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HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway - What It is and How to Fix It in WordPress?

HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway – What It is and How to Fix It in WordPress?

502 Bad Gateway is a network error coming out between servers on the Internet, as common as some other problems happened on your computer, like the white screen issue and a series of security issues. For many webmasters who lack experience on this error, they always feel difficult to find the best way to solve it.

To help readers save twists and turns, we make a detailed introduction about the 502 Bad Gateway in the following article, from which you can get the most valid method to deal with this matter with ease.

What is 502 Bad Gateway?

502 bad gateway error502 Bad Gateway, also known as HTTP 502 error, is included in the HTTP response status codes. The server is used as a gateway or a proxy to serve the clients and meet all the URL requests. When it receives an invalid response from the upstream server, the 502 Bad Gateway happens. At that time, a pop-up page reading “502 Bad Gateway” will turn up before your eyes.

Actually, it doesn’t mean that the upstream server gets into trouble. The cause of this issue is that the upstream server and the gateway do not reach an agreement on the protocol when exchanging data.

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway?

Reload Web Pages

If this issue is attributed to the bad IP connection of the back-end computers and temporarily existed, you need to clear browser caching at first. Besides, you can try to press the F5 or click the refresh button to reload the web page. It might help you work the issue out. If this method doesn’t work, you can try it later.

Check Network Connections

network connectionsWhen you surf on the Internet and suffer this problem on all the web pages you are visiting, there may be a major failure occurred on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or some issues come out on your network connections.

At this point, you need to inform your ISP and tell them what happened on your computer. The professional technicians will take measures to solve this problem. If it is due to the network connections, you should check the network at first and restart the computer to turn back to the normal networking status.

Reset the Default Gateway

If the methods mentioned above cannot make a difference, you can try to reset the IP address on your computer. Firstly, you need to click Start > Control Panel and search the “adapter” in the search bar. Enter the Network and Sharing Center > View Network Connections.

Secondly, you need to right-click the network that you are utilizing and select “properties”. In the networking lab, choose the “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click the “Properties”.

Thirdly, you can change the IP address in the blank called Default Gateway. For the office network, you can get the IP address from the administrator. While for the family network, it is the IP address of your router. Lastly, you just need to save it and finish the whole process.


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