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10 Tips on How to Reduce WordPress Bounce Rate Effectively

10 Tips on How to Reduce WordPress Bounce Rate Effectively

Bounce rate means that visitors who access to your site bounce out quickly and stop viewing some other pages on the website. If people keep staying on your site for a longer time, the bounce rate will be lower.

High bounce rate is a taboo that every webmaster doesn’t want to suffer it. Thus, to reduce bounce rate effectively, you need to cast about for some useful measures to engage and retain your visitors. Here, we list 10 useful tips in the following article and hope that those methods can help readers lower the bounce rate validly.

Keep Updating the Web Content Regularly

update web contentThe best way to attract people to stay on your website is to know what they are fond of. You need to collect the information about which post acquires higher click rate and analyze the article that visitors prefer to read. According to the statistics, you can publish some posts that cater to all tastes.

And then, to make the web content fresh and attractive, you need to keep posting new articles, images or videos regularly and allow people view the freshest content every time. In this case, visitors are more likely to access to your website and continue to browse other pages.

Reduce Page Loading Time

Just imagine when accessing to a website, you must wait for a long time to load the web page. Do you want to continue to stay on this site any longer? The answer is definitely no. Thus, you need to improve the page loading speed. Here, we suggest you to use some WordPress caching plugins, like W3 Total Cache, Quick Cache and WP Super Cache. Those plugins can help you speed up the website efficiently and easily.

Have a Clean and Elegant Layout

Complicated layout always makes people feel bored and disgusted. No one is keen on the web page with too many decorations or a disordered typography. To deal with this case, you can search for some great-looking themes or templates to beautify your web pages. Some professional websites, like elegantthemes.com, provide you with numerous professional and premium WordPress themes.

elegant theme

Make the Posts Simple and Concise

Undoubtedly, almost all the people hate reading tedious articles, because they don’t want to take too much to find the key information from thousands of words. You need to simplify all the web content as much as possible, making each post include the pivotal factors only.

Highlight the Key Information on the Landing Page

The landing page should not include too much unnecessary content. What you need to post on the home page is the information related to your business, such as a banner, featured services, links to the main products, brief company introduction and some other critical factors.

Place Search Box obviously

search boxThe search box is a great assistant to help visitors search for what they want on your website. If people need to find something badly but have no idea how to do it, they may give up searching and bounce out immediately.

Set Up a Site Map

In addition to the search box, a site map is also a great guidance to help visitors find the target product in the shortest time. With this feature, people can clearly get the information about what kind of services you provide with them. Once they have seen what they are seeking for, they are willing to stay on the web page and get more details.

Don’t add too Many External Links

To help visitors get more information, some webmasters always add some external links to a particular post. However, when people click the external link, they will exit your web page and access to another site. Thus, you need to be careful about the external link and use it sensibly.

Avoid Autoplay

auto playIn order to make the web pages vivid, some webmasters like posting autoplay music or video on the homepage. Actually, many people are unwilling to accept this approach and even feel annoying. Besides, loading the autoplay should take a certain amount of time, which has a bad influence on the access speed.

Cooperate with Social Networks

Since social networking has become more and more popular in the world, you might as well allow your visitors to share the web content through some well-known social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Googe+, etc. When your site is bonded with those social networks, visitors are able to share something interesting with their friends or followers and let more people know your website.


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