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How to Increase Blog Readership and Traffic? – Tips & Tricks

How to Increase Blog Readership and Traffic? – Tips & Tricks

Once starting a blog, most bloggers have an ambition for thousands of page views in a short time, and then make it grow continually. However, things may go contrary to their wish because of unadvisable blogging. Many bloggers have no idea of how to increase blog readership and get their blogs into trouble.

If you are in a similar situation, follow all tips and tricks listed as below. Those suggestions can help you turn around the current situation and then make a hit effectively.

Tip 1: Pay Close Attention to Blog Posts Quality

Blog Content QualityAvoid any copy issues and grammar mistakes in each blog post. Quality content is the soul of a blog. The blog full of a large number of low-quality posts will never be favored by readers. That is also probably to be penalized by Google Panda thereby getting a low ranking on search results page. To improve the content quality, you should follow the tips listed as below.

  • Make sure that all content is original and never take example by others. Once having a post finished, check copy issues for this post by using Copyscape or any other plagiarism checkers.
  • Leave no room for grammar mistakes, like contextual spelling, missing subject, improper sentence structure, etc. Check grammars of each post before having it published. Take a good use of some online grammar check tools, like Grammarly, which make things much easier.

Tip 2: Be Strategic to Promote Each Blog Post for Better SEO

Do keyword search and choose a proper blog topic. Make each blog post SEO-friendly thereby ranking on the front search results page. To achieve that goal, you should care a lot about the keyword search and blog topic.

Keyword plays an important role in a blog post, which determines whether this blog will be searched by visitors in the shortest time. Make sure that you have done keyword search before making a blog. Include the keyword with high search volume in the post title, content and URL. The most popular keyword search tool used for that purpose is Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Blog topic makes a big difference on the popularity of a post. Before everything, you should select a proper blog topic that most readers really care about, and then start writing a blog post to the point. Add the keyword to your blog topic. If the selected topic has won a great popularity on the Internet, your blog is more likely to be searched by readers.

Tip 3: Keep Updating Anything New in Your Blog

Keep refreshing your blog regularly and reshare old posts. All readers prefer to get new things rather than read something dated. You are required to keep publishing news blog posts and be active to deliver anything new to readers. Also, more posts would be more likely to bring your blog growing traffic.

As for some blog sites include a large number of old posts with great value, bloggers can reshare those olds posts to readers. The easiest way to do it is using a WordPress content reshare plugin, like WPsite Content Resharer.

Besides that, you should keep checking old blog posts regularly and fix anything improper in the post. For example, the duplicated topics, grammatical errors, broken links and outdated promotion information should be cleaned up.

Keep Updating New Things in Blog

Tip 4: Make a Good Use of Social Networking

Be active to share blog posts with others through popular social platforms. Since users are interested in a post, they would like to access to this post by going through the given link. If there is not enough time to do so, you can take use of an auto-poster plugin, which makes it possible to auto share blog posts on social networks.

By the way, we suggest you to add social media sharing button to your blog. That encourages readers to share a post with their friends if the post is interesting and readable. It is also a great way to allow more visitors to get to know your blog.

Tip 5: Boost Blog Readership with Video

Insert YouTube videos in your blog properly. In some cases, video plays an important role in explaining a blog topic. That is much more vivid and understandable than text description. Try to embed a YouTube video in WordPress blogs and make sure that each video is related to the blog content.

Tip 6: Consider Guest Blogging

Consider Guest BloggingGuest blogging has been popular with an increasing number of bloggers. That means you can publish posts to other blog sites or allow other bloggers to post on your blog. Each blog post includes a backlink to the guest’s site.

Be active to submit a guest blog on some famous websites and let more visitors know your blog. Keep in mind that you should guarantee the high quality of each guest post and add backlinks properly.

Make sure that the targeted website is relevant to your blog. For example, if you are running a blog dedicated in releasing WordPress hosting resources, you need to target a website with the same goal.

Tip 7: Optimize Your Blog Friendly to Mobile Devices

Make your blog mobile-friendly thereby allowing visitors to browse your blog via any mobile devices. Nowadays, more and more visitors tend to browse a website through mobile phone and tablets. It is necessary to optimize your blog friendly to mobile devices. In this way, visitors can feel free to read your blog posts in anywhere.

Consider using a WordPress mobile theme and a WordPress mobile plugin. That makes things much easier and helps you create a unique mobile-friendly design effectively.

Tip 8: Choose a Suitable Blogging Platform

Start your blog on a reliable blogging platform. There are some great platforms to start free blog sites, like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, etc. Among those options, Tumblr is designed for micro blogging, which is great for the light blogs. WordPress is the most popular platform that allows webmasters to create any websites as needed.

No matter for individual blogs or enterprise websites, WordPress allows users to create anything as planned. This great platform is recommended here. The following companies offer premium WordPress hosting. They enable an easy way to install WordPress on your blog, along with many advanced features in favor of blogging.


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