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What is Live Blogging? How to Set Up a Live Blog in WordPress

What is Live Blogging? How to Set Up a Live Blog in WordPress

Live blogging allows bloggers to develop their blogs in a lively way, which is popular with users keen on sharing all kinds of new things. It has become increasingly popular in this field. Perhaps, you may wish to set up a live blog but have no idea of what does live blogging mean and how to make one using WordPress. The only way to remove all doubts is following this complete guide to WordPress live blog.

What is Live Blogging?

What is WordPress Live BlogLive blogging is the way to keep updating current events on blog. An event will be published once it is happening. That is regarded as an effective method to deliver the latest news to visitors. Known from starting a traditional blog, there are some special features of a live blog, which are shown as below.

  • A live blog is a short post with a few brief words, which should be concise and to the points.
  • A live blog announces currently-happening events thereby delivering the first-hand news to visitors.
  • A live blog is commonly in usage by some news websites to spread something new to visitors, like sports games, natural disasters, conflicts, ceremonies, new product release, and so on.
  • A live blog should be a simple text. There is no need to fit it with multifarious pictures or anything flaring.

Set Up a Live Blog within WordPress Website

Having had a rough idea of live blogging, it’s time to set up one in your WordPress website. There is an array of tools designed for that purpose. Those solutions make everything easy and provide users with better live blogging experience, among which the Liveblog is selected in the following step-by-step guide.

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/liveblog/

Liveblog Plugin

Liveblog is a free live blogging tool with rich features. This plugin helps you break a new ground on a post for live blogging. That makes it much easier to deliver real-time content to visitors. Besides, Liveblog allows users to update live blogs via both website frontend and backend.

Install this powerful live blogging plugin on your website now. More features are about to show up and that will spring more surprises.

Step 1: Install LiveBlog Plugin on Website

Before everything, install Liveblog plugin via your WordPress dashboard. Search for this plugin via Plugins > Add New and then activate it. A new section called Liveblog is included in all posts on your website. And now, you have the plugin installed successfully.

Install Liveblog Plugin

Step 2: Enable Live Blog on a Post

Create a new post via Posts > Add New or edit an existing post. That depends. After accessing to the post editor, scroll down to the bottom of this page and target the Liveblog mode. Enable a live blog on the current blog and that displays a live blog entry on this post. You can check it through frontend.

Enable Live Blog

Step 3: Start Publishing the First Live Blog

Once enabling liveblog function on this post, click the link “Visit the liveblog”. You are redirected to the website frontend. Here comes a New Entry box below this post. That allows you to enter anything in the editor and preview it before making the live blog public. If there is a need to insert an image in the text, drag and drop it to the editor.

Having all changes done, click “Publish Update” to publish this live blog. And then, create as many live blogs as needed. Note that, all those live blogs should be related to the current post.

Publish Live Blog

Tips: If you don’t wish to make the posting tools public, go back to the post editor and then click the option “Archive”. That hides the New Entry box from all your visitors. In this way, it is only possible to write a live blog via your website backend.

Integrate Your WordPress Site with a Live Blogging Platform

The WordPress live blogging plugin allows you to publish live blogs within a website. Here, we would like to introduce a way to increase the popularity of your live blog effectively, namely, integrating your site with a live blogging platform. The selected platform is 24liveblog.com. In the following, we are going to integrate this great platform with your site by using a WordPress plugin, called 24liveblog.

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/24liveblog/

24liveblog Plugin

The WordPress plugin 24liveblog makes it possible to edit a live blog within your site. The live blogs will be published on 24liveblog.com simultaneously. Continue with the following guide and take a good use of this plugin.

Step 1: Install 24liveblog Plugin on Your Website

Install 24liveblog plugin via WP Admin > Plugins > Add New and then activate it. That is just like the way to install Liveblog plugin.

Install 24liveblog Plugin

Step 2: Sing Up an Account on 24liveblog.com

If you have had a 24liveblog account, skip this step and move to the step 3. If not, access to 24liveblog account signup page and sign up a new account. Type your name, email address and password as required. Click “Sign Up” button to confirm all settings.

Sign Up 24liveblog Account

Step 3: Sign In 24liveblog

Go back to your WP admin and click the option “24liveblog”. Enter your email address and password in the sign-in box and click “Sing In” button. And then, you are redirected to the 24loveblog dashboard.

Step 4: Create Events via 24liveblog Dashboard

The 24liveblog dashboard is intuitive, consisting of three columns. The first column is where to create a current event. Click “Create Event” button and enter the event edit page. Type the event title and description as required.

Create Event

The rest settings are available for event customization, including color (highlight, mouseover and time & title), status bar, blink title, etc. Click “Submit” button after completing all settings. And then, you are required to enter the website live blog URL.

If visitors are interested with your live blog, they can click the given link and access to the live blog page on your site. That is a great method to increase website traffic. Having all changes done, start your live blogging right now.

Start Your Live Blogging

Step 5: Start Your Live Blogging

Here you come to a new dashboard where you can add news to the event created just now. Enter the news title and content according to personal needs. And then, publish it. The Statistics mode displays how many visitors are online. Also, more contributors can be added to this event.

Add News to Event

Summary: Set Up Your Live Blog with Both Methods Mentioned Above

We suggest you to set up a live blog with both methods mentioned in this guide. The Liveblog plugin makes it easy to start a live blog within WordPress website. The 24liveblog broadens the way of live blogging and increases the popularity of your blog effectively.


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