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How to Enable Public Post Preview for Drafted Posts in WordPress

How to Enable Public Post Preview for Drafted Posts in WordPress

WordPress allows users to preview unpublished posts via WP admin to check if there is something wrong with the drafts. For some users having no permission to enter the website backend, there is no way to preview a post until it is published. To give anonymous authors the right to check drafted posts, you need to enable public post preview in your WordPress site.

An easy way that allows someone to preview a post without logging in the dashboard is introduced in the following. Follow this detailed guide and find out the answer. First of all, we make mention of the benefits and common uses of public post preview feature.

When You Need to Enable Public Post Preview in WordPress

Benefits of Public Post PreviewTo maximize this great function, you should be clear about when to enable public post preview in WordPress. The common uses are shown as below.

  • If you plan to develop guest blogging on your website but don’t want to create new accounts for guest bloggers, then the pubic post preview can help you a lot. Once drafting a guest blog, you just need to share the preview link with author and ask him/her to check if there is a need to modify post content. Make sure that everything is alright before publishing the post.
  • The Public Post Preview function also works when you need to invite others to revise a post but have not given them the right to enter the website backend. Share the drafted post link to those users in the same manner and let them check post content via site frontend.

Add Public Post Preview Feature to Your Site

To simplify matters, we determine to achieve the goal by using a plugin, namely, Public Post Preview. This plugin makes it possible for anonymous users to public preview a post once getting a specific link. Honestly, that sounds pretty good to add public post preview function to WordPress website by means of a plugin.

To begin with, log into your WP admin and install Public Post Preview plugin. Perhaps, you can download this plugin from WordPress.org and then upload it to your website. Upon activation, the “Public Post Preview” feature is included in the post editor automatically. Let’s create a new post via Posts > Add New and save this new post as a draft.

Create Drafted Post

After saving a draft, an item called “Enable public preview” appears on the Publish setting mode. Check this option to generate a unique link for this unpublished post. You can share this link with anyone as you want. The anonymous users are able to check this drafted post via this link.

Enable Public Post Preview

Before sharing this link with others, you’d better check whether it can direct visitors to the specific page as planned. Copy and paste the generated URL to your browser and press Enter key. The drafted post would be displayed clearly if everything goes well.

Set Expiration Hours of a Preview Link

The steps mentioned above allow you to generate a unique link for each unpublished post with ease. Note that, the link will be in effect all along. If there is a need to set expiration for each link, the Public Post Preview Configurator can make a difference. Once having this plugin installed and activated on your site, go to Settings > Public Post Preview Configurator.

Public Post Preview Configurator

This is where to set an expiration of each preview link in hours. Type any number in this field as you need. For example, we set the expiration hours as 24. When drafting a post, the generated preview link would become invalid after 24 hours. If you leave the “Expiration hours” field blank, the preview links will lose efficiency after 48 hours by default. Click “Save Changes” to confirm all settings.


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