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How to Disable Related Videos of YouTube Embeds in WordPress

How to Disable Related Videos of YouTube Embeds in WordPress

With the increasing needs for dynamic content, many WordPress sites include videos in the posts. If you often embed YouTube videos in your WordPress posts to illustrate the content, you probably know that the related videos are sometimes frustrating. In fact, it might promote a competitor’s website, or include something you do not believe in. As a result, you may dislike to recommend the related videos to your visitors. Hence, you can disable the related videos option of the YouTube embeds on your site.

In this tutorial, we’d like to illustrate several methods to disable the related videos, coming behind an embedded YouTube video on your WordPress site.

Disabling the related videos manually

As your WordPress site might be burdened with a lot of content and data, it is recommended that you should not upload video files directly on your site. Instead, you should upload them on a dedicated video sharing site, such as YouTube and Dailymotion, and link them to your WordPress post. In this case, if you want to disable the related videos option after uploading a video on YouTube, you can do this manually.

As every video on YouTube has a unique video URL, you are allowed to showcase the video by copying the URL to your post. However, your copied stuff involves the presence of recommended videos in the end.

Hence, you should add “?rel=0” at its end of the URL and embed it to your WordPress post. For example, if the link of your YouTube video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzOOy1tWBCp, you should add the code behind the link so that it looks like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzOOy1tWBCp?rel=0.

As WordPress takes the assistance of oEmbed to receive the YouTube video code, adding the snippet with its URL turns off the recommended videos option.

Disabling from YouTube

The above-mentioned method of disabling related videos from YouTube is effective if you upload only one or two videos. But if you upload dozens of videos and share them on your WordPress posts, the procedure can be pretty hectic. Therefore, in this case, you should opt for the method, with which the related videos option is directly disabled from YouTube.

In this method, you should avoid using the oEmbed feature of WordPress for embedding a YouTube video. Instead, you must navigate to the particular video page in YouTube and click on the embed option.

Now, you can find several fields under the embed link. Here, you should make sure that the “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” field is unmarked.

Do Not Show Suggested Videos

Once done, you can copy the code and paste it on your WordPress post. And then, you can notice that the related videos option do not appear behind the shared video.

Using the Hide YouTube Related Videos Plugin

The most convenient method for disabling related videos option from your WordPress site is by using an efficient plugin. This procedure is used by thousands of websites that include videos in many of their posts. Here, we highly recommend Hide YouTube Related Videos. With it, any YouTube videos on your site, whether embedded before or after installing the plugin, do not show the related videos in the end.

In this method, you need to download, upload, install and activate the Hide YouTube Related Videos plugin on your site through the admin panel. You do not need to configure this plugin, as it disables the recommended videos option from all the YouTube videos presented on your site by default.


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