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How to Prevent User Registration Spam of Your Membership Website

How to Prevent User Registration Spam of Your Membership Website

User registration spam has become a big threat to many membership websites that allow user registration by default. Since a large number of spammers log into your website every day, naturally, they would produce disgusting spam comments or spam posts out of count. If you are the one suffering spam registration, you should go with a valid method for this issue.

Fortunately, this guide on how to prevent user registration spam of your WordPress website with WordPress Stop Spammers plugin can be a great solution for you. Then, we would like to brief you on what is Stop Spammers plugin as well as how to take a good use of it.

About Stop Spammers

Stop Spammers is a robust anti-spam plugin against spam registration and comment spam effectively. This plugin has the ability to detect malicious events after performing over 20 checks. What’s more, no matter where the spammers come from, Stop Spammers can stop them from attacking your website without hesitation.

stop spammers plugin

By featuring CAPTCHA, this plugin provides every user with two chances to login and post comments. That is to say, if your users fail to post login or comments for the first time, they would acquire the second chance to go on with the remaining actions and rerun the denied requests that are presented with a captcha screen. And now, let’s get started to enable this powerful plugin for your website and make use of its 12 pages of options as needed.

Install & Activate Stop Spammers

Log into your WordPress dashboard and complete the installation via Plugins > Add New. Search for Stop Spammers and get a result as below. Click “Install Now” and then activate this plugin to enable it for your website.

stop spammers plugin

An item called Stop Spammers comes to your dashboard sidebar along with a list of options available for you to customize this plugin, such as Allow Requests, Cache, Log Report, Allow Lists, Block Lists, and so on. Set up those options in a correct way and beat back all spammers without striking a blowing.

stop spammers item

Set Up Stop Spammers

Go to Dashboard > Stop Spammers. Here is the Stop Spammers plugin setting page, which shows you the details of this plugin and your current IP address. And also, a list of plugin functions is shown on the page and each comes with a brief introduction.

stop spammers settings page

“Protection options” enables a bunch of options to set permissions of your website, which includes Prevent Lockouts and Validate Requests. The option “Automatically add admins to Allow list” adds your IP address to the Allow list automatically so as not to be locked out. Besides, check the “Check credentials on all login attempts” to test every attempt to login and stop spammers effectively.

prevent lockouts

The second mode “Validate Requests” enables a list of options for you to scare off spam robots, such as “Block Spam missing the HTTP_ACCEPT header”, “Block invalid HTTP_REFERER”, “Deny disposable email address”, and so on. Check those options according to personal needs or even pitch on all of them to enable a comprehensive protection for your site.

validate requests

And then, move to the bottom of this page. The “Block Countries” mode enables you to block spam resources in certain countries. There are over 100 countries available to choose from, big or small, on equal basis. Note that, before making that setting into effect, you are required to enable CAPTCHA on your site by means of CAPTCHA plugin or something else. In this way, legitimate users can log into your website smoothly even if blocked. Click “Save Changes” since all settings have been done.

block countries

To manually allow user registration or block certain users, the Allow Lists and Block Lists are where to help you reach the target. You can put any IP addresses to the Allow List mode, which will never be blocked. Besides, some options like Google, Generated Allow List and PayPal can also get a chance to be checked firstly and allow users to get through the test without obstacles.

stop spammers allow lists

On the contrary, the “Block Lists” is where to block certain IPs, spam words, bad user agents and TLDs. Enter any items as needed in the blank and “Save changes” to bring all request into effect.

stop spammers block lists

Note that, all blocked details will be shown on the Allow Requests page, from which you can get the lasted information about the blocked users.


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