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How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate by Optimizing WordPress?

How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate by Optimizing WordPress?

As one of the biggest and most easy-to-use website building platform, WordPress is favored by many netizens who intend to begin their online business. However, how to make the business profitable and successful is the primary problem of most eCommerce owners. Among all the useful and practical solutions, increase conversion rate is an efficient one that has been tested by many people.

conversion rateIf you are going to make full use of conversion rate, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of it. Conversion rate is regarded as a way to measure the percentage of website visitors who start a real planned action. Generally speaking, there are two ways to increase conversion rate. The one is to increase the total number of visitors, and the other is to make more existing visitors converting. In the following, we provide you several ways to optimize WordPress website and finally increase eCommerce conversion rate.

Fast and Reliable Hosting Service

As statistics show, the average time for visitors to wait for a website loading is less than 3 second. Once, you violate this rule, people are going to leave the site. Thus, fast page loading speed is an important factor to decide whether your site can stop visitors or not.

Besides, 100% uptime is also importance. Imagine that if someone is really interested in your products and he tries 10 times to get into your site and the site is not available for 6 times. In this way, you are driving people away. Therefore, it is rather pivotal to choose a fast and reliable hosting service. In the following, we choose three best eCommerce hosting providers that can match all your demands.

Elegant Layout

The layout you using matters a lot for visitors’ first impression of the site. A clean, modern, and exquisite designed layout can refresh visitors and encourage them to look through your website. Thus, applying a suitable and beautiful theme is an essential step for winning more conversion rate.

The best way to get a unique, satisfying, and attracting one is to create a custom WordPress theme by yourself. However, this is not available for most people for it not only requires rich HTML knowledge, but also requires large time inputting. Thus, many people tend to buy themes in reputable theme companies such as Mojo-Themes, ThemeForest, and ElegantThemes.


seoIt is not a secret for all the bloggers that good ranking place in search engine brings additional traffic for a website. In this way, there will be more and more people go to your website and, therefore, you get more chances to get extra conversion. The essence of this method lies in that you need to boost website SEO in an effective way. For example, you can use Bing Webmasters, build natural links, use free Ping services, and so on so forth.

Eye-catching Product Image

When successfully attract visitors to your website, the next step is to show them your products. So, how to introduce your products in an intuitive and simple way? Without doubt, a product picture is the best choice. If there are explanatory note coming with pictures, the effect can be outstanding. In the process, you need to be careful with both image and explanation. The former should be as clear, real, and comfortable as possible and the latter need not to be too long or too short.

Track Visitors

track visitorsTracking visitors is the most useful way to make full use of existing visitors. By tracking them, you can have an overall understanding of their likes and dislikes, and accordingly you adjust sale tactics. Besides, you can classify visitors and pick out targeted ones to give particular attention.

In this way, you can get more conversion. If you are fond of this solution, a tracking tool is necessary. There is a detailed introduction of more than 5 popular and useful tools in Best Website Tracking Tools. Read the article and get the one that meet your needs seamlessly.

Apply Conversion Tools

Adding a conversion tool for WordPress website is the easiest and the most labor saving solution to increase website conversion rate. There are hundreds of products available in the market, which helps you know your visitors better and solve their problems as soon as possible. For example, Olark Chat is a tool that helps you to communicate with visitors and answer their confusions immediately. As a result, it maintains visitors before they have any excuses to leave your site.


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