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How to Write a Business Blog to Promote Your Brand?

How to Write a Business Blog to Promote Your Brand?

More and more companies build business websites to promote their products/services to customers worldwide. It is a brilliant way to add a business blog within the site so that you can boost the site SEO ranking and interact with customers.

With a variety of network marketing strategies, writing business blog is one of the most accessible and affordable methods for online business promotion. However, it is not an easy task to write quality business posts getting high conversion rate. Don’t worry. We talk about some efficient tips to help you write a business blog to promote brands.

Focus on Your Customers

focus on customersA business blog is entirely different from personal blogs that write everything about your own life. Business blog is the combination of your business and customers, aiming at the specific readers – your customers. In another word, the readers are your customers or potential customers, and the customers are also your readers. So when starting to write business blogs, you need to focus on your customers, answering common questions, introducing helpful tips, or committing industry insights, etc.

For example, if you have an eCommerce website for selling mobile phones online, you can write a blog to introduce the ways to choose a cost-effective phone, or talk about something about mobile technologies, industry news, and so on so forth. By this way, they are willing to read about your blog, which can bring traffic to your business and promote the brand among strangers.

Create Brief and SEO-Friendly Title

Title is the most important part of a good post. It decides how the post looks like in the search result page and whether searchers click through it to your blog. Generally, including keywords within the title helps boost the SEO ranking of the post and increases possibility of visitors to see your post.

In addition, a clear and concise title tells the central idea of your post and attracts visitors from search engines. Learn about how to make good title tags to boost WordPress SEO here.

Write an Attractive Opening

write attractive openingAfter visitors click through the search result page and go to your blog, they read about the opening at first. If the opening is interesting and attractive, they will continue to read the rest content; otherwise they give it up and leave your site.

In order to arouse the reader’s interest, you can start with a series of questions that are always questioned by customers. For example, you can start with questions, such as “Should I create a website to promote my business? How to promote products with my business blog?” By this way, readers who are interested in these questions or have the same questions will go for the next content. Alternatively, you can start with summary, conclusion, and so on.

Cite Actual Data and Useful Information

Many people have excellent literary and are proud to write lengthy posts. However, lengthy text makes readers lose interest in reading and empty theory makes the words lose persuasiveness. Thus, you can cite actual data and some useful information in the content.

When introducing a tip or theory, you can cite the expert quotes, reference to industry research data, insert customer testimonials, and more. All these actual elements help improve your credibility and win readers’ trust.

Create Easy to Read Structure

easy to readThere is growing impatient when people read something online, so as a business blog. In order to deliver your idea and content to customers easily, you can create easy to read structure so that they can easily find what they like and understand the overall content.

First of all, the post should have good logic. In addition, you can guide readers with headings and subheadings. At last, you need to pay close attention to the post layout. For example, you can make the important content in bold, insert lists when introducing a series of similar subjects, utilizes table, chart and graph to showcase some data and information, and more.

Insert Relatable Images

A good image tells more content than one thousand words. In addition to write content with words, you can insert some relatable images into the post. With vibrant colors, images have exceptional performance to draw readers’ attention. Besides, images make your post more vivid and have the ability to relieve reading fatigue.

Note that don’t forget to optimize images before inserting it. After all, it has great impact on Google image search SEO.

Reply to Comment

Comment is a good maintain visitors and develop a close relationship with readers. They leave comments to express their opinions, advices, suggestions, and complaints about a post. By reading the comments, you can receive free marketing research and get feedbacks of readers and customers.

In addition, we suggest you to reply to comments instantly and sincerely. You can directly express your thanks for readers’ advices, discuss for some controversial content, and make an apologize for the complaints and mistakes.


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