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How to Start a Podcast on Your WordPress Website for Free?

How to Start a Podcast on Your WordPress Website for Free?

To get your blog site much more popular, it is not enough just having written great content for your site; diversity is needed to get more visitors and to break the boredom of using the same methods. Here, the use of podcast can come in handy. With podcast, your visitors should at ties hearing your voice, literally. This can add much fun to your content, and helps people find a new way out to get the information that you have added.

It is easy to start a podcast on WordPress for free and start getting the best out of your visitors. Through this tutorial, you can learn how to do this for diversifying your blog content without much hassle.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio program offered by a site which is either music or talk. The program is availed by the site by downloading or online streaming for the visitors. Most of the podcasts are advice and “how to” series. It may be offered besides the writing to get more readers for a blog.

Is a Podcast Worth it?

The final goal of starting a podcast for many people is in a bid to monetize their blogs. However, this is not recommended initially and you have to do a number of podcasts to start selling. Actually, start a podcast includes the need to have diverse content, the need to bring a resource person for your online audience, the need for more blog exposure and to the need to revive old posts to give them a new life.

After you get used to podcasts, they see it as a much easier way to deliver content than writing blog posts.


Setting up a Free WordPress Podcast

There are many ways through which you can set up a podcast for free on WordPress. Follow the simple steps below to get started.

Gather What You Need

This first step involves choosing a topic for your podcast and laying down the procedure of carrying out the podcast. It may be a new topic or an earlier topic on written content.

After getting the topic and planning how the podcast will run, you will need a microphone and the recording software on your computer. No matter how good your sound is, a good microphone comes handy. You can get a microphone for even less than $50.

Set Up a Host

While it might be convenient for you to set up a site on the hosting you have right now, it might not be a good idea after starting a podcast.

After all, a fast and reliable WordPress hosting service is the base to get your podcast load fast and smoothly, as well as to guarantee a proper performance while uploading and downloading your podcast.

Use PowerPress Tool

PowerPress tool is a great way to get your podcast going live. It will cut down the setup time by half. To start enjoying PowerPress, download it from WordPress.org or simply install it from your dashboard. Then, go to PowerPress>> Settings and configure the 6 tabs as follows.

Basic Settings Tab

Here, you set the podcast entry box. The settings here allow you to determine what will appear on your podcast episode box.

Basic Settings

Input the URL of the podcast and then enter the size and the duration of your podcast. The embed field is for video podcasts and allows you to enter the video code for Vimeo, YouTube or any other.

Services and Statistics Tab

It is important to get data on your podcast and measure how popular the podcast is in order to improve. You can use simple analytics tools like Blubrry Podcast Analytics to get statistics on your podcast.

Open PowerPress Settings and select the Services and Statistics tab. Copy and paste the URL of the podcast as given by PowerPress into the analytics tool and start monitoring the podcast from your WordPress dashboard.

Set up PowerPress Stats from the Settings page under the tab Services and Stats.

Statistics Settings

Feeds Tab

This is where you set your podcast feeds. You can use FeedBurner which makes it easy to get statistics on those who listen to your podcast and those who download.

Go to PowerPress>> Settings and select the Feed tab and locate your feeds. Copy the feeds and paste it into FeedBurner, and then check the box besides “I am a Podcaster” then click Next. If you have a video and audio, you will have to copy and paste the two channels separately.

Feeds Settings

iTunes Settings Tab

You perform the settings on this page once you have been approved on iTunes. The setting links your site with iTunes. Here, you add the podcast program subtitle and summary and also the podcast episode summary. You also add the keywords that you need to rank for and then three categories you need your podcast to fall.

If your video is explicit, check the box besides iTunes Explicit. Upload iTunes image, set your iTunes talent name and iTunes email. The iTunes New Feed URL field is only used when you change the URL of your feeds.

iTunes Settings

Upload the Podcast to iTunes

After learning how to start a podcast and really starting one, you need to market it by submitting it to iTunes. Design an image for your podcast to market it in the right way and connect it to your website.

The great image also increases your chances of being accepted in iTunes. Give your podcast an awesome name, a brief description and a concise summary. Open iTunes >> iTunes Store >> Podcasts. Click on Submit a Podcast link and copy and paste the podcast link.


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