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How to Write Ad Copy Effectively for Your Site to Beat Competitors

How to Write Ad Copy Effectively for Your Site to Beat Competitors

In our competitive world where the presence of hundreds of companies is registered in every industry, advertisement is a crucial factor in attracting potential customers. When it comes to an effective advertisement, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration.

In the case of PPC advertisement, newbies may say that things like quality score and campaign optimization are of utmost importance. But experts highlight the fact that Ad copy is the determining factor of every PPC advertisement. With that being said, you must know how to write ad copy for a successful advertisement. Before that, there are a few important things to know.

What is Ad Copy?

Ad CopyIf you take a look at an advertisement, you can find a clickable text which redirects visitors to the main selling page for that product. This kind of ad copy involves the main keyword that provides assistance in fulfilling the objective of the advertisement. Using the keywords effectively, you can attract the attention of viewers by adding punch lines.

Overall, a perfectly written ad copy convinces a reader to click on the advertisement and ultimately increase your business. A good ad copy engages the viewer and increases his interest with every word. Not every webmaster knows how to write ad copy efficiently for the site, but it is an important thing to know.

Why Should You Attach Importance to Ad Copy?

There are a tremendous number of advertisements that have a remarkable sales copy, but fail to impress the viewers. This mainly happens because of a substandard ad copy. Some webmasters focus more on the technical part of a PPC campaign, like campaign optimization, and miss out on a less technical part of the content creation of ad copy. This is the main factor behind the failure of the advertisement.

Therefore, you should know that an ad copy is an important element in the advertisement and cannot be replaced by any other factor.

Tips for Writing Ad Copy

There are several things that can be followed to add the importance and effectiveness to ad copy. Hence, if you are wondering how to write ad copy efficiently, know and follow the factors discussed here.

Target Your Audience

TargetBefore writing an ad copy, you should have the clear sketch of your target customers. You should know the probable interests, needs and expectations of your customers. Once you know this, try to put in your best effort to provide them with an effective and impressive solution through your ad copy.

This involves using accurate words and precise statements that can be useful on the side of your customers. Creating an ad copy without knowing your audience might be irrelevant because potential customers won’t click unless they find what they are looking for.

Focus on Your Keyword

Advertisers often try to show their creativity through the content of the advertisement. However, what they often forget is that an excess of anything is harmful. Too much creativity often results in the absence of relevant keywords. This ultimately results in your ad’s relevancy on the SERP because Google bolds the keywords searched by a user in your advertisement.

Hence, if you miss out on the main keywords, you probably lose its relevancy and effectiveness. So, always remember that you should revolve around the main keywords for better Click-Through-Ratio (CTR) and conversion rate.

Be Specific

It is not always important to write a generic ad copy using your keywords. You should be stick to the topic of your advertisement and throw light on the main advertisement. This means that if you have an apparel store selling men’s wear, women’s wear and kids’ wear, you should derive a set of keywords and use it separately to create distinguished ad copy for each. You can then attach specific ad copy with every advertisement for fruitful results.

Develop Interesting Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Value PropositionWith the existence of intense competition in the market, it is important for you to answer several questions. What makes your product better than your competitors? How is your product unique? What are the benefits that the customers get by suing your product? Answering these queries through your ad copy develops an interesting UVP.

It creates an impressive impact on the viewers and influences them to use the offered product. However, you should remember to put in those factors in the UVP that are not offered by your competitors.

Offer a Call to Action

Including a call to action in your ad copy is of utmost importance. As your ad is accompanied by your competitor’s ad, customers expect a hint that they can get what they are looking for by clicking your link.

For example, if a person is looking for LED television, he desires to visit the website where he can get a quote for the television. He will be annoyed if he lands up on the site that offers tips or benefits of using LED television. Thus, a call to action in the ad copy can influence them to click on your link, increasing your CTR.


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