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How to Embed Instagram Video and Photo in WordPress Site

How to Embed Instagram Video and Photo in WordPress Site

Instagram is regarded as a simple method for photos and videos sharing, which enables users to keep up with others’ daily life easily. And now, more and more webmasters tend to optimize their WordPress sites with Instagram. To engage more attention for both of your Instagram account and WordPress site, it is necessary to embed Instagram video in WordPress posts or pages.

In this way, visitors are able to follow the embedded video or photo without logging into Instagram. Follow this guide to get two effective ways to succeed. That helps you embed Instagram videos and photos in WordPress without any professional skills.

Method 1: Use Simple Instagram Embed Plugin

WordPress has developed a series of plugins for embedding Instagram videos and photos, among which the Simple Instagram Embed plugin is selected as the first solution. This user-friendly plugin enables users to paste the link of an Instagram video or photo to any WordPress pages or posts. That is easy to handle, even for beginners.

Step 1: Install and Set Up Simple Instagram Embed Plugin

Before everything, search and install this plugin via WP admin. Upon activation, go to Settings > Simple Instagram Embed. Here you come to the Simple Instagram Embed Settings page.

Simple Instagram Embed Settings

You are required to choose a proper size for all embed videos and photos from the drop-down list. Three sizes are available for users, including Large (w:612 x h:720 pixels), Middle (w:480 x h:600 pixels) and Small (w:350 x h:470 pixels). Make a decision according to personal needs and check the option “Include caption” to add photo caption. Click “Save” button to confirm all settings.

Step 2: Find the Link of an Instagram Video or Photo

Make sure that you have registered an Instagram account. Log into your account and target a video or photo that will be embedded to your WordPress website. Once clicking the target, a tab with detailed information pops up as below. Here, we are going to embed the following video in our WordPress website.

Instagram Video Embed

The link to this video or photo is displayed on the browser address bar. Copy this link, which should be like https://instagram.com/p/4z9e7atgJ_/.

Instagram Video and Photo Link

Step 3: Embed the Link to WordPress Page or Post

Open an existing page/post or create a new one. Paste the link to the post/page editor and then save changes.

Embed Instagram Video and Photo

When viewing this page on the front-end, the photo would be shown like the following screenshot. In this case, visitors are able to “Follow” the embedded video or photo on your website instead of doing so via Instagram page.

Embed Instagram Photo Example

Method 2: Embed Instagram Video in WordPress Using Code

Another way mentioned here is the use of embed code. That is great for users who don’t wish to install too many plugins on their websites. Log into your Instagram account and click any video or photo as planned. Click the button next to “Add a comment” bar and then click “Embed”.

Embed Code Button

After a several seconds, lines of embed code for the current video or photo are shown in the popup. It is optional to check the option “Include caption”, which determines whether to add caption to a photo or video. Here, we suggest you to check this option so as to enable better optimization for your website. And then, copy the lines of code by clicking “Copy Embed Code” button.

Copy Embed Code

Paste the embed code to any page or post on your WordPress website. In general, there are many lines of code pasted to the editor. That should be like the following example. Note that in this step, don’t miss any parameters of the embed code.

Lines of Embed Code

Check if everything goes well from website front-end. Here comes an example.

Embed Code Example


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