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How to Use Swiftype Search to Enhance WordPress Site Search

How to Use Swiftype Search to Enhance WordPress Site Search

Since most webmasters attach great importance to website search enhancement, we introduce a solution for that purpose by using Swiftype Search plugin. That is regarded as one of the best WordPress search methods for better SEO and trusted by thousands of users worldwide, no matter for individuals or corporations. Here, a brief introduction of Swiftype Search is shown before an in-depth guide on how to take a good use of it.

Brief on Swiftype Search Plugin

Swiftype Search is a customizable WordPress search plugin designed for intelligent and fast search for your website. It is east to set up without using any coding stuff. You just need to enable Swiftype Search on your website and provide it with your site address. And then, embed a search box in your site and get started to customize search experience as planned.

Swiftype Search Plugin Introduction

This great method enables you to drag & drop certain search results to rearrange ranking order. In this way, every search is shown with the most relevant results. If there is nothing coming out when entering a query, you are allowed to manually add a result for the same purpose. To guarantee the accuracy of search results, Swiftype Search allows multiple attributes to refine results, like author, date, content type, location, or more options.

In addition to the advanced features mentioned above, there are more possibilities available for WordPress site search improvement, including spell check, real-time indexing, synonyms, etc. Get started to install this plugin and explore more functions right now.

Install Swiftype Search Plugin

Log into your WP admin > Plugins > Add New and search for Swiftype Search to get a result as below. Install it now and activate this plugin in real time. After that, a new item called “Swiftype Search” appears on the dashboard sidebar.

Install Swiftype Search Plugin

Click “Swiftype Search” and here you come to the Swiftype Search Plugin authorization page. That requires you to enter a Swiftype API key after signing up an account at swiftype.com signup page. Fill out your personal information including name, email and phone number as required and then set a complicated password for this new account. Click Sing Up button to confirm all information.

Swiftype Search Plugin API Key

And then, you are automatically directed to an initial account setting page. Move to the top of this page and access to Account Settings page. This is where to check your Swiftype API key and that is shown under “Account memberships” mode. If there is no need to reset the current API key, then copy and paste it to Swiftype Search Plugin page via WP admin. Authorize it and move to the next step.

Swiftype Account Settings

Add Swiftype Search to Your Website

Once confirming your Swiftype API key, you are required to configure the first search engine. Enter a proper name in the “Engine name” field and click Create Engine button. Here is a “Clear Swiftype Configuration” button available for search engine reconfiguration. If there is a need to do so, click this button and enter a new Swiftype API as required. If not, then continue to configure the newly created search engine.

Create and Configure Search Engine

A search engine is created with a list of details shown on the Swiftype Search Plugin Settings mode as below, in terms of your API key, search engine name and the number of searchable posts. By default, there is no searchable post before you synchronize your posts by clicking “Synchronize with Swiftype” button.


Since the button is converted to “Indexing Complete!”, the process has been started successfully. And now, all posts on your website are searchable.

Indexing Complete

If the active theme does not come with search box by default, you should embed a search box in your WordPress website manually. Go to Appearance > Widgets and target a widget called Search. Drag and drop it to the right sidebar and adjust its position according to personal needs. Click “Save” button to confirm the change and that enables visitors to search for anything as needed effectively.

Add Search Widget

Manage Search Results via Swiftype Dashboard

When visitors look for a target with keywords “xxx”, then a list of search results for “xxx” is displayed on the result page. There will always be the most relevant posts for visitors’ purposes. To check how many search results occur on your website, you should go back to Swiftype Search settings page and click to visit the “Swiftype Dashboard”.

Manage Search Engines

This is where to view all search results as well as manage your search engines. The “Create Search Engine” button enables you to create a new search engine if needed. Perhaps, you can delete the current search engine by clicking “Delete” button. Click the name of a search engine to check more details and that should be like the following screenshot.

The search engine overview tab shows site search results in last 7 days and that helps you make it clear the number of searches, search conversions and autocomplete conversions of each day.

Swiftype Dashboard

By the way, the Analytics tab is where to check the traffic and performance of your search engine in a line chart. Below that, a bunch of recorded data for top searches, top searches with no results, top search conversions, and something else is shown clearly for reference.

Swiftype Analytics Tab

In addition, the Content tab enables you to check the properties of a page or post as well as have a rough idea about its pinned positions, top referring queries and top referring suggest prefixes. The Rankings tab is designed for managing search result ranking while the Widgets tab is where to customize relevance algorithm.

For any questions about the Swiftype Search plugin, go to the Install tab where shows you a list of frequently asked questions for your reference, such as style customization, search results indexing, incorrect activation for this plugin, and so on.


This step-by-step guide covers the way to install Swiftype Search plugin and enable it on your WordPress website with API key. And also, a detailed explanation on search results management via Swiftype Dashboard is following closely. That helps you have a comprehensive understanding about this great plugin and take a good use of it with little effort, especially suitable for beginners.


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