Alexa Ranking

Founded in the year of 1996, Alexa.com is a California based company of Amazon.com. While gathering the statistics through different web browser extensions and toolbars, this special ranking system will calculate and analyze the web traffic data of any website.

With the reported ranking, you can know how popular your website is when comparing with other online platforms.

In addition, the ranking algorithm of Alexa is based on the traffic recorded from websites and web browsers that have the Alexa toolbar installed. Note that the installation period should be more than three months.

Alexa Ranking

How Important It Is

Here, you should know that the smaller numerical ranking means the better website running. Generally, if your website ranking is within the top 100,000, it indicates that your site has the relatively heavy traffic.

  • By knowing the current Alexa ranking, you can get an in-depth view of your site. Thus, you can better carry out the search engine optimization and online marketing practice.
  • The ranking number can help advertisers know the marketing potential of your website. If you get the high ranking, people are willing to buy the advertising spaces from you.
  • After learning the Alexa ranking of other sites, you can easily know how your competitors are running their websites now.

How to Improve Alexa Ranking of WordPress

There is no doubt that the increasing of Alexa ranking is really important. In this case, we have listed some simple steps for you to do so easily.

Install the Alexa Ranking Toolbar and Widget

Firstly, you’d better install the toolbar of the Alexa ranking on your web browser. This way, you can easily know how popular your site and your competitors are. Generally, all the popular web browsers like Google Chrome allow you to do this easily.

Alexa Ranking Toolbar

However, as the toolbar only allows you to check the statistics, you also need to install the widget for your WordPress site. The Alexa widget will send people’s hits on your site to Alexa servers. In this case, whenever people land on your website, this practice can hit Alexa to provide the data of your site. In addition, if people do not install the Alexa ranking toolbar, they can still check your rank from the website front-end easily.

For this, you can register an account from the Alexa.com. This official website will give you the exclusive HTML code that you can paste into your site. Or, you can use the Alexa Rank Widget plugin. After the installation, you simply need to drag this widget to your sidebar, and the rank can showcase clearly.

Alexa Rank Widget

For the proper display, you can enter your website URL or name, choose the button size and decide to show and to hide the ranking showcase for different pages, custom post types, tags and browsing devices.

Come Out the Unique Blog Content Regularly

This is the must-do step for you to run a successful website. After all, both people and search engines love the meaningful words. In this case, if your blog posts are quality enough, you can get the better Google ranking and the more organic traffic.

Here, we need to tell you that the Alexa ranking relates to your website traffic directly. Therefore, the more traffic your website gets, the more chances for it to be ranked highly by Alexa.com. As for the writing down of the quality web contents, you should follow up the below tips.

  • The topics should be unique, hot and attractive.
  • The contents should aim at something. For instance, you can deal with some issues, introduce some special items or come out the reviews.
  • The articles need to be error-free. There should be no grammar and spelling errors.
  • You need to write for your audiences but not for search engines and yourself.
  • The keywords need to be used properly.
  • You need to publish the new content regularly.

Pay Attention to the Content Sharing

After making your high-quality web contents, you also need to share the words on the social marketing platforms, forums and any famous online platforms. This practice can get immense people to check your website so as to lead the more traffic that can result in the better Alexa ranking.

Optimize for the SEO

When optimizing the SEO of your website, you actually also are improving the Alexa ranking of your site. In this case, you should pay attention to the search engine optimization all the times.

  • Make use of the WordPress SEO plugins, such as Yoast by SEO.
  • Purchase the guest posts, sponsored posts and links.
  • Exchange the links with other famous websites.
  • Speed up the page loading speed and avoid the serious and frequent downtime.
  • Display the SEO-friendly images.
  • Make use of the sitemap properly.
  • Avoid the duplicate content.
  • And many more.

Optimize for SEO

Recommend the Installation of the Alexa Ranking Toolbar

Last but not the least, you can encourage your audiences to install the Alexa ranking toolbar on their browsers. After all, this ranking system will gather the data from the toolbar. In this case, when your site is loaded by a browser that has the toolbar, the hits can be sent to the Alexa servers promptly.


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