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HTTP 408 Request Timeout Error – What It Is & How Solve It on WordPress?

HTTP 408 Request Timeout Error – What It Is & How Solve It on WordPress?

HTTP 408 Request timeout logo408 Request Timeout is a normal HTTP error encountered when visiting websites online. It means the client doesn’t finish sending a request during the waiting time of the server. In another word, your connection to the site server is out.

Many people are scared when they meet this error, don’t know what to do and how to do. Meanwhile, we also receive a lot of emails that readers ask us to help them solve this problem. So we write this tutorial today to detail the error and its common causes, helping readers come out from the predicament and solve problems with ease.

What is HTTP 408 Request Timeout Error?

408 is an HTTP status code. Just like HTTP 400 Error, HTTP 403 Forbidden, HTTP 500, and other, it indicates that there is an error happened when a client sends a request to the server – the time spends on sending a request is more than server waiting time. As the request is timeout, you have to send the request again in order to connect to the server.

The error is customizable, and we always see an error page that has been changed. For example, the below screenshot is the most common page of HTTP 408 error.

408 error page showcase

As well, we also see the 408 error like these prompts, “HTTP Error 408 – Request Timeout”, “408: Request Timeout”, “HTTP 408 Error”, and so on so forth.

How to Fix HTTP 408 Request Timeout Error?

As a visitor, you may encounter a 408 error in many cases. Here we carry out top 5 tips to help you fix this problem quickly.


  1. First of all, you should check for the target link is right. Then, you can refresh the browser and try to connect the site again. You can successfully access to the targeted site if this is a temporary 404 error.
  2. However, you should be aware of if you open a page of payment or order submission. Such an operation may result in duplicate payments.

  3. Try to visit some famous website like Google.com or Facebook.com and see whether you can normally access other pages. If you can successfully open other sites but only has the problem with the targeted site, the error may don’t come from yourself but that site. Just go to other sites.
  4. If you can access to other sites like Google.com, but has a very slow speed, the cause may come from your network. Try to test your connection speed to make sure your network, and you can consult the Internet Service Provider for any problems.
  5. If the 408 error happens on a website with huge visits, the reason may be the server problems which are caused by the increased traffic. This situation general leaves when a part of users give up the site. In this case, you can wait for a moment and try to visit the site later.
  6. If all the above solutions are in-effective, you can try to contact the webmaster and tell him (her) there is an HTTP 408 Request Timeout error on the site, and (s)he may thank for you.


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