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Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Instagram Followers and Likes

Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Instagram Followers and Likes

Instagram, as a photo and video-sharing social networking software, allows people to share photos and videos on various networking platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Flicker, etc. It is an online mobile service that can successfully run on Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. Due to plentiful features and tools, its popularity has been sky rocketing among the public ranging from hobbyists to notable authorities.

However, Instagram remains to be tight-lipped about how to get heaps of followers, and many people have suffered a lot in getting scanners to hit “Like”. Under this circumstance, we have come out the following pertinent suggestions and tricks to increase Instagram followers from scratch. Now, drop down and learn more useful tips.

Part 1 – Set Your Account

As is known, a good start is the half success. Before increasing more traffic on your Instagram, you should firstly set your Instagram account by following the four steps in below.

Register a User Account
First and foremost, you are supposed to registering a user account. Note that you are empowered to use either the current Facebook account or a new Instagram account. Once done, click the “Your Account” button to edit your own profile. As is showed in the screenshot, there are several essential aspects on the editing page, such as name, email, username, phone number, sex, birthday and biography, etc. And we will focus on some of the mentioned points in the following parts.

Increase Instagram Followers

Pick out an Appropriate Username & Profile Picture
To pick out an appropriate username and profile picture is of great importance in setting your Instagram account. Keep in mind that your profile picture and username are closely related with the selected theme. For instance, if your theme is relevant to food, you can choose an alimental picture of your favorite food and create a username that relates to the content.

Fill out Your Biography
To be frank, the biography plays an important role in getting your potential followers to follow you. Hence, you’d better make the bio section as eye-catching as possible instead of leaving it empty. In the meantime, make sure that the filled biograph is interrelated to your account so as to tell others what they can expect.

In the meantime, you can use some personal hashtags like a phrase or nickname to summarize all of your pictures. For example, you can make a phrase like “Beauty Store where there are plentiful fashionable pictures of makeup, perfume, hair and nails” and a personal hashtag like #beautyexpert.

Choose a Proper Theme
It is imperative to choose a proper theme for your account, which makes the scanners feel that they can find something interesting rather than some random or weird pictures. Note that there are some popular themes for you to choose from, including animals, fitness, fashion, food and photography, etc. By the way, you don’t have to pick a theme if you are skilled in taking cool pictures.

Part 2 – Use Interesting Hashtags

As is noted above, to use hashtags in your Instagram is incredibly beneficial for getting more likes, and it has been getting popular among many social networking websites, like Twitter. Here, we would like to introduce you how to make full use of hashtags in the following sections.

Research Popular Hashtags
Hashtags are those words and short phrases that are used to describe and classify the images. Those words and phrases are helpful for readers to search your images. And Instagram itself is a great place where you can get to know what the most popular tags are. According to our investigations, the top hashtags on Instagram appear to be “#me”, “#follow”, “#love”, “#beautiful”, “#love” and “#happy”.

Create Personal and Related Tags
Increase Instagram FollowersOn the other hand, you will need to create your own hashtags if you have a good number of followers. To create personal hashtags will help brand your account so as to build a cohesive community. Note that the tags can be a slogan or your company name that fits most of the photos. For example, if you are interested about food and ready to post some related photos, you will need to add your personal tags like “#sweetchocolate”, “#maxcupcakes” or “#ilovefood”.

In the further, you have to add some related tags. At this rate, you can add as many hashtags as possible to maximize the number of potential readers. On the other hand, you can only stick to two or three relevant tags to make them closely-related to the pictures. To name a few, if you are going to post a picture of rainbow, you can put it like “#colorful”, “#rainbow” and “#sky”.

Geotag Photos
To geotag photos means publishing the locations where the photos are taken. By doing so, you are able to make your image expose to other users in the same location so as to increase new local followers. If you geotag photo in some general and popular locations like Paris, California or Greenwich, your post will be visible for thousands of users across the globe. Of course, geotagging pictures makes your account more real and human by telling others you are really there.

Make Use of “Like for Like” Hashtags
To use this tactic, you should make sure that you will like other people’s pictures if they like yours. You can add those hashtags like “#like4like” or “#like4likes” to back your likes. Remember that this method indeed encourages new followers to add likes to your post, while it is not out of genuine interest.

Part 3 – Participate in the Community

Increase Instagram FollowersInstagram actually is a large community where you will find yourself getting more and more followers if you take an active part in this community. That means, you need to interact with your audiences beyond only uploading pictures and abide by the following advices.

  • Find Friends to Follow – On the setting page of Instagram, you are allowed to find more friends to follow from Facebook page or phone contacts. It is up to you and of personal preference.
  • Follow Some Similar Accounts – Find some people whose posts interest you most. Beware that following too many accounts will make your feed overloaded.
    Like Others’ Pictures – Spare some time to like and comment on other people’s images. This will not only help you to make a good impression from others, but also expose yourself to the public.
  • Respond to Comments and Questions – It is polite to respond to your readers’ comments and questions. More importantly, you shall thank any compliment from your followers, which is essential to maintain a large follow base.
  • Connect with Other Social Networks – To sync your account with other social networks can attract a wider range of audiences. As is mentioned above, you are empowered to get more followers by linking with various social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Foursquare, etc.

Part 4 – Create Memorable Content

To leave a deep impressive on your visitors, you have to make your content as memorable as possible. To do so, you can take some attractive photos and put humorous captions. More details are available in below.

  • Take Attractive Photos – Frankly speaking, Instagram is a large social circle which is encompassed with users’ cats and meals. In this case, you need to set yourself apart with well-selected and appealing photos. Note that your images don’t have to be “perfect”, and some images contain imperfections can arouse people’s attentions.
  • Add Captions to Every Photo – Make use of captions to add popularity and visibility of your photos. In details, you can consider using some cute and humorous captions to retain more viewers as loyal followers.
  • Edit Your Images – It is necessary to beautify your pictures by using some kinds of editing applications, such as Afterlight, Overgram, Aviary, etc. Take advantage of those apps to add effects, text, brighten or darken, etc.

Part 5 – Schedule for Posting Time

Increase Instagram FollowersTo get more people see your works, you have to schedule your posting time. To update your followers’ feeds constantly, you can post images after the business hours or in the morning. Do not post too many images at one time, instead you’d better share them over several days.

Notes: Due to the popularity of Instagram, there are a good number of websites offering followers for money online. More than that, you are presented with plenty of packages ranging from one hundred to million followers. Note that your account has to be publicly visible so as to purchase followers elsewhere.


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