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HTML5 VS WordPress - The Differences and Relationship

HTML5 VS WordPress – The Differences and Relationship

In cyber world, both HTML and WordPress are popular ways to build a website. Thus, there are lots of readers consult us which one is more worth trying. To meet their demands, we write this HTML vs WordPress comparison to explain reasons for choosing either one.

The Fundamental Difference Between HTML5 and WordPress

WordPress is written in PHP and based on MySQL database. It is a site building platform offers you everything needed to build a website, including admin background, themes, as well as plugins. Even newbies can successfully build and run a website easily.

WordPress Pros

  • Get started easily – WordPress allows you to start the website creation in minutes. You just need to install it on your hosting account using the script installer offered by web hosts or the default WordPress installation wizard. After installing the needed plugins and preferred themes, you can start blogging simply by publishing your web content.
  • Customization and flexibility – There is a massive number of plugins and themes available, with which you can better customize your website and add more functions easily.
  • Large support community – In addition to the official documentation, you can find plenty of online resources about WordPress, along with asking for help from WordPress experts.

WordPress Cons

  • Security issue – WordPress based websites are the main target of most hackers.
  • Maintenance – You need to keep the update of WordPress core, widgets, plugins and themes all the times.

However, on the other side, HTML5 is a programming language that can be used to build websites. You need to write everything in HTML code to get whatever you want. You can create an admin background yourself such as how it looks like, where to put publish button, save button and edit button.

HTML5 vs WordPressSince HTML5 is a programming language, naturally, it can be used to develop WordPress. Many webmasters often combine them together to build a reputable and wonderful website. They often build a website on WordPress platform and then, enhance and customize the site with HTML5 codes. In a word, HTML5 can not only work alone but also can be used to assistant WordPress to build an excellent website.


  • Almost no requirements – Unlike WordPress that requires the server to support PHP and MySQL, HTML almost has no requirements at all.
  • Little maintenance responsibility – There is no need for you to perform the regular update at all.


  • Learning curve – Frankly speaking, for newbies, this option requires the large learning curve.
  • Complicated – If you need to add more features or perform the website modification, most common users need to hire a developer to achieve the goals.

Reason to Choose WordPress

Although HTML5 and WordPress can combine together to build a website, as independent site building channels, they come with assignable advantages. In the following, we are going to list several reasons to choose WordPress.


WordPress is recognized as the most welcomed platform to build websites. WordPress website is easy to manage and time saving, thus, it owns millions of users. Thanks to its popularity, there are many people on WordPress forums ready to provideg solutions to various problems. Whenever you are in trouble, go to the forum and you can get a way out.

Little Requirements of HTML

After building your site successfully, the next problem would be how to make it attractive. Among all the methods to achieve this goal, adding themes and plugins are the most effective choices. However, for those who know little-to-nothing about code stuffing, this would be an unconquerable barrier.

Fortunately, there are countless themes and plugins at WordPress.org. For example, if you want to create a PDF file for your post, just go to WordPress admin and search for the plugin. You can create a beautiful and unique website with knowing nothing about programming language.


SEOA website without traffic is nothing but useless. If you want to attract more visitors, you need to let people know the existence your website. Besides advertising for it, the best solution is getting a good ranking place in search engines. In this aspect, WordPress is build for SEO friendly. Besides, there are numerous SEO plugins helping you boost website SEO without any experience for this field.

Reasons to Choose HTML5

HTML5 is now rising sharply, so why is it becoming popular among more and more people? Here, we give you reasons to choose it.


With hackers everywhere, we don’t need to emphasize how important security is for a website. Once being attacked, the loss is uncountable. In addition to supervise your sites periodically, you need to choose secure methods to build websites. Hackers get to your computer because they understand thoroughly about how is your site codes combine together. For HTML5, all the codes are written by the editor, thus, the security level totally depends on the experience and professional of the editor.


HTML5 is a programming language itself that can be used to create everything on a website. Thus, you can design everything from admin background to websites themes to posts format. Nothing is fixed and everything is changeable.


CostsAlthough you can create themes or plugins for an HTML5 website, this is time-consuming and the result may not always be as good as you expect. Under this condition, there are many paid themes for HTML5. After reviewing many theme companies, we find out that themes for HTML5 are often $10-$20 cheaper than that of WordPress such as the themes products of Mojo-Themes and Theme-forest. Note that the same goes to the plugin market.

The price difference comes from that WordPress themes are processed from HTML4 and accordingly, people charge you for that part. However, HTML5 themes don’t need that process and thus they are cheaper.


HTML5 and WordPress are two ways to build websites with their exclusive characteristics. The former is for those who have rich experience about HTML5 codes and want to build a totally unique and customized website. On the other side, WordPress is for those who have little time to manage a website and don’t know much about code stuff. Of course, you can combine them together to explore their competitive edge.

No matter which one you are going to choose, you need a reliable, rich-featured, and high-speed hosting to ensure your websites accessible for other people. Based on more than 150 hosting companies we have reviewed, we choose the three cost-effective hosting services for you in the following.


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