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How to Display a Gallery of Video Thumbnails in WordPress

How to Display a Gallery of Video Thumbnails in WordPress

Displaying YouTube video thumbnails from a channel enables an integration of YouTube and your website. That makes it much easier for visitors to get the newly updated videos. It has been regarded as a great idea to share some video tutorials, funny videos, video demonstrations or something else with visitors thereby boosting website traffic. Here comes an example of a gallery of video thumbnails from a YouTube channel.

Video Thumbnails Sample

In this guide, we would like to show you an easy manner to showcase a collection of video thumbnails in a gallery and make it accessible to a channel on YouTube. The selected method here is YouTube Channel Gallery, which helps you make a hit without paying too much effort.

Enable a YouTube Channel Gallery Widget on Your Site

The YouTube Channel Gallery allows you to show recent videos from a YouTube channel. The gallery can be added to a sidebar as a widget or inserted to a page/post with shortcode. Log into your WP-admin and install this plugin on your website. Upon activation, a widget called “YouTube Channel Gallery” is included in the Widgets list.

Go to Widgets screen and move the widget “YouTube Channel Gallery” to the right sidebar. A list of settings is expanded automatically, which enables an easy way to customize this widget.

Add YouTube Channel Gallery Widget


There are 4 tabs included in this section for YouTube Channel customization. Before everything, change the title of this YouTube channel to anything as you want and then focus on the Feed tab. You are required to create a YouTube API key by following this guide and then replace the inserted API key with the newly generated one.

Select a video feed type from the two options and enter the YouTube user ID/playlist ID as required. Note that, the option “Uploaded by a user” enables you to display a gallery of videos uploaded by a YouTube user. Take the page https://www.youtube.com/user/DisneyShorts as an example, which includes all videos uploaded by DisneyShorts. The “DisneyShorts” is the ID of this user.

If you just need to showcase videos from one playlist, check the feed type “playlist” and copy & paste the playlist ID to the specific field. Change the default playlist order if needed. By the way, the playlist URL should be like


in this sample, the PL4zQ6RXLMCJzozgDKM0QCiR7OH3Od9T2s is playlist ID.

Feed Tab


Move to Player tab. This is where to set the video player to enable better browsing experience for visitors. Determine the way to play a video from three options. And then, set the width, aspect ratio, theme, progress bar color and video quality for this video player. Check the rest options to enable more functions on the YouTube channel gallery.

Customize Video Player


The Thumbnails tab enables you to make a decision on how to display video thumbnails on the web page. Set the number of videos to show on the gallery as well as adjust the width for each thumbnail. Reorder the thumbnail, title and description if needed or leave the default settings. Besides, you are also allowed to control the number of columns for thumbnail distribution, in terms of phones, tablets, medium desktops and large desktops.

Set Up Thumbnails


Customize the link text via Link tab. The text is used to describe the link to the channel on YouTube. Determine whether to show the link to channel and whether to open the linked page in a new window. Click “Save” button after having all settings done.

Link Text Tab

Display the YouTube Channel Gallery in a Page/Post

Users are able to insert a YouTube channel gallery in any page or post by using shortcode. If there is a need to display a collection of videos uploaded by a YouTube user, the following shortcode can make a big difference in this case. That shows the latest videos uploaded by DisneyShorts. Replace “DisneyShorts” to any other user ID as needed.

[Youtube_Channel_Gallery user="DisneyShorts"]

The YouTube channel gallery should be like the following screenshot.

DisneyShorts Video Channel

Another shortcode as below is used to showcase a playlist on a page or post. The PL4zQ6RXLMCJzozgDKM0QCiR7OH3Od9T2s is the playlist ID, which should be replaced to any other playlist ID as you want.

[Youtube_Channel_Gallery feed="playlist" user="PL4zQ6RXLMCJzozgDKM0QCiR7OH3Od9T2s"]


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