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How to Create a Squeeze Page in Your WordPress Website

How to Create a Squeeze Page in Your WordPress Website

A squeeze page is a kind of landing page, used to collect basic information of potential customers. That is known as a great method to convert visitors to paying subscribers thereby increasing conversion rate effectively. If there is no idea about what a squeeze page exactly is, this guide will show you the answer. It also briefs the way to create a WordPress squeeze page within a few steps.

Basic Knowledge about WordPress Squeeze Page

In fact, it is possible that when you land on the webpage to check the displayed contents, but only be distracted and interrupted by a sudden popup window that contains the advertising information or requires you to offer your email address. This is a squeeze page.

Surely, this special popup might be annoying for most of your readers and the unexpected interruption may even irritate them, but things can be much better if you promise that people can get the valuable things from the squeeze page, such as a free ebook for downloading, the free trial for your newly released online service, the exclusive video content related to your website topics, some series bearing the useful tutorials and many more. Note that you should make people realize that all the actions they take on this special page are the exchange of information, products or services they want to get.

In addition, we do not recommend you to offer a free video that can be found on YouTube or other video resources. After all, people can easily find the source on their own, so they may feel it is not worthwhile to enter their email or to check the showcased information in the squeeze page.

What Should Be Included in a Squeeze Page?

In general, a squeeze page is a single page that would pop up intentionally when visitors access to a website. That leaves a few encouraging words to arouse visitors’ interest about a product or something else on the current website. In this case, visitors can get a rough idea about what your business is. A good squeeze page should be like the following example.

WordPress Squeeze Page Example

Additionally, some other elements listed as below should be selectively included in a high converting squeeze page.

  • Attractive headline – It briefs visitors on what the purpose of this squeeze page.
  • Sign up form – An essential way to capture the email address of a potential customer.
  • Appealing design – The design of a squeeze page is as important as your website design, which leaves a good impression on visitors.
  • Show the special offers clearly – Place any special discounts or free offers boldly so as to arouse the curiosity of some potential subscribers.

How to Create a Squeeze Page in WordPress

After having an overview of a squeeze page, you should set about creating a stunning one in the light of this step-by-step guide. The method selected here is WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator, which comes with various cool features and enables an easy manner to create a functional squeeze page.

Install & Active WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator

After installing and activating this plugin on your website, the option “WP Lead Plug Responsive” appears on the admin sidebar in real time. A list of sub-items enables more functions for your squeeze page. Go to WP Lead Plus Responsive > Create Squeeze Page.

WP Lead Plus Responsive

Decide the Format of a Popup

Before everything, set a page title on the top left corner and that is required. And then, focus on the bottom right corner of this page, which displays three buttons for page customization. Click “Select” button and that is used to decide the format of a popup.

  • With Opt-in – A box comes with a signup form and a subscribe button, which encourages visitors to sign up an account before getting more information.
  • With Opt-in Sample

  • No Opt-in – A box leaves a “Yes or No” question and allows visitors to decide whether they should continue to find an answer.
  • No Opt-in Sample

Make a decision between “With Opt-in” and “No Opt-in” and select a template according to personal needs. And then, edit the default format by clicking “Edit This”.

Edit the Details in Popup

You are allowed to edit the headline, description, video and singup form on this page. Simply click the headline area and rewrite the text to anything as needed. This plugin enables full customization for the text format, font, align, etc. Having the headline edited, continue to edit content under the headline in the same way.

Edit Headline

If there is a need to display a video on the page, go to Code > Media and paste the video embed code in this area. By the way, an image can be embedded in the same manner. Note that, the embedded video or image should fit in with the purpose of this squeeze page.

Embed YouTube Video

Edit text shown in the “enter your email” field and customize the subscribe button if needed.

Edit Signup Form

Customize the Squeeze Page Design

Go to Edit > Outer BG and this is where to customize background of the whole squeeze page. An image or solid color can be used as the background.

  • Image – Upload a background image to your media library and then copy & paste the image URL to the specific field. That makes the whole page unique and distinctive.
  • Solid Color – Select any color as needed from the color box. That enables a simple design for your squeeze page.

Go to Edit > Box BG and select solid color as the popup box background. You should make it match with the outer background perfectly. Since everything gets ready, click “Save” button and publish this newly created squeeze page. You can check and modify this page via WP Admin > Pages.


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