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How to Make a Coupon Site with WordPress Easily

How to Make a Coupon Site with WordPress Easily

A coupon site displays a bundle of coupons intensively for the convenience of searching special offers. That has been a new favor of most visitors who wish to get a big bargain and purchase products in a cost-efficient manner. To follow the trend, most of you may want to give it a try and get started with WordPress.

The following guide on how to make a coupon site with WordPress is great for you to settle that matter. There are two matters needing attention, namely, web design and functionality. And for that, we help you reach the target with a premium coupon theme and a rich-featured coupon plugin.

Make an Eye-Catching Coupon Site with Premium Theme

A coupon with premium image is much more attractive than the one is shown in the form of text. Thus, a theme that leaves enough room for multifarious pictures is the first consideration. The carefully selected WordPress coupon theme in the following guide is Coupon, which makes allowance for promo codes display and discounts store. Some optional settings are available for coupon site customization, like full-width pages, coupons-promo pages, expiration dates, etc.

Log into your WP admin and go to Appearance > Themes > Add New. Search for Coupon and click “Install”. “Activate” this theme to make it work on your website, and then click to the theme customization page.

install coupon theme

This is where to modify the basic details of your website, such as site title & tagline, colors, header image, background image, navigation, and so on. Make some changes according to personal needs. On top of that, select a fascinating image as header and resize it according to specification. That is a great method to highlight the whole web design.

coupon theme customization

In most cases, a normative coupon site should consist of a home page, about page, deals, categories, forum, blog, and so on. Create as many pages as needed via Pages > Add New to showcase web content in different classifications.

Having all needed pages created, make each page substantial and readable. Since the Coupon theme leaves room for a menu bar, you should create a menu via Appearance > Menus and display the newly created pages on it. That makes it much easier to search and target certain content. The coupon site designed by following the steps mentioned above should be as the below screenshot.

coupon site design

If you are not satisfied with the sample design we have made, replace the header to a favorite one, add more widgets to web page, modify the background image or change the essential color for better visual effect. Some other premium coupon themes are created for the same purpose, such as Couponize, Clipper, Bloggit, and so on. More recommendations are listed as below.

Premium WordPress Coupon Themes


Website: http://themeforest.net/item/couponize-responsive-coupons-and-promo-theme/5306580

Couponize is a responsive theme designing for coupon and promo websites, which allows you to store coupons, discounts, and promo codes from different band and websites. It operates well on both desktops and mobile devices. Besides, there is a blog page that satisfies your personal usage.


  • HTML5, modern interface, CSS3
  • Advanced epanel
  • Star Rating and Wysija newsletters


Daily Deal

Website: http://templatic.com/app-themes/daily-deal-premium-wordpress-app-theme

Daily Deal helps you create a fully functional deal site with WordPress CMS. It not only allows site owners to showcase daily deals but also advocate visitors’ engagement. It offers affiliate module, easily manage homepage as well as different deal types.


  • Visitors can submit deals
  • Moderate submissions
  • Add new submission fields
  • Several payment gateways
  • Notification emails to everyone

Daily Deal


Website: http://pingomatic.com/

A powerful WordPress coupon theme has been trusted by thousands of webmasters and geeks. It makes setting up and monetizing a website easy and enjoyable. This feature-rich plugin is designed for ease-of-use so that you can be online and create coupons within minutes.


  • Custom write panel
  • Advanced link cloaking & tracking
  • Color schemes & layouts
  • Dedicated store & category pages
  • Custom email templates
  • Customer Coupon Management


Coupon Theme

Website: http://www.premiumpress.com/coupontheme/

Coupon theme is a responsive theme with unique and eye-catching interface. It comes with a bunch of advanced and useful features to make it easy-to-use, manageable, fully customizable, and SEO friendly. Besides, once you paid for it, you can use it forever and enjoy renewal ones for free.


  • Mass import tools
  • Coupon expiry options
  • Merchants/ stores
  • Visitor can add coupons
  • Clocked affiliate links

Coupon Theme


Website: http://themeforest.net/item/bloggit-responsive-wordpress-blogmagazinenews/3866432

Bloggit is a theme designed for WordPress blog, magazine and news but it also can be used as coupon themes. It has a custom post type especially for coupon code management, with which you can easily remove or create a coupon code.


  • Compatible with wordPress 3.6
  • Responsive design/layout
  • Double homepage slider
  • Top navigation & social links
  • 6 Post formats: standard, image, video, link, and gallery, music
  • Symple shortcodes plugin supports
  • Deals/Coupons post type andcustom widget


Coupon Press

Website: http://couponpress.com/

Coupon Press is one of the most beautiful and powerful coupon themes in the market, which can help you build custom coupon website. It is suitable for all technical abilities without programming skill required, which means even newbies can create outstanding coupon website without any hassle.


  • No programming required
  • 100% open source codes
  • No installation limits
  • Powerful admin controls
  • Search engine optimized
  • 24/7 customer service

Coupon Press

Advanced Coupon Theme

Website: http://creativethemedesign.com/advanced-coupon-theme/

Advanced Coupon Theme is a combination of coupon website and business website, which allows users add coupons to the site as well as showcase products. It combines many coupon styles with a shopping theme that increases sales conversions. Thus, users can make use of it and make profit.


  • Complete set up from Theme Option Page
  • Designed for quick publishing of new products & banners
  • Flexible theme for easy customization
  • Additional widgets for more advertisements
  • Advanced Coupon Theme


    Website: http://marketplace.appthemes.com/child-themes/clipper/discounty/

    Whether you are WordPress pro or new beginners, you can easily manage and design a custom coupon site easily with Discounty. It comes with a fresh and clean design to make people feel refreshing and comfortable.


    • Full package
    • Preset color schemes
    • Theme options panel
    • Unlimited colors
    • Custom backgrounds


    Add a Coupon Section to Your Website with WordPress Plugin

    Premium coupon theme enables a unique web design for you coupon site and leaves enough room for coupon code display. Beyond that, a powerful coupon is necessary for website setup. The pitch on in the following guide is Coupon Creator, which is one of the most popular plugins for coupon site building and displays promo coupon on web page with shortcode.

    Go to your website backend and click to Plugins > Add New. Seek the following result out and click “Install Now” upon plugin activation. A new item “Coupons” comes to sidebar indicating the successful installation of Coupon Creator plugin.

    install coupon creator plugin

    Get started to add the first coupon to your website. Go to Coupons > Add New where requires you to give the coupon a proper name and then customize content, style, expiration and appearance to make it attractive. For example, we are going to display a HostGator coupon HG45PERCENT which enables 45% discount for every shared web hosting solution. Name it as HostGator Coupon and fill out the Content tab as required.

    add new coupon

    Move to Style tab to customize discount background color and text color according to personal needs. Make color matching coordinating and seemly. And then, select an inside border color from multiple options.

    coupon style

    Expiration tab is used to set the deadline of this coupon. For some coupons valid for a period of time, an expiration date should be the day to cancel the special offers. There are two date formats available to showcase the expiration date. If you enable a coupon with long-term effectiveness, check “Ignore Expiration Date” option.

    coupon expiration date

    An image is a critical factor for a coupon, which delivers promo information to visitors in a vivid way. Click to Image Coupon tab and upload an image, which should be 390 pixels in width. Note that, there is no limitation for image height. Finally, click “Publish” to have this coupon created.

    image coupon

    Having all needed coupons created, you should set about displaying those coupons on web page. A great method is to insert each coupon into respective post. Go to Posts > Add New and create some new posts to hold the newly created coupons.

    add new post

    Go back to Coupons > Coupons list and target the coupon to be added to the new post. Once publishing a coupon, a shortcode is generated automatically available for coupon display. Copy and paste the shortcode to the newly created post and confirm all changes by clicking “Update” button.

    coupons list

    Since a large number of coupons involved in different classifications to display, the coupons should be included in specific categories for the convenience of search and target. Go to Coupons > Coupon Category and “Add New Coupon Category” to confirm the category name and slug.

    add new coupon category

    Having all coupon categories created, go back to Coupons list and “Edit” existing coupons one by one to select a proper category.

    coupon category

    Here is another great tip for you to create coupon categories and that can help you display all categories on menu bar in an order way. Go to Post > Categories and create all categories as planned. In addition, a general category called “Coupons” or something else is used as the parent for all newly created categories.

    Go to Appearance > Menus and add those new items to Manu Structure mode. Set them as sub items of Coupons.

    coupon categories

    With the methods mentioned above, we have made a coupon site as the following screenshot. We hope that you can create a much more elegant coupon website to excite your visitors. And also, a list of coupon plugins shown as below to give you more choices.

    coupon site sample

    An Alternative Method

    Among all the related plugins offered by WordPress Plugin Directory or some third parties, we also highly recommend you to have a try on the Magic WP Coupons plugin. Upon the successful installation on your website back-end, you can find two newly-added sections. One is DV Coupon Options and another is Coupons.

    Firstly, click the DV Coupon Options to make some configurations. For instance, you can showcase the likes, dislikes and links for each coupon code, and choose whether to use the Timthumb library, theme’s CSS and the cloaked URL.

    General Setting

    Next, you need to click the Template Settings and choose a template for the display of all the coupon codes. At present, there is only a default option available called Mycoupons, but you can install more custom options with the ZIP format.

    Choose Template

    As the basic settings for your coupon code display are configured properly, you now need to click the Coupons button in your left-hand column.

    Here, you firstly should hit the Coupon Stores option, which requires you to add new categories for your coupon codes. These categories can be brands, companies, item types and many more.

    Coupon Stores

    Then, you need to click the Add New button to create your new coupon.

    • Coupon Title – This decides the name of your coupon code. You need to make it as clear and attractive as possible.
    • Coupon Discount – You’d better only enter the discount, without the extra explanation.
    • Coupon Code – Also, only offer the coupon code you have gained from the company.
    • Coupon Expiry Date – If this coupon code has the expiry date, you just need to enter the right date. If not, simply enter No Expires.
    • Coupon Store URL – This is the exact URL that the coupon can be redeemed.

    Create Coupon Code

    Before publishing this coupon code, you also need to choose the coupon stores you have added previously. Now, you can go to your homepage to check this coupon. Even, you can add the featured image to make it outstanding among others.

    Choose Coupon Stores

    Sometimes, you may get multiple coupon codes for a single item with different discounted levels. In this case, you can create a specific blog post or webpage for that item, and showcase all of its coupon codes in one single screen.

    To do this, you firstly need to open the Visual Editor in the editing page and click the button of Magic WP Coupons Shortcodes. Then, choose the Coupons Shortcode option.

    Insert Coupon Shortcode

    After clicking the OK button, a shortcode will be generated automatically. And what you need to do is to publish this post and to check the final result from the front-end of your website.

    Other WordPress Plugins

    Coupon Creator

    Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/coupon-creator/

    Coupon Creator is an awesome coupon plugin that helps webmasters create their own coupon or upload a coupon image with ease. Specialized for WordPress websites, this plugin comes with many useful features, including visual editor, editable links, background images, theme options, full control over the configuration page, premium support, custom css, and so on.

    By making sure and specific coupon type and enter the name in the meta box, you can create a coupon very easily with this plugin. In addition, you can add coupon into a page or post with shortcode inserter. Simply set expiration date, the coupons can display well on your site for all the time.

    Coupon Creator

    JC Coupon

    Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/jaspreetchahals-coupons-lite/

    JC Coupon is a WordPress plugin that offers easy-to-use management for online coupons. It gives users the ability to add coupons and special offers on wherever they like, posts, pages, even in sidebars.

    You can configure expiry date or custom text for expiry and coupons won’t show up when they pass the expiry date. Besides, you can use shortcode on pages and posts for easy management.

    JC Coupon

    Coupon Store

    Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/coupon-store/

    Coupon Store is a powerful plugin that offers short codes to allow WordPress users to integrate coupon stores with their websites. At present, the available stores include SmartSource, Redplum, and Coupon Network.

    With easy management, this plugin allows you to add a coupon store by inserting shortcodes into a post. The general shortcodes include [couponstore site=”couponnetwork”], [couponstore site=”redplum”], [couponstore site=”smartsource”] , and so on.

    Coupon Store

    Coupon Grab

    Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/coupon-grab/

    The Coupon Grab plugin collects printable coupons and saves them into posts. Based on the selected options, it either turns the posts as drafts or publish it directly. Besides, it can add categories, easily integrating with some traditional blogging features. With the similar functionality of WordPress platform, you can customize the HTML of the auto-generated posts and make them better match the site style and layout.

    Coupon Grab

    WP Coupon

    Plugin URL: http://www.wpcoupon.com/

    WP Coupon is a premium plugin for WordPress coupon websites. It allows users to easily build up coupon website, so users can collect a wide range of coupons, such as clothes, book, hosting, foods, and so on.

    The plugin is the easiest and most featured software, coming with rich functionalities like custom control panel, ad monetization, and search engine optimization. Besides, with the plugin, you can customize it with your own unique theme and match your website look.

    WP Coupon

    Social Coupon

    Plugin URL: http://codecanyon.net/item/social-coupon-for-wordpress/3417466

    Social Coupon is a premium coupon plugin that enables users to insert a social coupon system into their websites and allows customers to activate instant discounts by sharing your pages. It helps the thing super easy to get a large number of fans for your business, increasing your traffic as well as site revenue.

    Social Coupon

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