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How to Use AdRotate Plugin to Place and Manage Ads on WordPress Sites

How to Use AdRotate Plugin to Place and Manage Ads on WordPress Sites

Online advertising has been recognized as one of the most effective ways to earn money by most webmasters. As thus, they tend to cooperate with various affiliate programs and advertize certain product developed by the partners. If you are a contributor, then you may wish to put as many ads as possible on the web page but feel upset how to place all the advertisements in a perfect order.

Fortunately, ad rotation is born to help you avoid such embarrassing situation, for which shows multiple advertisements in the same location on your website circularly. In this way, there is no need to scatter a large number of ads over your web page so as not to leave them in a mess. If you are wondering how to enable ad rotation on your site and take a good use of this great function, we are going to let you into the details on how to place and manage ads on WordPress sites with AdRotate plugin.

About AdRotate Plugin

AdRotate plugin is one of the best WordPress ad managers for people who wish to make money online by means of hanging advertisements on the web page. It is able to put multiple ads in a single banner and plays a continuous loop of those ads. Besides, AdRotate allows you to display as many banners on the web page as needed and helps you set all groups of items out in an orderly way.

adrotate plugin

What’s more, this plugin is perfect for the advertisements of any size and enables numerous advanced features to provide you with a great user experience. Namely, it features super easy management of ads, Geo location, Google Ads, CSV Exports of statistics, etc. And now, we are going to have a taste of AdRotate and put all its functions to good use. Before everything, let’s get started to install and activate this plugin.

Make AdRotate Plugin Work for Your Site Properly

We would like to search for AdRotate and install this plugin via WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New as usual. Since you get a search result as the following screenshot, you are required to install this plugin in real time upon activation.

install adrotate plugin

And then, an item called AdRotate is included in the dashboard sidebar, which comes with a list of options available for you to enable ad rotation on your website. After having the installation done, you should set about adding the first advertisement right now.

adrotate plugin options

Place & Manage Ads with AdRotate Plugin

Firstly, let’s focus on the “Manage Ads” option where to add new ads to your website. Click “Add New” and then come to a mode that requires you to fill out some basic information about the new advertisement, including title and adcode. For instance, we determine to advertize the BlueHost WordPress hosting service thereby placing a BlueHost promotion banner with a link to the company site on our web page.

Note that, the image can be set in any size according to personal needs. To activate this newly created advertisement right now, you need to select the option “Yes, this ad will be used” from the drop-down list. Click “Save Advert” to confirm all information.

add new advert

And then, click “Manage” option to check all active ads. Here, you are required to click the title of the ad that you have created just now and access to the “Edit Advert” page.

check active ads

Move to the “Preview” mode and check how the new ad should be displayed on your web page. Besides, the shortcode generated in the “Usage” mode is used to insert the created ad to a post/page or a theme.

Here, our ad shortcode for a post/page is [adrotate banner=”4″] while the PHP shortcode directly included in a theme is . That’s the way to display one advertisement on the web page. To showcase multiple ads on one location, you can create as many ads as needed in the same way and then following the steps as below.

edit advert preview and usage

There are some advanced functions available for you to customize the newly created advert under the “Advanced” mode. Note that, certain functions are AdRotate Pro only.

After having all ads created as planned, you need to include all those ads in a group and showcase them in a single banner. Go to AdRotate > Manage Groups and add a new group by clicking “Add New”. You are required to name the first group properly and select a mode from the three options, including Default, Dynamic Mode and Block Mode.

Since we plan to make all ads switched automatically, we need to pitch on the Dynamic Mode and then set the banner size and the automated refresh time via the “Dynamic and Block Mode” section. Click “Save Group” since you have completed all settings. Perhaps, you can select the Block Mode, which is used to show a block of ads on a single location.

add new group

And then, go back to the edit page of this group and target the last mode called “Select Ads” in the bottom. This is where to showcase all ads that you have created just now. Check certain ads that will be shown on the web page and click “Save Group”. Here, we have included three ads in this group and set the automated refresh time as 3 second.

select certain ads

Copy and paste the ad group shortcode [adrotate group=”1″] to a page or post where to showcase this group of advertisements. For example, we are going to place those ads on a test post, and then we need to insert the shortcode to this post. Note that, if the ads included in a group cannot be switched automatically, you should go to AdRotate > Settings to modify the jQuery.

In this way, the ad will be automatically replaced to the following one in every 3 seconds. What’s more, if visitors are interested in certain product, they are able to click the ad and access to the company page handily. Publish this post and then the ads will be shown to your visitors as the following screenshot.

adrotation sample

And now, you have successfully created the first group of ads with AdRotate plugin as well as place it on your web page properly. If you are looking for more customizable features, then you should go with the AdRotate Pro via AdRotate > AdRotate Pro.

Once purchasing the professional version, you can take a good use of the Geo Targeting, which helps you localize your ad campaigns easily. Besides, the pro version also enables you to satisfy your advertisers, schedule all campaigns, stay up-to-date with the notification system and get premium support almost all year around with ease.

adrotate plugin professional version


In addition to advertising, there are many other tips that you should take into consideration to make money online, such as doing donations, including RSS feed ads, writing paid posts, and so on so forth. Refer to those useful suggestions and make a hit in the market.


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