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How to Fix Contact Form 7 Failed to Send Email Issue

How to Fix Contact Form 7 Failed to Send Email Issue

As a powerful form plugin, Contact Form 7 is trusted by millions of users. It enables unlimited possibilities for a contact form customization. However, the Contact Form 7 “not sending email issue” has disturbed a large number of users who have no idea on how to deal with this problem. If you get into such embarrassing situation as well, you would receive a message as below when trying to send out an email.

Not Sending Email Error Message

In this way, it is unable to receive any messages from visitors, let alone give them a reply. Since you have tried all methods, like updating the plugin or even reinstalling it, but make no difference, follow this guide to get an answer. That helps you resolve this issue within a few steps.

Method 1: Check Your Contact Form Settings

Log into your WP-admin and go to Contact > Contact Forms. Open the contact form suffering this issue. Scroll to the Mail setting mode and check if there is something wrong with the “To:” email address & “From:” email address. If everything goes well, you should move to the “Message body” box. This is where to format the message sent to you.

In general, there are four fields included in the Form box, namely, [text* your-name], [email* your-email], [text your-subject] and [textarea your-message]. Make sure that you have included [your-name], [your-email], [your-subject] and [your-message] in the message body.

The correct message format should be like the following example. This method is a great solution for the typing issues in the setting area or email format error.

Message Body

Method 2: Reconfigure Mail Server with WP Mail SMTP Plugin

If the method 1 doesn’t work at all, the cause to this issue are more likely to be the improper configuration of wp_mail() function. The WP Mail SMTP is selected as a solution in this case. This SMTP plugin enables an alternative way to reconfigure wp_mail() function, namely, SMTP.

Since you have installed and activated this plugin via WordPress dashboard. Go to Settings > Email and here is the Advanced Email Options interface. Move to SMTP Options and set up a new account. You can send a test email to check if you have successfully completed the new account setup.

Configure New Account

Type the email address in the “From Email” field, which should be the same with what in the Username field. Specify the “from name” and then check the rest options as needed. Click “Save Changes” to confirm all settings.

Advacned Email Options

Go back to the contact form edit page and move to the Mail tab > “From” field. The default settings should be [your-name] <[your-email]>. Replace [your-email] to the username you have used to configure WP Mail SMTP. Customize other parameters if needed.

Set Mail From

Confirm settings and send an email via the contact form. The message shown as below indicates that you have successfully sent out this email.

Message Send Successfully

If you still receive the error message “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”, you would try it after a while or contact the administrator to ask for help.


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