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How to Make a Resume Online Using WordPress

How to Make a Resume Online Using WordPress

In such society with advanced network, an increasing number of people tend to hunt for a job through Internet. Likewise, more and more corporations prefer to pick out talents from a pile of online resume sites. Thanks to a bundle of benefits as below, both employers and employees feel satisfied with this new-style way to seek for a job and elite.

    find a job

  • The online resume is available for visitors round-the-clock. Employers are able to enter an online resume in anytime as they want.
  • Online resume leaves job hunters enough room to add personal information and highlight each page with personalized design.
  • People are able to update personal information in time and guarantee an up-to-date self-display.
  • Owners are allowed to insert image, video and audio into the resume to make the presentation vivid.
  • It’s convenient to add links to some masterworks and bring visitors to sample pages.
  • Connect with social networking and shared the resume with other users thereby letting more employers know the resume.
  • It is much easier to send resume to employers via email. However, the paper resume cannot help you achieve that goal.

In the fierce competition, the first thing that you have to take into consideration is how to make your resume eye-catching and let it stand out from a lot of competitors. Since WordPress has become the most popular site building platform in this field, we are going to explain how to create a resume website using WordPress. And now, follow the steps as below and then make a compelling online resume for self-presentation.

First of all, we would like to show you a sample resume site created by following this guide.

sample resume site

Before everything, you are required to register a unique domain and let visitors know who you are and what your website work on. And then install WordPress on your resume site.

Install WordPress

We are going to fulfill the installation via cPanel because of its high level of usability and great popularity. Firstly, log into cPanel with your account and go to Software and Services > Softaculous. Softaculous is a great 1-click installer available for the installation of more than 300 scripts and that includes WordPress.

install wordpress

Once entering the Softaculous interface, you are in the face of WordPress. Move the mouse onto WordPress and then click Install.

install wordpress

And now, you are required to choose protocol and the most suitable domain from the drop-down.

install wordpress

Move on to Site Settings and Admin Account. You need to name your site uniquely and think out an attractive site description. For Admin Account, we suggest you to change the default admin username and set a strong admin password.

install wordpress

Click Install to finish the WordPress installation. Follow the given URL and go to the resume website backend with your admin username and password.

Make a Resume Online

Before setting up the resume site, you have to determine what you want to display on the website. To help employees have a comprehensive understanding about your strong points, we suggest you to add your information to different sections. For example, we set several pages on our website named as About Me, Education Experience, Working Experience, My Specialty and Contact Me.

Let’s get started to create those pages right now! Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Pages > Add New. Enter page title in the blank and then customize the permalink by clicking Change Permalinks button. Move to Custom Structure option and set the permalink. Click Save Changes.

Go back to the Add New Page and enter the content in the black below the page title. You can add a self-introduction to this area. Click Publish to make this page public.

make a resume online

And then, you are required to create the left 4 pages one by one in the same way. All newly created pages are shown in Pages > All Pages.

  • Education Experience page should introduce the graduate institutions, time of graduation, major & degree, honors & awards during university and something more.
  • Working Experience page should include the information about your previous job, like the positions you have held the post of, how long you have worked on the previous company, and something else reflects your capability.
  • My Specialty page should list all of your shining points so as to make you out of ordinary.
  • Contact Me should include specific contact information, like phone number, email, residential address and some other contact details.
  • You are encouraged to add more pages on your resume website.

make a resume online

To display those pages orderly in the website menu, you need to do this via Appearance > Menus. The first step is to create a new menu and give it a unique name. Here, we take “Main Resume” as an example. Click Create Menu if you have entered the menu name.

make a resume online

Under the Pages option, check the pages that need to be added to your menu. Click Add to Menu.

make a resume online

You can drag and drop each item to adjust the order. Besides, if you want to make an item subject to another one, you just need to move it slightly to the right. Like what we’ve shown you in the following screenshot, we make the Education Experience page and Working Experience page go with the About Me page.

make a resume online

Besides, you need to determine whether to add new top-level pages to this menu via Menu Settings. Click Save Menu to end this procedure. Finally, the menu should look like the following screenshot.

sample menu

Keep in mind that you need to make your text presentation as attractive as possible.

Pay Much Attention to Page Design

In addition to an all-sided verbal description, you are required to pay much attention to your resume design. And now, select an elegant resume theme from thousands of free options on WordPress.org, or search one via Dashboard > Appearance > Themes. Here, we select the theme called D5 Corporate Lite. Install and activate this theme right now.

Go to Appearance > CORPORATE Options to customize this theme. There is a bundle of options allowing you to make a big change to your website.

resume design

In most cases, the theme for resume site leaves a place for your profile, which is the key to making a good initial impression. You can upload an image via Media > Add New, and then copy and paste the image URL to the appointed blank. Remember to shape the image by rule.

resume design

And then, this theme requires us to showcase a bottom quotation, which can be a brief introduction about your career.

resume design

There are four featured boxes available to add anything as you want, which enable you to add links to the certain pages. Here, we extract a few words from some typical posts.

resume design

Click Save Options when settling down all options. Note that, no matter which theme you pocket, you need to make full use of the custom settings and make your resume site fascinating and eye-catching.

When previewing the site, we find that the theme logo is shown on the top of our home page, so we decide to hide it. Go to Appearance > Header > Header Image and click Hide Image button. And then, end with Save & Publish button. Certainly, you are also allowed to set the header as a preferred image.

resume design

For the background, if the existing one is not satisfactory, you can change the background color or replace it to a preferred image via Appearance > Background.

To let more people know your resume, we suggest you to go with social networking by adding social media buttons to your resume site. It is regarded as one of the most effective methods to promote a website. Maybe now, you get a general understanding about how to make a resume online by using WordPress and itch to have a try. So, it’s time to show your capabilities.

By the way, there is no need to allocate too much hosting resources to a resume website. Thus, choosing a budget-friendly WordPress hosting provider is a good great for you. Here, we list some recommendations as below, all of which integrate with powerful control panel and price the hosting solutions around $4/mo.


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