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How to Improve Author Rank after the Removal of Google Authorship

How to Improve Author Rank after the Removal of Google Authorship

There are a lot of factors that influence your website ranking on the search engine result lists, such as the quality of your blog posts, the utilization of keywords, the great reading experiences, the number of good backlinks and many more.

In addition to these, the Author Rank also can determine whether your site can be ranked highly by search engines. In the following, we’d like to present a beginner’s guide about this aspect, telling you why and how to improve Author Rank after the removal of Google Authorship.

General Information about Author Rank

First of all, you must bear in mind that the Author Rank does not officially exist. It is simply a special term given by the SEO community, indicating that Google will measure the reliability, authority and reputation of each individual author.

Besides, according to Eric Schmidt – the executive chairman of Google, the posts or websites that are tied to some verified authors can be ranked better that those without such a verification. In this case, a post that is written by a trustworthy editor who has a high Author Rank is more likely to be listed at the top places of SERPs.

How to Improve the Author Rank

In fact, the best way to improve the Author Rand is to use the Google Authorship program, with which you can have your portrait and name displayed on the searching result pages before the post titles and content pieces. The aim for this program is to highlight the works of some authoritative authors who are smarter and more professional than the common writers within the same niche. Also, it gives search engines a hint that these posts are worth a high ranking, coming with meaningful information from some good authors.

However, after years of experiments, Google find that Google Authorship cannot come out the valuable results as they expect, and the author portrait cannot achieve a great experience for mobile users. In this case, by the end of June, 2014, Google terminated this program.

Google Authorship

Now, to better improve the Author Rank, you have to consider several aspects, such as the popularity of your publishing websites, the quality and quantity of backlinks tied to your posts, the online sharing of your contents, the internal association among your articles and many more.

In the following, we have come out some tips based on these points, with which you can accelerate your Author Rank greatly.

Come Out Valuable and Meaningful Blog Posts

Valuable and Meaningful Blog PostsSurely, your Author Rank is tightly linked to the professionalism and authority of your contents, so the first thing you should do is to increase your writing scores.

In previous days, we have already summarized some methods about how to write a good blog post, so we are not willing to repeat them this time, but only emphasize two critical aspects.

  • Since the update of Google Panda, the duplicated contents have been heavily punished. Therefore, it is great to write something on your own, coming with the fresh thoughts, new angles and creative ideas.
  • Search engines regard the searching queries greatly, so you’d better write the topics that your audiences may love and click.

Use Google Plus Constantly

Before giving you a high Author Rank, Google has to figure out who you are. In this case, registering a Google Plus account with the author information for your website is pretty useful. In addition, to constantly inform Google of your existence, you’d better use this social platform on a frequent basis. A few tips for this aspect are listed as below.

  • Complete your profile information as detailed as possible.
  • Communicate with other users by sharing, commenting and thumbing up their posts at least three times a day.
  • Post something interesting on this platform regularly.
  • Try your best to increase the number of your Google Plus followers as many as possible.

Establish the Relationship with Well-Known Authors

Relationship with Well-Known AuthorsJust like Google will decide your page ranking by evaluating how you connect with some popular websites, it will also determine your Author Rank by judging your relationship with some well-known writers who have the high ranking.

To achieve this aspect, you can use the Author Crawler developed by Tom Anthony to find your target writers and communicate with them via any social media platforms, encouraging them to encircle and follow your Google Plus account.

Publish Your Guest Blogs on Popular Websites

This is a greater way to improve your author authority than purely writing and publishing. After all, this practice allows you to automatically inherit the authority of the popular websites, which may require years to establish. In addition, publishing on quality sites can give you more chance to showcase your contents in front of a large number of readers. Even, this practice can result in more organic links that Google will use to measure your importance.

Share Your Contents on the Internet

The popularity of your blog posts can directly influence your Author Rank, so it is highly recommended to share your contents on all the major social media platforms right after publishing on your site.

In addition, you can comment on some hot articles that have the same subject as your posts, embedding the links back to your articles as the evidence of your opinions. This can lead to the best result if you hold a contrary point to your peer bloggers.


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