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How to Sell Photos & Designs Online With WordPress

How to Sell Photos & Designs Online With WordPress

With the essence of art increasing in the modern world, thousands of companies desire to establish an online presence to sell photos and designs online. Seeing the demand for dynamic websites that can be used to sell photos online, WordPress has come up with advanced types of websites for photo galleries. Being the leading platform for the building of websites, WordPress allows the installation of various plugins that modifies the layout of the website and renders essential tools for selling photos and designs online.

Photo Gallery Plugins

There are dozens of plugins that perform relatively similar operations, i.e. an appropriate platform to sell photos online. Some of the most effective plugins that are used by thousands of users around the globe are listed here.

Nextgen Gallery

It is a premium photography plugin for WordPress sites, coming with a package of online shopping features. As the plugin has various versions, the price varies according to the offered features. However, even the free version of the package renders a stylish platform for the website to sell photos online. Overall, it is a powerful tool that provides all the basic elements for the sale of designs and photos.

nextgen gallery

WP iSell Photo

WP iSell Photo is a simplified plugin that renders a wide range of facilities to a WordPress site. Being an easily configurable plugin, it is the first preference of many webmasters because of the simplification in the upload and transaction of photos. Apart from it, the plugin assists in the creation of an attractive and effective website for the promotion and sale of photos and designs online.

wp isell photo

Sell Media

Sell Media is a plugin for WordPress websites dedicated to the sale of photos. Compatible with all WordPress versions higher than 3.4, this plugin facilitates the sale and proper protection of images, audio and video presented on the website. When it comes to the transaction and payment options, the plugin makes PayPal and other payment gateways available on the WordPress site.

sell media

CP Image Store with Slideshow

This is another plugin for photography websites running on WordPress. It offers a sophisticated layout to the website by providing a slideshow of photos and designs. When it comes to features, shopping cart is added to the website so that the visitors can buy multiple photos and designs on the go. The webmaster can set discounts and coupons in order to promote sales.

cp image store with slideshow

Steps to Sell Photo Online

There are a couple of steps that should be followed sincerely to set up a proper photo selling store on the internet platform. The procedure discussed here is not highly technical; however, it is recommendable that a webmaster should execute the steps even if he is not quite familiar with WordPress.

Choosing a Photography Theme

In order to create a proper platform for selling photos and designs on the WordPress site, it is imperative to have a suitable theme. Available in the online WordPress store are tremendous numbers of photography and artistic themes that render a proper layout to the website. The webmasters need to choose one of the photography themes that suits the prospective products that can be offered for sale on the website.

Choosing a photography theme is simple. One can simply check out various artistic themes in the online store and choose the most suitable one. However, the administrator must check its compatibility and support with other plugins and widgets. The ideal theme for a photography site is the one that responds quickly and allows the installation of several useful plugins.

Creating a Marketplace for Photos and Designs

photo galleryWhether it’s an outlet on the street or an establishment on the internet, potential customers appreciate the stores that contain a wide variety of products. When it comes to online sale of photos and designs, it is recommendable to allow other vendors to offer the photos for sale through the main website.

This not only creates an online marketplace for photos and designs, but also opens the door to enhance profits. This is possible because the website can charge a specific commission from other vendors when their photos are sold. Apart from it, creating a marketplace increases the popularity of a WordPress site because the co-vendors promote the site with the aim of selling their products. Therefore, it is very beneficial to have a multi-vendor marketplace rather than having a private online store.

Installing and Configuring the Plugin

Out of the plugins mentioned above, we are taking WP iSell Photo plugin as an example to demonstrate the process of installing and configuring the WordPress site for photo selling.

After installing and activating the WP iSell Photo plugin like all other plugins on WordPress, the administrator should go to a specific plugin panel in the Settings menu and enter the PayPal address, currency and the URL of the “Thank You” page.

The next step is to change the website to a gallery of photos available for sale. It can be done by uploading the photos and designs after creating a new post or page, and clicking on the Add Media button.

The last step is to add a caption, description and the price of each photo or design for sale. One can also use WooCommerce platform for better online transactions.


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