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How to Integrate Slack with WordPress to Enhance Team Communication

How to Integrate Slack with WordPress to Enhance Team Communication

Since many webmasters take team communication seriously, they long for a great platform to this end. Thus, we make this guide on how to integrate Slack with WordPress, which is made for readers who wish to have a taste of Slack but lack understanding about it. Before everything, we would like to brief you on what is Slack and why you need it. And then, an effective method on how to enable Slack team communication by using Slack plugin is shown to you.

Why Choose Slack?

why choose slackSlack, as a team communication platform, is designed for companies who desire for effective teamwork, especially for people working on a remote team. Besides, the rich features enable more flexibility for group exchange. Here, we would like to explain the main advantages of this rich-featured messaging service one by one.

Get Everything in One Place

The most mentionable feature of Slack is that this tool has the ability to get all communication in one place no matter where the addresser is. Featuring an intuitive interface, Slack enables all your members to keep up with the latest communication. There are multiple channels shown on the interface, which include messages, feeds, comments, and some other information.

Integrate with Various Third-Party Service

Slack integrates with many common-used services, like Twitter, Google Docs, Dropbox, and so on, thereby enabling more possibilities for you. In this way, this team communication tool makes social media integration, files management, email support, and some other operations much easier to handle.

Make File Sharing and Search Much Easier

Slack features internal and external sharing options, which make it easy to share files with others. This is also a great way to promote the communication among all members and get to know the latest status of each other. And also, Slack enables advanced search function for all users, which make it much easier to filter files according to personal needs.

In addition to the above-mentioned highlights, Slack can provide you with more function in deed only if you have integrated it with your website and give it a try. And now, let’s get started to do this by following the guide as below.

Integrate Slack with WordPress by Using Slack Plugin

The most effective method for Slack integration valued in the following guide is the use of Slack plugin. This plugin makes it easier for you to send notifications to Slack channels once an event happens on your website. For example, if a post is published, this event will be sent to Slack automatically and all members of a group are informed in time. Here, we are going to make this plugin into effect via your WordPress dashboard.

Go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New and enter the name of Slack plugin. The search result should be like the following screenshot. Click “Install Now” and activate this plugin immediately.

install slack plugin

Since you have successfully installed the Slack plugin, an item called Slack appears on the dashboard. Move your mouse onto this new item and go to Slack > Add New. And then, you come to the “Add New Slack Integration” interface, which includes various settings for integration customization.

add new slack integration

The first field requires you to enter an incoming webhooks URL, which can be acquired since you log into your Slack dashboard. If you have already registered a Slack account, you can skip the steps of account signup and continue to get the incoming webhook token as required. If not, you have to sign up an account on Slack at first.

Go to the homepage of Slack and target the field that requires you to enter email address and company name. Fill out your information in the blank as required and click “Sign up for Free”. And then, you will receive an email from Slack, which includes a magic link called “Get started” for account activation. Click it and access to the welcome page of Slack.

Check if the email shown on the page is the correct one. If so, click “Yes, that’s the right address” to confirm all information. Later, you are required to enter a team name for your group, which will be shown on menus and headings. Set the left processes one by one and make sure all information is real and effective. Finally, you come to your Slack dashboard.

slack dashboard

Move to your company name and click the arrow to open a drop-down list. The first option “Configure Integrations” is where you should go.

new tech configure

Here you come to the Integrations interface and that shows you a list of services to be integrated. Move to the bottom of this page and target the service “Incoming WebHooks”. Click the “Add” button next to this item.

add incoming webhooks

Go to the Incoming WebHooks setting page and select a channel where the Incoming WebHooks post messages to. “Add Incoming WebHooks Integration” and go to the next page.

incoming webhooks select channel

This page shows you several options under the Setup Instructions, including Webhook URL, Sending Messages, Adding Links, Customized Appearance, Channel Override and Example. Focus on the first option and copy & paste your webhook URL to the WordPress dashboard.

webhook url

After filling out the incoming webhooks URL in the Service URL field, you need to select a channel that accepts all notifications. Here, we pitch on #general channel. And then, complete the left settings including username, icon, events to notify and active.

Note that, there are multiple icons available for you if you click “here”. You just need to copy and paste the shortname of a selected icon to the Icon field. Besides, the “Event to Notify” is where to determine when to send a message to your Slack team communication. Finally, click “Save” button to confirm all settings.

add new slack integration

Since we have checked the option “When a post is published” under the Events to Notify mode, we are going to receive messages if there is a post published on the website. To check if the Slack plugin works for our website smoothly, we newly publish a post called “Test Post” and then go to the Slack interface. As expected, a message as the following screenshot is shown in the specific channel.

new message on slack

If you want to make some changes to the created Slack integrations, then you need to go to Slack > Slack Integrations and hover on the item to be modified. Note that, there are three options available for you, including Edit, Trash and Deactivate.

In addition to Slack plugin, there are many other options designed for Slack integration, such as bbPress Slack Integration, Slack EDD, Slack WooCommerce, and so on. All those recommendations are easy to handle and come with a lot of possibilities. We hope that this guide can be a part of your success.

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