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How to Organize and Reorder Pages in WordPress

How to Organize and Reorder Pages in WordPress

By default, WordPress presents your webpages in the alphabetical order. But in some cases, you may want to arrange your pages in a proper order as you like. For instance, you may want them to be displayed in the chronological order. Or, you want them in sequence so that the content can be read in an effectual way by your visitors.

In fact, there are several methods by which you can organize and reorder your WordPress pages. In this tutorial, we’d like to illustrate the manual method of organizing WordPress pages followed by the plugin utilization of implementing the same goal.

How to Reorder WordPress Pages Manually?

To do this in a manual way, you firstly need to dig into your WordPress dashboard by typing in your login credentials. Once you’re into the WordPress admin, you should click on the Pages option.

WordPress Pages option

On the Edit Pages screen, you should guide your mouse pointer over the title of a page you want to organize, and then click the Quick Edit option. You must keep in mind that the option can be available only when you hover over the title.

Quick Edit option

In the Quick Edit page, you can notice that the order field contains a number of “0”. Note that the page whose Order field has been mistakenly left as 0 can be listed in an alphabetical order. Therefore, in order to reorganize the pages, you have to change the Order field.

Order field

Here, you must ascertain a sequence in which the pages can be listed. The sequence should then be entered in the Order field with a series of numbers. For example, suppose your website has five pages – namely Home, About Us, Dating, Relationship and #HappilySingle.

initial webpage order

Now, if you want to reorder the pages in sequence of Home, About Us, #HappilySingle, Relationship and Dating, you should open the Quick Edit option as discussed above, and enter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 respectively in the Order field.

changed webpage order

Upon completion, you can find that the pages have been listed in the front end of your site with the desired order as you like.

How to Reorder WordPress Pages Using Simple Page Ordering Plugin?

In case that you don’t want to use the manual procedure for organizing pages on your WordPress site, you can use a plugin. There are tremendous numbers of tools that enable you to reorder your pages only with the drag and drop feature.

Simple Page Ordering tool is compatible with WordPress version 3.8 and higher. With periodical updates and high efficiency, this plugin is used by millions of web developers on their WordPress sites. Precisely, this plugin allows you to manage the order of your WordPress pages and post types freely.

To begin with, you should upload the downloaded plugin file to your WordPress dashboard and activate it. Or, you can install and enable this plugin directly using the Plugins menu. Upon activation, you do not need to get involved into any configuration procedure. Hence, you can save some time and efforts, and directly open the Pages menu from the plugin.

Here, you can find that the pages are listed in a sequence. To change the order of pages, you can simply drag a page to the desired spot in the list and drop it by leaving the mouse button.

Simple Page Ordering Plugin

In this way, you can change the sequence of all the pages conveniently. Especially, you should use this method if you desire to change the order of pages frequently.

Comparison of The Two Methods

Although we have recommended two methods here, we highly suggest you to try the second one. This is because the manual method is hardly followed by anyone due to its inconvenience. Precisely, if you only want to organize two or few of your WordPress pages, you have to change the sequence of all the affected pages by changing their Order fields.

In our example, suppose if you only want to change the Dating page to third spot, you have to change the Order field in Dating as well as in #HappilySingle and Relationship. But if you use the plugin method, you can simply drag the Dating page to the third spot, and all the remaining pages will automatically reorganize their spots in the right order.


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