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How to Use IFTTT with WordPress to Connect Your Social Media Accounts

How to Use IFTTT with WordPress to Connect Your Social Media Accounts

At present, more and more WordPress users have realized the importance of building up a tight connection between their websites and the popular social media and online platforms. Therefore, they begin to adopt various WordPress plugins for automatically tweeting their blog posts, posting their uploaded YouTube videos on the website, sharing new posts to their Facebook page, adding new WordPress articles to Blogspot and many more.

In fact, instead of installing a huge number of plugins that may negatively affect your website performance, we highly recommend you to use a free online service named as IFTTT. In the following, we’d like to introduce this special service and tell you how to use IFTTT with WordPress to achieve an automatic connection with your social media accounts.

General Introduction of IFTTT with WordPress

IFTTT, the abbreviation of If This Then That, is a robust online service. It allows you to connect your WordPress sites with up to 234 applications and services in an automatic manner. With it, an Action simply takes place when a Trigger occurs.

For instance, the Trigger could be “posting a new article on the WordPress site”. And the Action could be “sharing this post on Twitter promptly”.

In fact, the Trigger and the Action are combined as the Recipe of IFTTT. With WordPress, this online service can achieve various Recipes for your different requirements. But there are only two Triggers available.

  • Every time you post a new article on your WordPress site.
  • Every time you publish a new post with some specific tags and categories.

As for the Actions, there are also two options.

  • Create a common blog post on your site with the ingredients of title, body, post status, categories and tags.
  • Create a photo post from the given image, along with the ingredients of photo link, caption, categories, tags and title.

Popular Recipes for WordPress

If you mix up the Triggers and Actions of WordPress with 234 different social media and platforms, the number of Recipes can be immense. In the following, we have listed some popular Recipes for WordPress.

  • Share New Posts on Facebook Page – Each time you post a new blog post on your WordPress site, it will be shared to your Facebook page automatically.
  • Tweet Your Blog Posts – A new tweet will be sent out once you publish a new article on WordPress.
  • Post New Tumblr Posts from WordPress – A Tumblr post will be shared that contains the content within your newly-created WordPress post.
  • Share Your New Posts on LinkedIn – Once you publish a new post, it will be shared on the LinkedIn platform.
  • Publish a Flicker Post on WordPress – A new photo post will be published on WordPress when you share an image on your Flickr account.
  • Pin Your WordPress Posts on Pinterest – Whenever you publish a new blog post on your site, it will be pinned at once on the Pinterest board with the link, title and pictures.

These are just a small piece of Recipes that IFTTT gives to WordPress. If your purposes are out of the above-mentioned options, you can go to this page. And then, you need to choose the Triggers and Actions, and search for your target social media and online services.

WordPress Recipes

How to Use IFTTT with WordPress

To use this service to ease your life for managing WordPress sites, you firstly need to create a free account using your email address. During the signup process, the system will list some channels that may interest you. Here, we highly recommend you to choose your preferred one. Note that IFTTT will give you some recommended Recipes later. This helps you better manage the relationship between your site and your target social media.

Recommended Recipes

Or, you can go to the WordPress page of IFTTT, and click the Connect button to relate your WordPress site with this tool. Here, what you need to offer include the website URL, username and password. If you have enabled the two factors authentication, you also need to generate a special password for this application.

Connect WordPress with IFTTT

After clicking the Connect button, the system will verify your credential of the website. Once successful, you can be presented with the following screenshot.

successful Connection

Next, you need to choose the proper Recipes to achieve your goal. For instance, you choose the Recipe named as “Tweet my WordPress post posts” to share your newly-published blog posts automatically on the Twitter platform.

After targeting this Recipe, you simply need to click the Connect button and login your Twitter account to build the connection between your site and this platform.

Next, you are required to add the Ingredients including Post Title, Post URL, Post Content, Post Image URL, Post Publish Date, Tags and Categories and many more. Then, click the Add button.

Add Ingredients

Now, you have achieved the auto-tweet for your WordPress posts successfully. Note that you can check this new Recipe in the My Recipes section. Here, you can choose to delete it, modify the Ingredients and turn it off temporarily.


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