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Why and How to Use WordPress as CRM Software

Why and How to Use WordPress as CRM Software

Since most business owners regard CRM as an innovative use of WordPress, we would like to let you know the advantages of using WordPress as CRM software. After learning about the benefits of CRM, we show you a valid method to integrate your WordPress website with CRM. First of all, you need to briefly understand what the CRM is and why it has the ability to get you a leg up on your business development.

CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is designed to manage the interaction between company and customers. This powerful software enables business owners to organize marketing, sales and customer service by using advanced technology. In this way, companies are able to know more about their customers so as to improve customers’ satisfaction and promote brand image.

Why Use WordPress as CRM Software

why use wordpress as crmConsidering the usability for customer relationship management, CRM brings you as many possibilities as you want. And now, WordPress makes your website possible to feature CRM and that is really a big boon for business websites. Here, we list the main reasons why you should use WordPress as CRM.

Enable More Interaction with Customers

Interaction with customers can be a part of your success because it is a great way to know your customers and continuously improve the services. Fortunately, CRM enables advanced technology allowing customers to share sales information so as to let you know the preference of every customer in real time. In this case, you can perfect the services and cater to the need of more people in the market.

Save Cost

To be honest, it is expensive to purchase CRM service, which is priced at around $100/mo. However, WordPress is an open source software and enables a bunch of plugins to make your site integrate with CRM. If you use WordPress as CRM, then there is no need to spend extra money in enjoying the strength of CRM.

Make Your Business Organized

The main purpose of CRM is to make all your business information organized by featuring emails, tasks, calendars and many other advanced functions for sales information management. Since all information is collected together, CRM makes it easy to check the information at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Improve Sales Reporting

improve sales reporting with crmCRM collects all data about your business and then makes a thorough analysis on the collected data. In this condition, you can get to know the sales status comprehensively and make a plan on how to develop your business in the future. With those reliable statistics, the sales reporting can be improved easily.

Protect Your Data from Losing

Since servers and hard drives are exposed to crash and malicious attacking, the stored data may easily be stolen or lost somehow. To prevent such embarrassing situation, you are required to turn to the web-based software to store all data. CRM is the one that can satisfy your needs because it has the ability to enable reliable data backups for you.

How to Use WordPress as CRM with WP-CRM Plugin

After getting a brief introduction about CRM as well as the advantages of this powerful software, you may wish to integrate your WordPress website with CRM as soon as possible. The easiest way to use WordPress as CRM is to make use of a CRM plugin. Among numerous options, the WP-CRM plugin is selected in the following guide.

WP-CRM is recognized as the most popular WordPress plugin for CRM integration. This plugin enables you to organize, filter and edit the business information with ease. Besides, it comes with an understandable interface, which makes it easy to manage your customers, partners, vendors, affiliates, and so on. To get more features of WP-CRM, you need to install and activate this plugin right now.

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-crm/

wp-crm plugin

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and search for WP-CRM in the search bar. When the WP-CRM comes to you, you are required to click Install Now button and then you will turn to the plugin activation page automatically. Click “Activate Plugin” to make this plugin work on your website properly.

install wp-crm

Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps, the CRM is shown in your WordPress Dashboard menu. First of all, let’s have a quick view of WP-CRM settings. Go to CRM > Settings and check the options if needed. There are 8 tabs available for you, which have been listed as below.

wp-crm settings

  • Main is where to generally set up your CRM. You can replace the default setting as a customizable one and determine whether to enable attribute grouping, track detailed user activity or automatically covert line breaks. Note that, you need to set your email properly.
  • UI is where to customize the user interface settings, such as user avatars, user information showcase and quick user actions.
  • Data is where to customize the attribute of customer information. You are allowed to determine what information should be included in the personal file. In addition to the default attributes, you can add more attributes as you need.
  • Roles tab is where to manage different user roles on your website and pitch on certain attributes selectively.
  • Notifications tab is where to modify the messages that will be sent to your customers in various situations. You are allowed to customize the message according to your own needs and add new messages if needed.
  • Shortcode Forms tab is used to add and modify new shortcode forms. For instance, the shortcodes, like display_notes, success_message, user_current_user, and many other options are available for you.
  • Premium Features tab shows you the way to pay for some advanced features to expand the functionality.

After having a rough idea of WP-CRM settings, you should get started to add new person to your Customer Relationship Management system. Go to CRM > New Person and fill out the individual information about this person. You are required to enter the information that will be displayed in the information column (which can be modified via CRM > Settings > UI). Finally, click the Save button to confirm all settings. Perhaps, you are allowed to add as many people as you want to your CRM.

wp-crm add new person

To check all people included in CRM system, you can go to CRM > All People and check the user information & user email. If there is a need to modify certain users, you can click his/her avatar and then go to the edit page.

wp-crm all people settings

Note that, the sidebar on the right enables you to filter results in terms of role lists or user types. In this case, you can determine who will be show in the list and quickly target the users that you are looking for. To check the contact messages sent by customers, you need to go to CRM > Messages, which let you know your customers in real time.

wp-crm settings

What’s more, you are allowed to modify your own display name, user email, company, and some other information via CRM > My Profile.

Maybe now, you have known the charm of CRM and the way to use WordPress as CRM. We suggest you to try your hand at WP-CRM right now and get started to make your WordPress website integrate with CRM. If you wish to get the recommendation of more CRM plugins, then the following list can help you a lot.

  • CRM Integrator (plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/zoho-crm-integrator/)
  • Leads Builder For Any CRM (plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-leads-builder-any-crm/)
  • Charmer Dashboard CRM (plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/chamber-dashboard-crm/)

In addition to the use of CRM, a quality WordPress hosting provider can also be a part of your success. Here is a list of best WordPress hosting companies that have been trusted by millions of business owners.


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