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How to Fix WordPress Email Sending Issue

How to Fix WordPress Email Sending Issue

Email is an imperative part of your online marketing strategies. Though some people argue over the importance of emails, millions of WordPress owners consider this as an important medium of communication. Moreover, a majority of WordPress tools are connected to the email function in order to help you receive notifications of the latest updates. Precisely, if you use the WordPress contact form as a primary mode of communication with your visitors, you must have connected your email with the contact form’s service provider for receiving notifications. But in some cases, you might not receive notifications on your email even after a new subscriber fills up the contact form.

In this tutorial, we discuss the issue when the contact form doesn’t send email notifications; followed by the methods to fix the problem.

Reasons why WordPress contact form is not sending emails

why WordPress contact form is not sending emailsThere are several reasons why the email notifications sent by the contact form system don’t reach your email. If you are not receiving notifications on your connected email address, there must be one of the following issues.

Firstly, the message cannot reach your email when your hosting server of the WordPress site is not authorized to use the PHP mail function. In this case, the emails can be successfully sent by the contact form service provider but cannot drop into your inbox. After all, your site is not configured for using this function.

Secondly, if you have connected the email that involves the link of your domain (say, [email protected]), the contact form notifications may not reach your inbox.

Lastly, when your email delivery service uses advanced tools to filter spam, it might classify the notification as a spam. In this case, you may find the notifications in the spam folder of your emails. However, in some cases, the notification email passes through the spam filters but fails to reach your mail box due to unknown reasons.

How to change the notification email address

A recommendable tip to tackle this error is by using a dedicated email service to send email newsletters. Therefore, if you are using WordPress email – the one consisting of your domain name and are facing problems, it’s time for a change.

To create an email address, you should navigate to the desired email service provider; Gmail in our example. On the homepage, there is an option to create an account. You should click on the sign in link and fill up the form with relevant details to set up an email address. Once the email address is established successfully, you should dig into the admin panel of your WordPress site.

On the admin panel, you should navigate to the Forms option and select the form’s title to explore the options.

WordPress Forms option

In the Form Settings page, you should click on the Notifications option.

Form Settings - Notifications

On the next screen, you have to select the Admin Notifications tab. Now, you can change the email address in the Send to Email option. Here, you must change the email address from your existing email to the newly created email address.

How to use Gmail SMTP Servers to handle emails

You can improve the deliverability of the email notifications to your email address by using the Gmail SMTP servers. You do not require creating any special kind of account; executing this method on the regular Gmail account can do your job.

This method involves the need for a plugin in your WordPress site. To start with, you should download, install and activate the WP Mail SMTP plugin on your site. This allows you to set up the Gmail SMTP servers. Upon activation of the plugin, you should dig into the Settings menu of the plugin and click on the Email tab to make the configurations efficiently.

On the Advanced Email Options screen, you can find several boxes that need to be filled up. Here, you should start by typing in the name and email address. The email address must be compatible with the use of Google Apps.

WP Mail SMTP - Advanced Email Options

Moving to the next option, you can find two check boxes beside the Mailer tab. You must ensure that the first option is marked as the image showed in below.

WP Mail SMTP - Mailer

Now you have to fill in the Gmail SMTP information such as the server address, port, and login information. You must fill up the boxes with relevant information and verify the entered details before saving the changes. Upon completion, you must test the mail in order to verify the configurations. If the test mail reaches the inbox of your assigned email address, you have fixed the WordPress contact form notification issue successfully!


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