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How to Promote Your Website Online with the Best SEO Strategies

How to Promote Your Website Online with the Best SEO Strategies

In today’s digital world, there are hundreds of thousands of websites that start showing each day. With this huge competition, making your own site stand around the crowd can be viewed as a difficult thing. Due to this fact, we have already introduced a lot of methods for the search engine optimization previously, such as the keyword utilization, quality blog creation, overall design optimization, page loading speeding up, and many more.

This time, however, we’d like to focus on another aspect – how to promote your website on the Internet. Here, you have to bear a concept in mind that no matter how great your website is, it can bring nothing if no one knows you. Having your site marketed online can not only bring you better visibility, but also get your content indexed easily by search engines, thus getting a higher page ranking.

This is a long post consisting of the following 6 chapters,

How to Promote Website on Google Plus

As Google is the main search engine used globally, you can firstly think about the utilization of Google Plus. After all, it is a Google product that can benefit your ranking on this search engine greatly.

In fact, currently, there are millions of users who are active on this social networking platform on a daily basis. People use it to communicate with their friends, to share their interests, to showcase their knowledge, or, to achieve a marketing goal for their products and websites. Due to the popularity of Google Plus, it is undoubtedly that you can get your site well-known among a large number of people if you can take advantage it effectively. Besides, as it is offered by Google Inc, your chances to be ranked highly by Google search engine is more.

To promote website on Google Plus, you firstly need to register an account and finish your profile with some techniques. Then, expand your follower base as much as possible. After all, the more users follow you, the more chances you can get to bring your website around the crowd. To do this, we have already introduced some useful tips previously, from which you can get some inspirations concerning about how to drive more Google Plus traffic.

Create a Google Plus Page

Before you start promoting your website on Google Plus, we highly suggest you to create a business page for your website exclusively. This page is used to share your website posts only, bringing a professional impression to people. To do this, simply click the Page button in the column that is located at the left side of Google Plus homepage. Then, click the “Get your page” button and follow the steps that Google Plus requires you to do.

With the success of page creation, you can start sharing with some effective tactics as showed in below.

Share Your Blog Post Strategically

To make full advantages of this social platform, you can share your blog posts with some attractive descriptions. In fact, Google Plus allows you to share the text posts, photos, links, videos, events and polls. You only need to click the Link option, enter the permalink of your marketed post, and click the Share button.

Share Google Plus Post

Google Plus can automatically track the display image, post title, website URL, and meta description of this article, and display them effectively among millions of users.

If your post contains not only one image, then Google Plus can choose one randomly that may not satisfy you. In this case, you need to have a modification manually to change to the one that can arouse people’s interests the most and can represent the main content of your shared post. Note that never under-estimate the importance of image, for human beings are all visual animals. A post that has eye-catching images is better than that only contains words or links.

Then, don’t forget to enter some words for this Google Plus post before sharing. Here, we highly suggest you to put the title of the blog post in the first place. Although Google Plus can share the title automatically, it cannot be displayed in the search result page. After all, only the words displayed in the “Share what’s new” box can be showcased in the search result page. Besides the title, you also only need to put some attractive but summarized words to introduce what this post is about. Generally, we repeatedly share the meta description as it summarizes the content the best.

Reshare the Post in Google Plus Account But Not the Business Page

Note that the above-mentioned sharing should be achieved in the business page. After that, you’d better reshare that post to bring more views. This is because the followers of your business page can be difficult to expand as you only share your blog posts, leaving little attraction to the majority of Google Plus users. In this case, you need to bring the sharing to another large platform, and your main Google Plus account is just the option.

Comment on Related Sharing

As researched, we have found that there are only a few Google Plus users who may pay attention to the comment section. Therefore, you do not need to take times on this aspect, but only pick some worth-commenting ones. For instance, if the post is related to yours and the account is popular with a large number of followers, you can leave some valuable words along with your website URL to bring people’s attention.

Share on a Daily Basis

In fact, the utilization of Google Plus to promote your website is not a difficult task, but is time consuming. You have to take time and energy to attract numerous followers, and have to share your post on the daily basis. Note that only doing this consistently can bring you the best results.

How to Promote Your Website on Twitter

Besides Google Plus, Twitter is another great social platform to promote your website. We think there is no need to emphasize its popularity as almost everyone must have an account and may log into Twitter twice a week.

Initially, it is mainly used by common users to connect with their acquaintances. But now, more and more business owners choose it for their marketing purposes. After all, it allows so many great features that are good for promotion, such as Twitter Hashtag and Twitter Card.

When it comes to how to promote your website on Twitter, you can follow the similar procedure as that of Google Plus. You need to expand your followers, tweet your blog posts regularly, and comment on famous Twitter users.

Make Your Twitter Account Business Alike

Twitter for BusinessAs everyone might have a Twitter account for personal uses, we don’t waste time to introduce how to use this platform, but tell you how to make your account a business one to better achieve a promotional goal. Never mix your daily tweets with the marketing of your site, for this way may cut down the relevancy of your shared contents, leaving a bad effects of promotion.

To do this, you can start from your account profile. For instance, you can use your website name and logo as the account name and profile image, as well as entering the website introduction into the self-introduction section. Then, you can tweet everything related to your website. Check the details for this aspect as following.

Tweet for Your Website

Generally, you can tweet your blog posts after publishing. You are allowed to do this manually or using some auto-tweet tools that can do this for you automatically. No matter which method you choose, you should bear the following three tips in mind:

  • Post Title -The titles of your published blog posts need to be placed at the first location to arouse people’s interests. Even, you can make some changes to get more attractions.
  • Post URL – Never forget to add the URL directing to your shared post. Otherwise, your effort is in vain.
  • Post Image – This element is used to pick people’s eyes. After all, as compared with the pure words and links, human beings are more easily to be attracted by some interesting pictures.

Besides your posts, you can also say something differently on Twitter. For instance, you can start a poll to encourage people choosing a topic that they want you to talk about the most. Or, you can start a debate within your niche to discuss with your followers, and recommend them to have a look at your related posts.

No matter what kind of tweets you are going to share, we highly recommend you to add some popular but related Twitter hashtags, increasing your chances to be found by millions of users.

Communicate with Twitter Users

In fact, only when you have a large number of followers, your website promotion on Twitter can be successful. We have already introduced some tips telling you how to get more Twitter followers for your site. You can have a look and try persistently.

How to Promote Your Site on Quality Forums and BBS

In addition to the social networking platform, you can also make use of some famous and quality forums or BBS to bring your site in front of online users. Here, we mean you can answer the questions that are raised by these forum members, adding your website URL or a related post address naturally. This way, you can gain more webpage clicks and traffic. Even, this method is better for your webpage rankings as you have quality outside links.

At present, there are a large number of quality forums or BBS available on the web, focusing on different aspects and niches. Among these options, you can pick some top ones like Quora and Reddit as the marketing platforms to introduce your website.

Find the Proper Forums based on Your Website Niche

If you decide to market your websites on forums, you need to pay attention that whether the forums you choose are of great quality and popularity. This is because bad forums with slacken checking of answers are likely to be flooded with spamming or promotional links. To be frank, this kind of platform can do no good to your website ranking and traffic. Instead, search engines may view your links that are showcased on these forums as bad linking practice.

Besides the forum quality, you also need to take the relevancy into account. For instance, if your website is about coding and computing, you’d better choose StackOverFlow or StackExchange, but not TripAdvisor or Fodors that are mainly about trip and travel. This tip is mainly due to two reasons.

  • Some forums that have a strict answer-monitoring system do not allow some irrelevant answers to be showcased.
  • Irrelevant linking is not preferred by search engines, resulting in no good results to your website marketing.

Post Related Posts

Introduce Your Website Strategically

After targeting the right forums, you can start introducing your website. Generally, the most common way is to find some questions raised by the forum members, and then offer the answers with the website URL inserted naturally. Also, you can raise a question or debate about one topic that you have written about, and add the post URL to encourage people to have a look for a better understanding of your perspective.

To be frank, the practice is easy to carry, but you still need to watch out the following tips.

  • You cannot add the links just for the promotional purpose. Instead, only when your shared post can answer that specific question, can you enter the post address as a reference for question raisers.
  • Generally, it is not recommended to enter the website URL into the answer, for it is hard to precisely target the question. After all, people always ask for some specific questions that bother them in the daily life, and these issues are hardly to be answered only by a broad URL. If you really want to showcase your website but not a specific post, you’d better take time to think about how to add the URL naturally. Otherwise, your answers are easily to be removed by forum administrators to avoid spam linking.
  • We do not recommend you to stay at a forum for a long time. To avoid forum administrators marking your website as a spam, you can only introduce your site in one forum for no more than 5 times. Even, you can register multiple accounts, and use each account only once.

How to Promote Your Website By Commenting on Peer Blogs

Almost every website has a comment section that allows readers to leave some words for their posts. In this section, people are able to express what they have learned from the content, to raise some questions or debate of the topic, to add personal opinion about that post, and also, to promote their websites effectively. Check the following tips about how to promote your website by commenting on peer blogs.

Choose the Popular Blog Posts within Your Niche

Before leaving the comments to promote your website, you firstly need to make sure that the target website is of highly popularity, and the commented post is of great quality. In fact, you can check this with the help of search engines. For instance, if you have come out a post about the best website scanning tools, then you can search the keyword on search engines and choose the top 5 options as your targets. After all, if the posts can be ranked highly, it means that the websites are quality and informative.

Leave the Comments Tactically

In fact, the majority of webmasters hate comment spamming, so they rarely allow you to leave a link in their comment areas. In this case, you need to carry out this practice tactically.

Mark as Comment Spam

  • Leave a long but meaningful comment – Generally, webmasters welcome some meaningful comments with dozens of words, which can teach people something. After all, a long paragraph at least can express your sincerity to comment on the posts, but not just for the marketing purpose. If your words are carefully added with the useful information, they are even more easily to be passed by the comment moderation. In this case, inserting your website URL as a reference is not a hard thing.
  • Raise a different point or a debate – Besides echoing to your target posts, you can also hold a contrary perspective. This is especially useful for some comparison article. If you hold a different point of some comparisons, you can express your ideas in detail and enter your post address as evidence.
  • Leave one link on one website – If you have already promoted your website on one site successfully, you’d better leave this site and look for another target. If you comment twice or more with your links, the comment moderation system may easily mark your site as a spam.

How to Purchase Backlinks to Promote Your Website

When it comes to how to increase the ranking and traffic of a website within a short time, the majority of webmasters may choose to purchase the backlinks from some successful websites. After all, promoting a website on forums or social networking platforms requires time and energy; commenting on peer bloggers may face the comment moderation; publishing sponsored posts needs patience to write articles. Purchasing backlinks, however, only requires you to pay money.

In fact, the main benefit of outside link does not lay on how many visitors, clicks and traffic you get, but how many and how quickly your webpages can be indexed by search engines. After all, you cannot deny that 70%-90% of your daily traffic comes from search engines. In this case, having searching spiders crawl and index all your webpages effectively is the best method to bring your more visibility. Here, we have introduced some tips about how to purchase backlinks successfully to market your site.

Consider When to Purchase Backlinks

In fact, the method of backlinks purchasing is not suitable to all the websites. You should consider the timing.

For instance, if your website is just started online, you’d better not to adopt this way to market your site. This is because search engines have a strict assessing system for newly-created website. If you purchase links at this time, you are easily to be caught as the link spammer.

Then, if your website is indexed by search engines, you can purchase a few backlinks every month. Let’s say no more than 5 links per month. The existence of outside backlinks can speed up the webpage indexing at this period. However, if you purchase too many within this timing, search engines may notice you and doubt that you are using the Black Hat SEO, making things hard for you to increase the website ranking.

To be frank, the best timing to purchase backlinks is when your website is stably growing with around 500 daily page views. At this time, the backlinks can benefit your site traffic and ranking with the maximum effect.

When to Purchase Backlinks

Do Not Overuse This Method

Without doubt, the purchasing of backlinks can bring a lot of benefits to your website, but it does not mean that you can overuse this method. Generally, you’d better control the buying frequency at 4 links per week.

Note that your goal of buying links is to attract more searching spiders to crawl your webpage, but not to arouse search engines’ interests to check whether your site is growing naturally.

Choose Reliable Website to Purchase Links

As for which websites to choose for link purchasing, you can check the PR ranking and daily traffic. PR2 is the minimum value of PR ranking, and 800 is the minimum number of daily visitors. Besides, the website you choose needs to be related to your site topic or niche, and offers quality, health, and informative web content.

Schedule the Purchase Practice

You should make a plan for purchasing the backlinks, but not make a bulk purchase in one time. Having the backlinks increased significantly and suddenly can do no good to your site. Besides, record your link purchasing websites and remember to renew, avoiding the disappearing of backlinks. Note that the removal of outside links may also affect your website ranking negatively.

How to Publish Sponsored Posts for Website Marketing

This method is much similar to the link purchase one, with the aim to adding the outside links on some quality websites, which is beneficial to your website indexing. Moreover, publishing sponsored posts is more keyword-targeting and readable than link purchase. For instance, you can use the brand-anchor links to better market your website name, or, use some common words like “this post” to naturally promote your relevant blog posts. Generally, this kind of link is more convincing if your post is of high quality and readability.

Usually, some high-quality sponsored posts might be shared by dozens of people or platforms, resulting in free chances for website marketing. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to publish sponsored posts to promote your site.

Focus on Post Quality

In the very beginning, you must make sure that your sponsored post is of great readability and is worth browsing. Only in this way, you can give readers a good impressions and a sense of professionalism, encouraging them to share your posts automatically. In fact, the effect of a good sponsored post is beyond your imagination.

Here, we have to mention that never come a patchwork by copying from your peer websites. People hate reading these things. Even, this kind of article is hardly to pass the review by your partner webmasters.

Besides, you need to pay attention to the keyword utilization and post article. We have already told you some keyword SEO strategies which you can carry out in your sponsored posts. As for the post title, we highly suggest you to use some long-tail keywords that are searched by numerous people.

Introduce Your Website Carefully

Buy BacklinksWhen you create the sponsored posts, you need to enter your website links into it naturally and strategically. This way can increase the efficiency of your website to be indexed by search engines, and can bring you some natural traffic.

  • Use the brand-anchor link – The textual brand-anchor link should be your top consideration. After all, using your website name can make people know your site directly and is better for search spiders to crawl and index your site.
  • Do not insert too may links – In fact, the maximum number of links that can be added into one sponsored post is two. Too many links may negatively affect the readability. Even, this may be viewed as Black Hat SEO by search engines; thus put some penalties on your site.
  • Use common words for the text links – Initially, keyword links are more effective for website promotion. However, due to the changing algorithm of search engines, the links using some common words like “this post” and “this page” are more natural and search engine friendly.
  • The links should be “dofollow” – Make sure that the links you added into the post do not have the tag of rel=”nofollow”. This tag prevents search engines from crawling and indexing your site.

Choose Quality Websites to Publish Sponsored Posts

At present, many popular and successful websites allow for the publishing of sponsored posts, for the webmasters view this practice as a way of online money-making. Therefore, you can choose some worth-posting websites to achieve your marketing purpose.

To figure out whether the site is a good platform to post your sponsored articles or not, you need to check three aspects as following.

  • PR ranking – If the websites have a high PR ranking, then the chances for your posts to be ranked highly in the searching result pages are large. Also, searching spiders love to visit high-ranking websites.
  • Daily traffic – The more traffic your target website has, the more people may notice your own site. This directly brings you more daily views.
  • Website niche – Never post to a website that is not within your own niche. If your target site has not relation to what you have published, you cannot expect a good result as search engines hate this kind of irrelevancy.

Adjust Your Website Promotion Methods Regularly

The above-mentioned methods are widely used by successful webmasters nowadays. However, it does not mean that you need to adopt all of them. After all, a website that goes through different level needs different marketing method. For instance, link purchasing is not suitable for some new websites, as search engines raise a much more harsh assessment than before for starting sites.

In this case, you should keep in track of your website traffic, and adjust the proper promotion to achieve the best results. To do this, you can make use of some tools. Generally, two of the most widely-used tools are Google Analytics and SEMrush.


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