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How to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Brand?

How to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Brand?

get twitter followersTwitter is one of the largest social networks for business social marketing, and the number of Twitter followers has a great effect for the marketing result. In order to share a piece of Twitter pie successfully, many customers wonder how to get more Twitter followers. It’s hard to give a detailed method, but you can quickly increase your followers by following the below tips.

Complete Your Profile

Although Twitter is a virtual network, the followers like to learn about the real information of friends. Before promoting your account, you need to complete the profile settings at first.

Many people prefer to follow someone with an avatar because they think the photo tells them either you are a spammer or newbie. If you own a brand and want to promote it with the account, you can also use the brand logo as the avatar instead of your image. Besides, you can customize the header image to draw others’ attention.

Then, fill some interesting content in the Bio which is always the first thing potential followers view. You can also introduce whom you are, what you like, what’s your job, what’s your habit, etc. Only note that you should keep the content within 160 characters. You can also check out our profile for more information.

twitter prfile

Share Valuable Content

Sharing content is the most important element to gain followers. Many potential followers scan your recent tweets to see whether you are worthy following. If you share much valuable content, they are likely to follow you instantly.

To make your posts appealing, your tweets can cover a variety of subjects, but not only your personal thoughts and actions. You can reveal your hobbies and interests, introduce some meaningful books and movies, or share some other valuable content.

In addition to the text content, you can post multimedia, switching up with words, images, videos, and even music. Keep that in mind, you need to create some content which others even want to share to their own followers, which is the key to getting your post retweeted and target more potential followers.

Tweet Frequently

twitter frequentlyTweeting frequently is helpful for getting a large amount of followers as no one wants to follow someone who tweets little posts. You should post one post per day at least and perfectly for 3 or more posts.

More post tweets means bigger visibility in the Twitterverse, but don’t tweet too many posts in a short time as it is offensive for the existed followers. Besides, you should not tweet too many promotions. The existed followers may leave you if your account becomes too commercialized.

Except for frequency, it’s also important to post your tweets at a right time of a day – when the most people are active, such as before people go to work in the morning, after dinner, and so on. If you share new content at those periods, others can always see your post so that you have the opportunity to get new followers. Only make sure you have taken the time zone and living habits of the target followers into consideration.

Be Sociable

be sociableAs Twitter is essential a social network, only be sociable you can gain a large number of followers. If people comment or retweet your post, try to reply them publicly even if your messages are irrelevant to other followers. In this way, you tell others you are sociable.

When you see some interesting tweets, you can be generous to comment, favorite, and retweet them. The more you link to others, the more people will reciprocate you back. Besides, by interacting with others, you greatly maximize your account visibility among their followers.

Follow Others Initiatively

Instead of waiting for others to follow you, you can also follow others initiatively. First of all, you can follow people with similar interests as they are most likely to follow you back. For example, if you are a groupie of an idol, just feel free to follow his / her followers and talk about something about this idol with others. Especially, you can clearly introduce you are his / her fan in the bio and tweets.

Besides, you can also use keywords to find followers. Search for tweets with some keywords related to your interest or topic, then reply to the tweets and follow them, maybe you will be quickly re-followed.


These are some common used and effective methods to get Twitter followers. If you know other ways, please feel free to comment in below or tell us through our Twitter account @whatswp.


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