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How to Get More Followers on Facebook?

How to Get More Followers on Facebook?

Facebook is obviously the king social networking website that is widely evolved by millions of users. With great spreadability, it is popularly used by a lot of webmasters to communicate with readers and companies to promote products and servers online.

Running a Facebook account, to get more followers is the essential task for users, especially for businesses and persons who want to make money on Facebook. After all, more followers mean the better popularity and authority. Thus, we explain the top rated methods to get more followers on Facebook in this tutorial to eliminate their confusions and help them with ease.

Complete Your Facebook Profile and Page

get facebook followerBefore doing any promotions or modifications, you first need to complete your Facebook profile and the business page if you have. By filling the Basic Information, Work and Education, Places Lived, Relationship, Family, and Contact Information, people can be easier to find you and follow you if they found you have many similarities between each other, such as age, living place, and so on.

On the other hand, you cannot ignore the Facebook Page that can build a closer relationship with your audiences and customers. If you have not built it up yet, just follow this guide to complete the process. If you have created it already, please make sure you have written a catchy description and categorize it correctly. After all, the Facebook Page doest not only attract potential followers, but also tell Facebook what kind of organization you are, so it can present your page to the targeted users when they search for companies like yours online. With no doubt, more presentations take you more Facebook followers.

Focus on What You Post & When You Post

Just like running a website, content is the key to operate a successful Facebook account. To arouse audiences’ interests, you need to publish engaging, interesting, entertaining and quality content. If your posts are meaningful for others, they won’t hesitate to like them. Eventually, if your posts are truly valuable, they may re-share them to their friends and audiences, which may bring you a lot of likes and followers.

However, in order to work smarter, you should focus on what you post. For example, a survey study shows: photos get 50% more likes, shares and comments; posts with less than 100 get 50% more engagements; question posts attract 100% more likes; and so on.

focus on what you post

In addition, you should also pay attention to when to post. As the research, Facebook activity peaks around 3 PM EST on weekdays, and it peaks on Wednesday every week. As well, you can test to see what works best for your targeted audiences. If you schedule the posts on these periods, your posts are likely to be seen by more users.

Integrate Your Website with Facebook Account

If you have an online website, it’s helpful to integrate your website with Facebook account. By adding a Facebook Follow button on your website or utilizing a useful Facebook plugin, you can easily promote the Facebook account among your visitors. With thousands of visitors come to your site each day, they may follow your Facebook account and like your posts and page.

On the other hand, this way also helps readers to share your content to their audiences, which is effective to promote your site, as well as Facebook account.

Follow and Interact with Others

interact with otherEssentially, Facebook is a social networking website that mainly runs for interaction. If you are more active, you can get more Likes, Follows, and Shares, which mean popularity and authority on this community. Thus, in order to get more followers, you need to be active on the network.

You can be initiative to touch with others and engage them to interact with you. For example, you can like others’ posts, comment your opinions, submit your advices, discuss with others for some events, and so on. Maybe you have little success at first, but as time passes, you can get a lot of followers from these people and their audiences.

Find Friends

You can find friends or acquaintances by entering your hometown, current city, school, college, or company. The process is pretty easy. You only need to find your targets and then invite them to be your Facebook contacts.

Here, we have to mention that you can never follow a person that you do not know proactively. Always bear in mind that Facebook is a platform for friend communication. If you follow people randomly, Facebook may penalize you in the future. However, you can follow the accounts that follow you firstly.

Be Active

You have to try your best to make people realize and notice your existence. The most effective method to do this is to like, share, and comment some hot posts within your niche. You can collect some popular Facebook accounts and keep an eye on their activities. Whenever they update with new posts, you can show your favorite on the words and leave some useful comments.

Here, the comment is pretty important. If you have left something meaningful, then you are very likely to pick the attention of other Facebook users within the same field as you are. Note that they are your potential followers, so you’d better leave some attractive comments that can arouse people’s interest effectively. Even, you can leave a question or the opposite opinion to launch a debate and discussion.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great method to get more followers for people have full budget. By advertising on Facebook, your account can touch a lot of people even they are not your audiences or friends. Besides, you can completely control the exact people whom you want to connect.


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