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How to Sell Digital Downloads with WordPress Sites

How to Sell Digital Downloads with WordPress Sites

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet, individuals have taken a step forward to deal in digital products through an online platform. Presently, there are tremendous numbers of things such as the e-books that are sold in the digital form. Due to this, there are millions of individuals who search for a suitable procedure to download digital files from the online sites. If you are aiming to earn money by using this trend, then you’d better know the procedure to sell digital downloads with WordPress sites.

Benefits of Selling Digital Downloads

sell digital downloads benefitsBefore learning the steps of selling digital download, it is crucial to know and discuss the benefits of digital downloads.

First of all, digital download is a quite quicker method of selling when compared to physical selling. Prospective customers like this because all that they need to do is to order the product online and download it on their desktop.

Secondly, selling digital downloads yield a remarkable sum of money for the seller. This is because the prospective buyer needs to pay the required sum of money in exchange of the e-books or digital downloads purchased on a WordPress site.

Thirdly, it prevents various indirect costs such as the transportation cost and handling charges as the product is directly sent to the desktop of the purchaser. Therefore, there are many benefits of selling digital downloads.

Steps to Sell Digital Downloads with WordPress

Knowing the benefits of selling digital downloads, you must be eager to learn the procedure of setting up a suitable WordPress site and start selling digital downloads. There is a systemized technique that you need to follow and undergo in order to sell digital downloads with WordPress. Here is the complete procedure that you should implement on your WordPress site to facilitate digital downloads.

Step 1 – Install a suitable theme on your WordPress site

Appearance is the first thing that every visitors witness. The appearance, i.e. the background, layout and content of the website play an important role in creating an impact on the viewers. An effective theme renders a proper background to the website that influences the visitors to focus on the digital download and ultimately buy it. Therefore, you should install an appropriate theme on your WordPress site.

Step 2 – Build up product gallery

risk-free paypalAs you are looking forward to selling digital downloads with WordPress, you have to create a gallery or a showcase of products that you want to sell. You can create a database by uploading the pictures along with relevant descriptions that can inform the visitors about the digital product and convince them to buy it.

Step 3 – Focus on selling functions

Now, you should make your WordPress site ready for selling digital downloads. You need to organize the functions orderly for this task. You should get a “Buy Now link” on your website so that you can ask the prospective buyers to purchase the product by paying its respective price.

To add a link, you can go to the self-dashboard and get a link. This link can be shared publicly to enhance the popularity of the product and facilitate sales.

Step 4 – Achieve risk-free payment

When you are selling a product in its digital form, it is imperative to have a secured payment method. Therefore, you should connect your PayPal account with the store and receive dollars in your account whenever a prospective visitor buys a digital download.

Sell Digital Downloads Using Plugins

WordPress always comes up with a simplified solution for its members. If you do not prefer to follow the actual procedure for selling digital downloads, you can adopt the easy way, i.e. the plugin. There are several plugins that can be installed and activated in your WordPress site to sell digital downloads. But most of these plugins are very complicated to be used. If you are looking for the most simplified plugin, WordPress iSell plugin is the best available solution for you.

Designed for the WordPress sites, it renders a user-friendly interface that can be easily handled by you. The plugin connects your transactions through PayPal by default and allows you to customize the account as per your preferences. You can add a tremendous amount of digital products to the site and also create custom orders.

isell plugin

The risk of loss during money transfer is least because of the secured payment method, i.e. PayPal. Overall, it is a perfect tool for you if you don’t have in-depth knowledge about making customizations and configurations in WordPress.

Installation and activation of iSell plugin are quite similar to all other WordPress plugins. You only need to download the file and upload it on the WordPress site before going to the Plugins menu to activate the plugin.


No matter whichever technique you choose, you should make sure of some factors, i.e. the selling procedure of all digital products should be systematic and the payment method should be secured. This would boost up the visitors and convince them to buy the digital downloads on your WordPress site.


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