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The Difference Between Image Alt vs Image Title in WordPress

The Difference Between Image Alt vs Image Title in WordPress

Though millions of individuals and web developers create and maintain their websites using WordPress, very few of them have the knowledge about the image optimization techniques. With the increasing demand for dynamic content where image is equally important as text, the Image Alt Text and the Image Title are two crucial factors for optimization. If your content involves lots of images, but these images are not well optimized, your search results may degrade. In fact, many websites suffer in SERP due to the lack of image optimization practice.

In this article, we are going to discuss the definition of the image alt text and the image title; followed by its advantages and the steps to add them on your images appropriately.

What is Image Alt Text?

In WordPress, the attribute that defines the content of the image in HTML is called Image Alt text (also known as alternate text). It is an important factor for optimization of modern websites because it is used by search engines to understand the content and relevancy of an image. To be precise, major search engines, particularly Google, consider the image alt text to measure the relevancy of an image’s use on a webpage.

Apart from the search engines, the image alt text is also useful for human readers. Many times, when an image fails to load on a visitor’s browser, its image alt text is displayed in the respective image container box. As the result, the reader can get an idea about the image without seeing it.

Alt Text

What is Image Title?

Just like alt text attribute adds the description of an image, the image title is an attribute that adds image tag to an image on WordPress. In simple words, the image title is an attribute that provides a title to the images uploaded on your WordPress site. This title is displayed to human readers when they hover the mouse pointer over an image.

Their Differences

Although the image alt text and the image title may sound similar, there are several differences between the two.

  • Firstly, an image title adds a title to an image, whereas an alt text describes a particular image.
  • Secondly, image title is not given as much importance as alt text by the search engines.
  • Thirdly, image title is displayed to visitors when the mouse pointer is taken over the image, whereas an alt text is displayed when the image fails to load.
  • Moreover, an image title is displayed as a pop-up over the image container box, whereas an alt text appears in the box to describe the image that has failed to load.

Why Use Alt Tags

There are two reasons for using alt texts on your posts. First, it enables the search engine robots to read and understand an image; and ultimately measure its relevancy. This provides you with an opportunity to improve the SEO ranking by adding a keyword properly and effectively.

Second, human readers who disable image on their browsers can read the description of an image. Hence, it enhances the user-experience of the visitor.

Why Use Title Tags

The primary use of title tags is directed towards the impact of content on human readers. It can be used as a Call to Action, so when a visitor hovers over an image, he can understand what you actually want from them.

How to Add Alt text and Image Title

After knowing the benefits of alt texts and image title, you are probably looking for the method to add them on your webpages. First of all, to add an alt text, you must execute the following steps.

If you are using the default media uploader on your WordPress site, you should upload appropriate images on the media library. When the images are loaded completely, you should select an image by clicking on it. Now, you can find some field on the right section of the screen.

Add Alt text

Here, you should insert the description of the image in the Alt Text field. For best results on the SERP, you must include the primary keyword of the content in the description of the image.

Alternatively, you can add alt text to an image from the Library tab presented under the Media menu. Here, you should select an image and click on the Edit link. Now, you can add the text on the Alternative text field.

Add Alt text from Image Detail

Adding an image title can be a bit confusing if using the built-in uploader. This is because you need to find a Title field, which is utilized by WordPress for managing the image files. After simply adding the image on your post, you should hover over the image and click on the Edit option.

Edit Image

As an image edit screen appears, you should select the Advanced Options. Expanding the option, you can add an image title on the Image Title Attribution field.

Add Image Title


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