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How to Generate QR Codes in WordPress to Optimize User Experience

How to Generate QR Codes in WordPress to Optimize User Experience

QR Code, an abbreviation of Quick Response Code, has become a fashionable method trusted by a large number of business sites for multiple purposes. That can be used to direct visitors to any other page as planned by simply scanning the specific QR codes. If you feel like generating QR codes on your WordPress site for better user experience, follow this guide on how to do this with QR Code Generator plugin.

This plugin is selected in this guide thanks to its usability and rich functions, which enables users to insert a QR code for app installation, whole post view, product details check, etc. Once having the installation and activation done, you can add a QR code to anywhere as needed with a simple shortcode and that allows you to contain any text as you like.

Generate QR Codes with QR Code Generator Plugin

Search for QR Code Generator plugin via WP admin and then install it upon activation. Note that, you should search a result released by Rene Hermenau as below. An item called qrcode_wprhe comes to your Plugins list.

Install QR Code Generator Plugin

And now, you should get started to insert QR codes in your website by using an understandable shortcode as below. That can be included in any post or page as needed and used for specific content.

[qrcode content="CONTENT" size="120" alt="ALT_TEXT" class="CLASS_NAME"]

Note that, the “CONTENT” is the content that this QR code directs to. It can be any text as you want or even a URL link to a certain page. The content will be converted to a special QR code automatically. The “size” is where to set how large the QR code is shown on your web page and should be in pixel. The default one is 120×120 pixels. And then, give this new QR code a proper ALT text and class name.

If everything gets ready, insert this shortcode in anywhere as planned and present it through any text if needed. To help you take a good use of QR codes, we would like to show you how to use QR codes for different purposes.

How to Use QR Codes for Different Purposes

The following tips are especially made for readers who do not set clear objectives to use OR codes. In general, QR codes can be widely used in website site security improvement, clickable link integration, App installation, and so on. Read through those tips in list and that is shown in details.

Enable a Secure Payment Environment

Using QR code with the purpose of improving the security level of payment is great for e-commerce websites. Before everything, you should make your shopping site mobile-friendly and enables customers to sign in on their mobile devices at first. And then, generate a QR code on the payment page, which directs to a redemption page automatically and make the payment into effect in real time.

App Download & Installation

website security improvementIf you are running an App website and wish to encourage users to download applications on their mobile devices in a simple manner, then you should attach a QR code to each application. When scanning a given QR code, users are directed to the download page for respective App, and then they can finish installation within a few seconds. It is also a good method for webmasters who develop a mobile phone client for their sites.

Website Security Improvement

QR code is regarded as one of the most practical methods for enhancing website security, for which enables two-factor authentication on the login process. You can generate specific QR code for each visitor when signing in your site and the trusted one will get a QR code. When scanning the given QR code, users will get a unique verification code on mobile devices and they are able to log into successfully if enter the right code in the field. In this case, there is no chance for hackers who intend to attack your website.

Links to Downloadable Files

The links to certain downloadable files, like PDF, audio, map and video, can be generated to QR codes for the convenience of loading and storing on mobile devices. That is an effective method to arouse visitors’ interests and encourage them to go back your website to get more resources if needed.


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