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How to Manage Projects and Teams in WordPress

How to Manage Projects and Teams in WordPress

Online businesses are on the rise. Every day, hundreds of businesses are started online in different niches. This industry has been on the forefront of technology to bring online business owners the best technology to manage their companies with ease. WordPress is among the best platform to achieve this goal.

There are many plugins that assist you to manage your clients, products, projects, pricing and many more business related aspects. Business people with a WordPress project management plugin enjoy the simplicity of transacting business online and even up their returns.

In the following, we have listed some top options to help you achieve an effective WordPress project management.

When Do You Need Project Management Plugins?

When Do You Need Project Management PluginsThe project management plugin is mostly used by webmasters online to manage their businesses. The plugin allows you to put the name of the project, the details of the project, to-do list and many more features that enable you to carry out business without flaws.

You may need the plugin when you require a schedule for your online work, have appointments with clients and need to keep the details of a certain task.

You can manage files for different products, assign work to your employees online, track payments and milestones, as well as managing other pricing issues. You can also set user permissions and other privacy settings besides managing who does what on the site.

The Best Projects and Team Management Plugins

There are three great plugins that you can use on your site to manage virtually everything that goes on it, from projects and tasks to teams and pricing. Below are the plugins.

Pricing Client Management Plugin
This is the best plugin for those who are working with clients and need to send invoices often. With this plugin, you can create invoices and email them to clients with ease in PDF format. The invoices can also be shown on your website.

It allows you to manage feedback from clients by bundling together documents, images and other files from them. Another great feature is the retention of information about who have visited the site. You can set the plugin to ensure that clients do not get access before they have paid to use one of the payment gateways provided.

Pricing Client Management Plugin - Payment Gateway

The plugin gives you privacy by allowing you to customize a post type or a page, to assign permission, to include links and to restrict viewing for various groups. You can do this in your Clients’ Portal Pages or HUBs.

You can also set a time limit for your clients upon which they cannot access their accounts. Their information can be retained, but they may receive an error message notifying the expiration.

SP Document and Project Manager
This plugin allows the owners of organizations and businesses online to manage and keep their files, records, videos, documents and images. It also allows for managing clients, supplier, documents and accounts, as well as controlling documents, organizing and setting how documents are shared.

SP Document and Project Manager gives the privilege of managing businesses with ease online. The plugin is easy to use with a great layout and simple features that you can customize and manage without the need of advanced knowledge. Even clients can modify or add projects on the website as they want.

SP Document and Project Manager

This plugin gives you a complete control over information sharing on your site, and ensures privacy wherever needed. You can delete uploaded files and can also compress many files together.

Manage Files on Website

There are custom forms, and then you can search files by typing their names. You can allow the clients to delete files, and you can also restrict this. The plugin can be translated to many languages making it efficient for readers online from different countries.

WP Project Manager Pro Plugin
This is a great plugin when you need to manage your projects online. It allows you to keep in track of the past, the continuous and the future projects on your business of organization website.

The plugin allows you to create a to-do list and send it to your workers with dates and deadlines for tasks assigned to different people included.

WP Project Manager Pro Plugin - To-Do List

You can overview your projects on the calendar, knowing which projects need to be done, which are already done and which are continuing. You can also see the status of the milestones and who are in charge of the milestones.

With this plugin, it is simple to add your coworkers and clients to the site and control what they do. You can select who does what on the site and also who has access to what through the privacy settings of the plugin. You can archive complete projects and track milestones on your site.

Pricacy Setting

Install Team and Project Management Plugins

WordPress makes it easy for users to install the plugins. You should download the plugin, upload it to your site, and then activate it to get started. Open your WordPress administrative menu and select the Plugin from the menu to start managing your business. There are both the free and premium versions for all the three plugin options, and the latter has more great features.


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