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How to Embed Google+ Hangout in WordPress

How to Embed Google+ Hangout in WordPress

Google Hangout brings a live conversation to users, coming with rich features. That can be started from mobile devices, Google Chrome extensions, Google+, Gmail or something else as needed. Since Google+ has been trusted by millions of WordPress site owners, we are going to introduce the way to embed and use Google+ hangout in WordPress thereby getting more benefits from this great social network.

What You Can Do with Google+ Hangout

What You Can Do with Google+ HangoutGoogle+ hangout is a functional application for all your conversations with one person or a group of people. That allows users to initiate an online chat with friends and family from any devices. Besides, the hangouts on air and video hangouts enable an easy manner to share something interesting with others through broadcast and video.

Online Chat – Google+ hangout allows you to send messages with photos, GIFs and emoji to anyone as you like and share daily life with them in a vivid way. The video chat makes it possible to chat with others face to face. Users can get pleasure from some amusing apps, like Effects and Draw. In addition, the voice is also available for hangout users who just need to make a call to others.

Broadcast Something Interesting – That enables users to broadcast some interesting things or news to the world without paying extra money. Record a video to share anything you love with other hangout users, like a cooking show. Do it like a reporter and display some relevant pictures for a picturesque narration.

Video Chat or Session – Invite as many audiences as you like by sending them a permanent link and then strut your stuff. That is great for users who wish to initiate a meeting or discussion online.

Create a Hangout on Air

Before going on with the following step-by-step guide, make sure that you have already gotten your Google+ account created and set up. And then, set about creating a hangout on air. Log into your Google+ page and expand the drop-down list on the top left corner. Go to Hangouts > Hangouts On Air. Press the “Create a Hangout On Air” button.

Click Create a Hangout on Air Button

Give this Google+ hangout a proper name and tell other users what this hangout is exactly about. Add some audiences as planned and click “Share” button. Note that, if a message said “Click here to verify your YouTube account.” crops up, follow the prompts one by one and verify your YouTube account as required. Go back to this tab and share the hangout with appointed users.

Create Google Plus Hangout

You are redirected to Google+ Events page automatically. Here comes the hangout you’ve created just now. Continue with the next part and get an effective method to embed Google+ hangouts in WordPress.

Start Google Hangout

By the way, if there is a need to start a hangout right now and share it on Google+, you need to click “Start broadcast” and get ready to go live! The duration of a hangout on air should be less than 8 hours. That’s enough for you to express anything as needed.

Google+ Hangout Go Live

And then, create as many hangouts as needed on your Google+ page. To check an existing hangout, expand the drop-down list and click “Events”. All hangouts you’ve created are included in this page.

Embed Google+ Hangouts in WordPress

Having the Google+ hangouts created, you can embed a hangout in any page or post on your website in a few steps. Go to the Events page and target a hangout to be embedded in your WordPress site. Click the name of this hangout and turn to a new page as the following screenshot. This is where to check the details and viewers of current hangout.

Open Google Hangout

Move to the Details box and click “Link” button. Three links are available here, including Event page, YouTube page and Video embed. Copy the link included in Video embed field and then log into your WordPress dashboard.

Copy Video Embed Link

Create a new post or page and go to the post/page editor and paste the hangout link in this editor. The link should be like the following example. Adjust the width and height or this video if needed. In fact, that is just like the way to embed a YouTube video in WordPress.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/cIZorzspdmA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Preview this Google+ hangout on website front-end and play it. That should be like the following sample. From now on, visitors can feel free to watch this newly added Google+ hangout without landing on your Google+ page.

Google Plus Hangout Example


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