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How to Get More Facebook Likes?

How to Get More Facebook Likes?

Facebook comes with a unique Like button that allows users to like the posts and share them to their audiences. More likes indicate that your content is popular among friends and audiences. For business promotion, more likes mean that the products/services are welcomed, popular, trendy, quality, and so on.

Many users are struggling to get more Likes and build their authority on Facebook. As a matter of fact, the post content is the key to earn likes from audiences. Only posting with engaging, entertaining, and meaningful content, friends and audiences won’t hesitate to like it. To help readers handle it with ease, today we introduce some helpful tips, with which you can easily write high quality posts and get a large number of likes.

Publish Valuable Content

valuable contentContent is the key to attract likes and followers on Facebook. To engage others to like your post, you need to publish interesting, funny, unique, and valuable content on a regular basis. If your posts are meaningful for followers and audiences, they will not only like them, but also share them to their friends and audiences, which greatly bring extra likes.

Some people may confuse what kind of content is engaging. Actually, any content can appeal followers. You can publish something new and unique. Besides, you can focus on the actions of your audiences and analyze their interests and habits, and then you can post more content on this aspect to get likes. In addition, you can see the Facebook Page Insights to know what kind of content is more popular among audiences.

Post More Images and Videos

For blog writing, a good image tells more than one thousand words. So does Facebook post. One study found that post with images receives more engagement than the traditional text and links post, about 50% more Likes, 100% more comments and 80% more click-throughs. So in addition to write high quality and informative post, you can insert some related photos with under the words line.

Except the images, videos and GIFs are also preferred by Facebook users. So you can share some interesting gif about dogs, cats, and other funny things. As people like to learn about your personal activity, you can record some videos about you and share them for audiences. They may get a large number of Likes.

Keep Content Short and Sweet

facebook likesNowadays, people are increasingly preferred fast food culture and lack the patience to read some long words, especially on the social networks. So, don’t write a long paragraph post and expect your audiences will read them totally and be amazed at your talent. They just leave it back.

To help others understand your post as soon as possible, you’d better keep the post short and sweet. In general, posts with less than 80 characters can get more likes and comments. So, when writing post, try to throughout your opinion with the easiest and brief words. If possible, you can attach some related images to prove the content.

Have a Target Audience

In Facebook, through the Facebook Ads service, the business owner can be offered the option of selecting a target audience. Not all products can be presented to all the people since some suit better the young lads during some suit better the working population, so there is a need to specify the target population. It also makes it easier for the marketing of the product to be more effective rather promoting it to everyone.

Use Your Words

When marketing a product, be yourself. Many people use the business language while communicating others. It makes their advertising way more reliable. However, your own voices and words can help you promote your business a more convincing way, for you can show that you believe in the product you are offering effectively.
With the above steps being followed, you as a business owner can receive more likes to your business page.

Publish at the Right Time

Some people think the more post published every day the better. However, it’s not completely correct. Only publish at the right time your post can get more likes. As a research, the Facebook activity peaks around 3 PM EST every day, and it peaks on Wednesday on weekdays. So, if you publish posts on these periods, you are possible to get more Facebook likes.

In addition, don’t try to publish posts as frequent as possible. People always hate the ones whose posts take full over their screens. On the contrary, those post one or two times a day get 40% more engagement. Besides, you need to keep a regular time and regular frequency.

Be Active and Initial

If you have few audiences and try all of the above tips but still get little likes, you apply this method. Instead of waiting to others to like you, you can initially reach out others, following others, liking their posts, and commenting your opinions and advice. As time passes by and people are more familiar with you, they can be willing to give you likes when you publish posts. Only note that you need to try simultaneously above tips with this one.

Show Your Popularity

Generally, people are more likely to notice some popular posts, so you need to show how popular your post is to get more likes. Here, you can add a fan box to show how many fans you have, as well as a like box to show how many likes you have got. The following two plugins can help you achieve this easily.

Use Facebook Fan Box

Facebook Fan box

Facebook Fan Box is a plugin that allows you display the fans of a post on the WordPress website. You can put it in your site sidebar using the widget module, or call the function inside your WordPress theme. If you want to display the Facebook Fan box with recent updates and fans, you need to activate it or insert the following code at anywhere within the theme file.

<?php facebook_fan_box('API_KEY', 'PROFILE_ID'); ?>

And you can change the updates visibility, max number of fans, width, CSS properties, etc with the following code.

<?php facebook_fan_box('API_KEY', 'PROFILE_ID', 'STREAM', 'CONNECTIONS', 'WIDTH', 'CSS', 'IFRAME', 'HEIGHT', 'LOGO', 'LANG'); ?>

Facebook Fan Box

Facebook Likebox Slider For WordPress


Like count is always the most important indicator to measure the influence of a Facebook post. This plugin displays a Facebook Like box on the side of a page/post and moves out when your mouse move over it, by which you can like the page/post. As well, it shows the existing person who have liked this page/post already.

This plugin is very easy to install, with 3 clicks simply configuration. It is compatible with many major browsers like IE 7+, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, etc, and responsive for mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, and others. Besides, it is flexible positioned on the left and right side of a page, and ready for Facebook + Twitter, Facebook + Twitter + Google+, etc.

Facebook Likebox


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