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How to Get More Subscribers for WordPress Sites?

How to Get More Subscribers for WordPress Sites?

As a site manager, you not only need to attract as many traffic as you can, but also need to build long- term relationship with visitors and turn them into loyal followers. In this way, all your hard work can be send to people who desire them badly. Of course, there are countless solutions to achieve these goals, but getting more subscribers for your website is the most efficient and easy to control way.

However, most people, newbies in particular, have no idea about how to handle the whole process. Therefore, we write several suggestions to help our readers to get more subscribers for WordPress websites.

Social Networking

If you don’t have lots of traffic or your visitors are unwilling to subscribe your content, then social networking is a useful assistant tool. Firstly, you can promote your website on social media to get more traffic. Then, you mark visitors who go to your website in high frequency but don’t choose to subscribe your posts. At last, try to communicate and build a relationship with those marked visitors. As time goes by, when they believe in you and trust you, ask them to become your subscribers.

Social NetworkingBesides, you can also add social media share button to your posts. In this way, when people are fond of a post, they can share it to their circle immediately. Generally speaking, birds of a feather flock together, thus, visitors’ friends are very possible to become your potential subscribers. In this way, you get more chances to have more subscribers. However, if you know nothing about adding social media buttons to a post, just read the following article: Facebook Share Button, LinkedIn Share Button, and Tumblr Share Button.

Create Worth Reading Content

Always bear it in mind that content is the forever king in website building. If you wanna attract people to become your loyal follower, you have to create valuable content either it is informative, interesting, educational, or developmental. Only when people are fond of your posts will they choose to subscribe your website content.

Leverage a Powerful Plugin

You need to set an email box in, above, under a post, or even in a sidebar to inform people that they can subscribe your site content there. However, writing code step by step is time-consuming and HTML knowledge requiring. Thus, using excellent subscribe plugins is a good choice. Some of them help create email box on your websites while others offer you an easy way to manage subscribers. If you are seeking a helpful plugin, just make a choice from the following.



OptinSkin is a powerful Plugin that helps you change site visitors into email subscribers. It enables you to test all elements of your opt-in form, flexibly change buttons colors, box colors. Besides, it also comes with 18 customizable opt-in and social share designs so that users can utilize it to power your own design.

The plugin provides effective method to encourage visitors to share site content on social media sites. With full compatibility for the major email marketing services, it also helps people get subscribers with great ease. Watch the below video for more detailed information.


Subscribe2 Plugin


Subscribe2 is one of the best WordPress email subscription plugins that send a list of subscribers an email notification when new posts are published on your site. It offers a fully subscription management and email notification system for WordPress websites. Email notifications are able to be sent on a per-post basis or periodically in a digest email.


Subscribe Button by AddToAny


This plugin is quite easy, along with a customizable AddToAny’s Smart menu that shows the services visitors use at the top of the menu, based on their preferences. In addition, it not only includes all email services, updates automatically, but also supports WordPress MU. All these powerful features help increase your WordPress subscribers.

Subscribe Button by AddToAny



WPSubscribers is an amazing WordPress email subscription plugin that helps users quickly and easily gain large number of subscribers. It ass an opt-in form with a lightbox so that all your visitors either have to subscribe or dismiss your form in order to see the page underneath. It has a footer bar or header bar opt-in form, which helps you attract visitor’s attention without hitting them with a pop-up.




Pippity is a wonderful email subscription plugin for WordPress users. As the pop-ups usually appear before a reader has experienced your content that interrupts visitors greatly, Pippity gives you the control to make sure that never happens. Besides, it comes with a shopping 18 stunning themes, allowing users flexibly customize the form for better user experience.


Remind Readers to Sign Up

RemindWhen people encounter something they like, they talk about it at first but a while later; they probably forget what they have read. Thus, as a site owner, you need to remind readers to subscribe your website all the time. Note that too frequent reminding may infuriate readers. Thus, you need to keep a balance between reminding and not interrupting the whole reading process. The acknowledged method is to put a subscribe box at the end of every post.

Simplify the Subscription Process

No one likes to register process that is time-consuming and tedious. Thus, try to make the subscription process as simple as possible. The secret lies in that just ask for email address, no more other information. For example, people may consider your blogs are interesting and intend to become your subscriber. However, there is a long format to be filled in including much private information such as first name, last name, gender, address, even phone number. Then, they are more likely to run away in fear rather than going through the process. Therefore, remember to make the process as easy as you can.

Make the Topic Specific

Have you ever heard a sentence – a friend of all is a friend of none? The same goes to website building. Don’t try to turn all visitors become your subscriber but most of them. Focusing on a particular field and become a leading role in that field. Then, people who are interested in that part will naturally come for you.


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